Ox Horoscope: Career, Life, Family, Love And Destiny


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In the race of 12 animals, buffalo is the number two animal, representing both physical and mental strength. Therefore, people born in the year of the Ox live independently, mature early, have strong and consistent personalities. People of this age have many dreams, ambitions, great will, not afraid of difficulties and dangers.

1. Personality of Ox people

The Ox of the 12 Zodiacs

People born in the year of the Ox are very honest, sincere and kind, they are willing to help others but forget about their own interests. In life, this person has a high degree of independence, absolutely does not rely on or rely on others.

The success they achieve is based on their own hard work, patience and efforts. Moreover, the Ox has its own stance, not easily swayed by others, so when they have set a goal, they will persevere to the end. Sometimes faced with difficulties and pressure, they have amazing endurance that not everyone can do.

People born in the year of the Ox have a very realistic lifestyle, not fantasizing. They hate sweet words, flattery other people, even stay away from people with small mouths and dancing. This person rarely shares their feelings and thoughts outside, even with intimate people, so no one knows what plans they are doing.

The Ox are people who are responsible for the collective, they never turn their backs on their own interests, bringing difficulties to others. Even if they face difficulties and dangers, they will never waver or fear, on the contrary, they are always calm and brave to overcome challenges.

At work, when they have to make decisions, they always consider carefully and firmly, rarely make mistakes, so they always receive the trust of people. However, in cases where it is necessary to be decisive, the Ox is missed. They need to work hard, strive, learn more to be able to achieve success.

Ox people always have principles for their lives, they place high demands on relationships and relatives around, sometimes it causes trouble for others. However, the year of the Ox is loved by many people because of its honesty, sincerity, and always gives the best advice to those who are having difficulty.

The Ox represents both physical and mental strength, they are able to work with many times more productivity than others without feeling tired. No matter how many difficulties and challenges they go through, their resilient will will not be lost but become stronger and more determined.

Keeping his stance in all circumstances makes the Ox easily reach the milestone of success, but in some cases, that steadfastness makes the Ox a conservative and obstinate person in the eyes of everyone. These people are less likely to follow advice from anyone, even family members. They believe in their own choices and thoughts and calculations.

The Ox is a straightforward, honest person and always uses reason when dealing with work. They are very loyal and trustworthy, once they make a promise they will do it to the end. The Ox hates dishonest, fake people, even they always find a way to stay away, not to contact these people.

In work, the Ox works in a scientific and orderly manner to achieve the highest efficiency. With delicate eyes, wide vision, logical thinking, these people are talented in business. They will become great bosses and mistresses from a very young age.

In life, they are strict with their rules and require everyone to obey them. Sometimes, the Ox makes people around feel uncomfortable and controlled. However, Ox people can hardly change their habits, they will not be suitable for diplomatic work, persuading others.

In order to achieve their ambitions and achieve success, the Ox are persistent, trying and determined to the end, as long as they have not achieved the goal, they will not give up. These people always have a sense of independence in life, without anyone's help.

Even though they try a lot but still have not achieved the desired results, they will not be easily discouraged and give up. These people are persistent, carry out their plans step by step, without haste.

They are good at controlling their emotions and thoughts even in times of anger, which is why people always see the calm, cheerful, appearance of the Ox.

Although intelligent and sharper than people, they are never arrogant, on the contrary, they are very humble to everyone around them. Despite facing dangers, difficulties and challenges, the Ox is still cavalier and proud, exuding the qualities of a hero.

If you work with people born in the year of the Ox, you will find them very careful and scientific, never sloppy. They are slow and sure in their every step, never making unnecessary mistakes. Moreover, the Ox year attaches great importance to credibility, once done, he will do his best and be responsible for the assigned work.

They do everything in accordance with social principles and standards, never going against the national cultural tradition. So sometimes the life of these people is boring and rigid. Although Ox men are not romantic and dreamy, they are responsible, when they get married, they will devote themselves to taking care of their family life.

Although the appearance is always calm and cheerful, in fact, the Ox year hides many emotions in his heart. In times of sadness and difficulty, they also need to be cared for, comforted and cared for. At that time, the family and loved ones around will be the driving force and strength for the Ox to move forward.

