Spirituality can help people live longer?


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Spiritual activities are a custom associated with the cultural life of each person. Most elderly people after participating in spiritual activities to improve their emotions and life expectancy are often longer than those who do little or no.

1. Where do spiritual problems come from?

Older people often have the habit of attending religious services or praying instead of younger people. This is an issue worthy of study and attention. In the late afternoon, they are no longer busy with work or have to worry as before. When going through two-thirds of their lives, the elderly suddenly feel that the most important thing to them right now is their health.

Most elderly people after participating in spiritual activities to improve their emotions and life expectancy are often longer than those who do little or no. Because of this, scientists have hypothesized about the significance of spiritual activity to prolonging our lifespan. Initially, a research group has determined that there is an extremely complex relationship between spirituality and longevity.

Participation in spirituality tends to happen spontaneously, not simply as at an age they were taught to do so. It is not necessarily when we grow up that we come to it, but because of the behavioral control of our brains , we will come to spirituality by accident. Most of the time, when stressed and tired of life's struggles, the tendency to find a quiet place often appears. Because of this, many people turn to spirituality to calm negative emotions and improve health problems and psychological illnesses.

Scientists are still conducting research to find the most accurate answer. Spirituality is open to research and analysis in terms of human emotions, body, and intelligence to clarify the reasons why spirituality makes people live longer.

2. Regularly going to temples is a spiritual activity

One of the religious activities that often appear is going to Mass at holy temples. The majority of subjects who participate in these religions usually have a longer life expectancy than those who do not. Based on the numerical results, although it is not completely confirmed that spiritual activity helps prolong age, it does have a slight effect on the survival time of people.

Based on another six-year study, attending temple ceremonies can reduce your risk of death by 46 percent. When considering a combination of factors such as age, region, health status and many factors, the number of participants in the ceremony at temples reduced by 28%. Thus, most people who have a habit of going to the temple every week will be able to reduce the risk of death.

3. Spirituality becomes a