Although very brave and brave, the Ox also does not like to face risks. They always choose a safe, sure solution for themselves. They like to live a peaceful, harmonious, non-profitable, prestigious life.

For the Ox, family is a sacred place, attached to a person's life, so they value family above everything. Despite being busy with work, this person always takes time to care, care and love the members of his house.

They are serious, respect their relationships, never take advantage of anyone's feelings. When you want to stay in a long-term relationship, the Ox needs time to get to know the other person, cultivate and develop their feelings.

All relationships of the year of the Ox are necessarily based on mutual understanding and trust. They are skillful in choosing friends, not everyone in the year of the Ox is considered a true soul mate. In life, the love of Ox people often comes late and goes quite smoothly.

If you marry them, you can completely trust the love of Ox people, faithful, silent and warm. They always know how to give in, spend in the family, never let their loved ones have to suffer. However, Ox men are sometimes very patriarchal, obstinate, always wanting others to comply with their requirements and laws.

Marrying an Ox woman, you will be the luckiest person in the world. She is a family person, gentle, courageous, ready to sacrifice herself for her family. 

If you are always busy with your work, the Ox woman will be the most solid support to help you take care of your beloved home. Despite going through ups and downs and difficulties in life, Ox women will always be the one behind to support and give you strength to help you overcome challenges.

If someone intentionally harms or insults you, the Ox will hold hatred in their hearts. Sometimes they are conservative and petty, the Ox is not tolerant enough to easily forgive someone's mistakes. When encountering troubles and suffering, they tend to close themselves, not confide in anyone.

People born in the year of the Ox are straightforward and never take advantage of others to achieve their goals. They are responsible to the collective, work also for the benefit of the group, are always humble, yield to others. They are fair in the matter of money, no debt, borrowed from anyone for too long.

They are good at enduring work pressure without complaining. Faced with sour, mouthful people, the Ox keeps a calm and harmonious attitude, but once his self-esteem has been violated, the Ox will get angry and leave.

In the family, although they rarely express their feelings through words, the Ox year always has extremely warm and sweet loving actions. Sometimes they become strict, making the family atmosphere boring and boring, but sometimes they bring joy and laughter to the house.

Buffaloes born during the day will be active, agile, good at making money, but work harder than buffaloes born at night. The Ox born at night lived in comfort and peace, but life was not very rich, just enough to eat and meet.

At work, the Ox is famous for being a public-private person who is clear, solves everything according to reason, and does not let his own emotions interfere with public affairs. They are reliable people, ready to help those in need. If you are in need of advice, go and ask the Ox, he will give the best solutions to solve your problems.

They are very careful in communicating and making friends, they are open but absolutely not indiscriminately close to someone. To build a close, long-term relationship, the Ox needs time to get to know the other person. They will only become true friends when the two sides find mutual understanding, similarities and respect.

2. The destiny of people born in the year of the Ox

Age of the Ox - 1985 : Buffalo in the middle of the sea (Hai Trung Kim)

People born in the year of the Ox have the talent to lead, organize, and manage others. They have a firm stance, firm determination, high determination, as long as they have not achieved the goal,

The Ox will not stop. The desire to rise up in life is the driving force for them to constantly move forward and achieve more success. These people do not hesitate to face danger, for them, the more arduous and challenging, the more resounding and glorious the victory.

*** Buddha of the Year of the Ox

The Year of the Ox in 1985 was protected by the Bodhisattva Void Buddha . Carrying the face of the Buddha of Destiny Void Bodhisattva with you is like having a lucky charm in your hand. Helping clients feel at ease in life, maximize their capacity at work to succeed.

At the Year of the Ox, 1985 par Kim, so choosing the Buddha Face made from Silver (the Kim element) is the most suitable for the destiny. In addition, you can choose the white agate stone Buddha face (Kim onion)

Age of Dinh Ox - 1997 : Buffalo in the lake (Jan Ha Thuy)

The Dinh Ox age from a young age has been intelligent, sharper in wisdom than other people, they are eager to learn and seek knowledge in many fields. Logical thinking, reality combined with foresight helps them easily achieve many successes.

All their life, people born in the year of the Ox strive to gain status, power and a rich life in society. They constantly strive to achieve their goals, never bowing to accept defeat, even less have the concept of believing in fate and destiny.

The Ox made a career from empty hands, only believing in his own strength and determination. They value credibility and are respected and respected by everyone around them.

*** Buddha's destiny age Dinh Ox

The age of Dinh Ox in 1997 was protected by the Bodhisattva Void Buddha . Carrying the face of the Buddha of Destiny Void Bodhisattva with you is like having a lucky charm in your hand. Helping clients feel at ease in life, maximize their capacity at work to succeed.

The age of Dinh Ox in 1997, destined for Thuy, should choose the Buddha's face made from Black volcanic rock (the Thuy element) which is the most suitable for the destiny. In addition, you can choose White Agate Stone Buddha Face (Kim element), because Kim gives birth to Thuy is also very good for destiny

Year of the Ox - 1949 : Buffalo in the fence (According to the Fire calendar)

People born in the year of the Ox have many dreams and ambitions in life, but they are less realistic. They are intelligent, have a good analytical mind, but are impatient and afraid to face difficulties and challenges.

Therefore, the success of people born in the year of the Ox often comes late. In society, they are loved and trusted by many friends and colleagues because of their sincerity and honesty. Once they have helped someone, they will help them to the end, not seeking their own benefits.

Age of the Ox - 1961 : Buffalo in the middle of the road (Bich Thuong Tho)

People born in the year of the New Ox are gentle, kind and kind, they like to participate in charity work in society and are ready to help those in need.

These people attach great importance to credibility, responsibility, and always complete their work on time. They do not make false promises, say sweet words to flatter anyone, always give correct and accurate advice, the Ox will be a loyal and reliable friend.

*** Buddha's destiny in the New Year of the Ox

The New Year of the Ox in 1961 was protected by the Bodhisattva Void Buddha . Carrying the face of the Buddha of Destiny Void Bodhisattva with you is like having a lucky charm in your hand. Helping clients feel at ease in life, maximize their capacity at work to succeed.

At the age of the New Ox in 1961, the Tho destiny was chosen, so the Buddha's face made from Golden Brown tiger's eye stone (the Tho element) was the most suitable for the destiny. In addition, you can choose Red Agate Stone Buddha Face (Fire element), because Fire gives birth to Earth is also very good for your destiny

Age of the Ox - 1973 : Buffalo in the barn (Tang Do Moc)

People born in the year of the Ox are skillful in communication, so they build many relationships in society and are loved by everyone. They have their own stance but are not conservative, on the contrary, these people are willing to absorb and learn the experiences and knowledge of others.

They see life with realistic eyes, know what they should do to achieve success. The Earth Ox has a tolerant heart, they are ready to forgive the mistakes of others, they believe that: "forgiving others' mistakes is also liberating ourselves."

*** Buddha of the age of Quy Ox

The Year of the Ox in 1973 was protected by the Bodhisattva Void Buddha . Carrying the face of the Buddha of Destiny Void Bodhisattva with you is like having a lucky charm in your hand. Helping clients feel at ease in life, maximize their capacity at work to succeed.

The Year of the Ox is 1973, so you should choose the Buddha Face made from Green quartz stone (the Wood element) is the most suitable for the destiny. In addition, you can choose Black Volcanic Stone Buddha Face (Water element), because Fire gives birth to Earth is also very good for destiny

3. Love of the Ox people

When in love, Ox people always express their feelings in the most sincere way. They are not ostentatious, speak flowery, romantic words, their love is expressed through warm, silent but sweet actions.

Although they appear cold and boring on the outside, they actually have an extremely deep, passionate and loyal love on the inside. If you are really serious, want to start a long-term love relationship with this person, you need to understand and listen to their secrets.

The love life of people born in the year of the Ox is not very favorable, often with many changes, perhaps they do not know how to renew their love. When betrayed by others, the Ox will close his heart in loneliness, despair and bury his head in work to forget his sorrows.

They tend to find themselves a half that shares the same personality, interests and especially empathy and understanding. Whether in work or love, the Ox realizes all problems, so sometimes they make the other person feel bored and boring. The best way to maintain your love is to create surprises, interesting, new, spend a lot of time caring for your partner.

The Ox can hardly balance their life after marriage, even their indifference and coldness can break a husband and wife relationship. They know how to yield properly, but once angry, they will become extremely angry and rude.

Ox women know how to sacrifice, yield and are extremely courageous, they are the model of social standards, the people of the family. Once married, they will wholeheartedly cultivate their marriage and family life, always being a source of motivation for their husband and children.

Ox women are responsible for their family, know how to balance, arrange reasonable time between work and housework. However, these people are very vulnerable to misbehaving others. Even they will carry hatred in their hearts, never forgiving that person. They are also prone to blind jealousy, always wanting to manage and possess the other.

Ox men are suitable for gentle, dignified and gentle girls. They always want the other person to understand their inner thoughts and feelings. These people are open and willing to help anyone, so their feelings are sometimes misunderstood.

Very caring and loving family, but sometimes Ox men are patriarchal and impatient, always asking everyone to follow the principles and rules in life.

Love of Ox people with blood type B

Hidden deep in the cold, rigid outer shell is a soul longing to be loved and overcome with the one you love through the ups and downs and difficulties in life.

Ox year of blood group B are people with extremely rich inner, emotional, sincere and warm. They are willing to give without receiving in return, sacrificing everything for the one they love. If they find a suitable half, the Ox will be faithful and attached to the other side for life, they show their love through caring and sweet acts of love.

Love of Ox people with blood type AB

Ox people with blood type AB will take a long time to find their true love in life. They are serious, only developing their feelings when they really feel the need for each other's existence.

The Ox attracts others by its kind heart, its dynamism, its always ready to participate in charity activities, to help others. Once married, they will be absolutely faithful to their partner, wholeheartedly taking care of their marriage and family life.

The love of Ox people with blood type O

People born in the year of the Ox of the O blood group are cold and quiet on the outside, but inside, they contain deep and silent emotions.

They know how to build and cultivate their long-term, lasting love. Once in love, this person will be very loyal, never changing. It can be said that the Ox is an ideal lover, but if they are betrayed by others, they will switch from love to hatred.

4. Compatibility and conflict between Ox people and other ages

Rat + Ox

People born in the year of the Rat and people born in the year of the Ox have different personalities and interests. However, in terms of business, this is a pair that combines quite well. They help and support each other in life, each side has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Rats are quick and smart, but sloppy and impatient. Buffalo is indecisive but has accurate, careful analysis. This couple when working will compensate, support each other, create resounding feats.

In terms of love, these two years old can hardly live in harmony with each other. The Ox is careful and strict, will not tolerate the mess and sloppiness of the Rat, on the contrary, the Rat is not interested in following the principles of the Ox. Neither side will yield to anyone, which can easily lead to conflicts.

Ox + Ox

Two years old Ox combined together will become a pretty good match, ideal. They share similar personalities, interests and especially mutual understanding. In the family, they always try to build an atmosphere of harmony, closeness, never raising their voice or arguing.

Ox people do not like to be in noisy, crowded places, they often look for a private and peaceful space. If two Ox people love each other, they will have their own dating places, different from the crowd around.

At work, two people born in the year of the Ox will have the same ideals and goals, they will strive together in life, be a source of motivation to help and support each other. The friendship of the opposite sex of two people born in the year of the Ox is easy to attach, deepen, and develop into love.

Tiger + Ox

Tiger and Ox

The Tiger is strong, enjoys a luxurious and powerful life. The buffalo age is gentle, straightforward, and always wants to lead a peaceful life. It can be said that this is the most opposite pair of the 12 zodiac signs. A sincere advice is that people born in the year of the Ox and the year of the Tiger should not get married.

But in terms of work, these two-year-olds can cooperate in business. Together they cultivate experience, knowledge, and provide each other with useful information. The Buffalo will learn the decisiveness and sharpness of the Tiger, while the Tiger will learn the carefulness and hard work of the Buffalo.

Rabbit + Ox

People born in the year of the Rabbit and the year of the Ox have common characteristics in personality, which are introverted, emotional, less communicative and prefer quiet places. When they become a couple, they will get along very well and never get bored in this relationship.

They can hang out with each other all day, date in interesting places, little known. Sometimes, people around feel that the life of the Rabbit + Ox couple is boring and boring. However, these two years old always feel happy, love and need each other in life.

When working together, the Rabbit and the Ox year always respect, trust and especially are ready to help each other overcome difficulties. The Rabbit will learn a lot of work experience and effective working methods from the year of the Ox.

Dragon + Ox

The Year of the Dragon is strong, fierce, and somewhat contrasted with the shy personality of the Ox. In terms of love, they can become a couple if there is understanding and love for each other. The year of the Dragon is dreamy and romantic, but the Ox is straightforward and realistic, sometimes in this relationship there are contradictions and conflicts.

If doing business, the Dragon and the Ox year will be quite good and long-term partners. They have the same views and goals to strive for, will certainly have the same direction, and strive together to achieve the goal.

Snake + Ox

The Snake and the Ox have many similarities in their interests and personalities, so they think and act quite well together. When these two are married, they will together build a happy, loving family. Although they do not show affection on the outside, in fact, from the bottom of their hearts, they always give each other the deepest and most passionate feelings.

In terms of work, this couple is also quite good with each other. The snake will teach the buffalo ingenuity and confidence in life, whereas the buffalo will help and give strength to the snake in difficult times. Together they will overcome difficulties and challenges with ease.

Horse + Ox

People born in the year of the Horse live liberally, like freedom and adventure. They are always caught up in new things in life, never tolerate the tedious, single dideuj of the Ox people.

In terms of love, they can become a couple, but this difference is the biggest barrier that causes their relationship to fall apart. If they are really serious and want to marry each other, these two need to listen, share and yield to each other more.

If you do business with the people of the year of the Horse, you will have a lot of luck and advantages. Because people born in the year of the Horse are always attracted to new, changeable things, are not consistent with their goals, and the Ox will help the Horse overcome this impatience.

Goat + Ox

Either way, work or love, the year of the Goat and the year of the Ox can hardly find a common voice. They often have conflicts, no one is willing to give in to anyone. When they are together, these two often reveal their shortcomings and shortcomings, so it seems that they always feel uncomfortable when interacting and meeting each other.

If the year of the Goat and the year of the Ox really love and trust each other, they can become a couple. However, in love, if we do not put ourselves in each other's position, understand, forgive and yield, the love, no matter how beautiful, can still lead to separation.

Monkey + Ox

Although the Monkey and the Ox have many differences in personality, they can completely listen and share their thoughts and feelings with each other. In communication, you will rarely see Monkey and Buffalo fight, on the contrary, they are happy, harmonious and feel the attraction and attraction in the relationship.

However, in terms of work, they are two people with completely opposite intentions. The path chosen by the Monkey age is separate from that of the Ox, not having the same views and goals. That makes it very difficult for Than and Ox to become long-term business partners.

Rooster + Ox

It can be said that the combination of the Rooster and the Ox brings perfection both in terms of work and love. The similarity in personality and outlook on life is the first foundation to help them develop a relationship. The year of the Rooster brings luck and joy to the Ox, and they will become more and more attached and love each other.

This couple is always honest about everything, not hiding anything from each other. Faithfulness and mutual trust is the rope that binds them throughout life.

In love, it is difficult to avoid conflicts and quarrels, but the great thing is that this couple always listens and gives in to each other, because they understand that true love can overcome all difficulties and challenges. If the Ox is always shy and lacks confidence when communicating, the Rooster will be the savior, helping the Ox to overcome that weakness.

Dog + Ox

The relationship between the year of the Dog and the year of the Ox can progress well, a long-term attachment based on loyalty and mutual trust. This natural couple always finds a common voice, a deep understanding, so they often become each other's confidants.

It will be even more wonderful if the year of the Dog and the year of the Ox become a couple in love. When they get married, their house is always neat and clean, covering it with a quiet and fresh space.

These two years are very important to their family, they properly perform their roles and responsibilities, never letting their loved ones suffer. The passionate love between the Ox and the Dog years makes many people jealous and admiring.

These two years old both have talent in business, they can build, develop and become business owners and owners together. The Ox is persistent and hard-working, while the Dog has accurate and quick judgments. This combination will bring high efficiency and success to the business.

Pig + Ox

The Year of the Pig likes the hard work, care and meticulousness of the Ox people. They can cooperate for a long time and this cooperation will bring results and success beyond expectations. The things the Ox do are also the things the Pig yearns want to do, they easily find a common voice in work and love.

If they build a marriage and family life, they will always live in harmony, peace and happiness. The Ox and Pig years are responsible fathers and mothers who always take care of and teach their children in the most thoughtful and considerate way. Even if life goes through many difficulties and challenges, their love is still eternal, never changing.

5. The career of people born in the year of the Ox

Ox people are the crystallization of physical and mental strength, always ready to help and protect others. When working, they are free and independent, not depending on anyone. With hard work, diligence and patience, Ox people will sooner or later achieve success in life.

When they were young, the Ox year was quite quiet and shy, the more they mature, the more they learn to be open and confident in communication. They often encounter troubles and emotional problems, although they do not show it outside, the spirit of sadness and depression more or less affects the health and work of the Ox.

People born in the year of the Ox are mostly very busy, working, devoting themselves to the benefit of the community. Their life is really comfortable only when they are old. Although good at making money, the Ox is easy to be taken advantage of by bad guys, leading to loss of property and wealth. Therefore, people of this age sometimes live a rich and rich life, but sometimes in poverty, they have to borrow money.

The Ox's point of view in life is straightforward, fair and fair. Whenever they have to solve something, they always consider it rationally, completely not letting emotions interfere. Sometimes, that frankness makes Ox years misunderstood and blamed by others.

6. Ox people's destiny according to the month of birth

Ox people born in January: People born in the year of the Ox born in January are smarter and more intelligent than people, but lack luck and favorable opportunities, so their success often comes late.

-  Ox year born in February: There are storms, big dreams, but due to lack of calculation and carefulness, many failures are encountered. If you persevere through it, your career will become more and more stable.

-  Ox born in March: People are free, liberal, like to fly and do whatever they want, these people tend to get married late. Thanks to the intelligence and cunning, the Ox can easily build a solid career from a young age.

-  Ox year born in April: Hardworking, hard working but lacks decisiveness, misses many opportunities and precious fortunes. If you want to achieve success, this person needs to practice perseverance and learn more experience.

-  Ox born in May: Not consistent, not having a firm stance, easy to change and trusting others. Therefore, in life, the Ox year is often taken advantage of by bad guys, leading to failure. However, if you are careful and patient, all difficulties and obstacles can be solved.

-  Ox year born in June: From an early age, he was eager to learn and understand more than his peers, the more he matured, the more energetic, enthusiastic, and kind. Whenever there are difficulties, there are noble people to help and support, the whole life is peaceful, happy, not worried about poverty.

Year  of the Ox born in July: Meet a lot of luck and advantages in life. Soon to have a stable job, build a harmonious and happy family, husband and wife are faithful and love each other. When they get old, they have wealth and fortune to leave to their children and grandchildren.

-  Ox year born in August: Self-made, going up from empty hands, sooner or later will achieve success. Although life has to go through many difficulties and hardships, but enjoy blessings, the older you get, the more stable and happy life becomes. Family harmony, loving husband and wife, sharing together, overcoming difficulties.

-  Ox year born in September: Enjoying the blessings of grandparents and ancestors, so life meets many lucks and difficulties with noble people to help. Hard work, but soon became famous, achieved position and power in society.

-  Ox year born in October: At first, life was full of hardships and difficulties, but thanks to intelligence and determination, he built a solid and stable career. The later, the more complete and comfortable life becomes.

-  Ox year born in November: Has many dreams and ambitions but does not know how to strive, gets bored easily, gives up. This person wants to be successful it takes time and perseverance.

-  Ox year born in December: The road to fame and fortune is not very favorable, but the love life has a lot of luck. Family life is harmonious, full of joy and happiness.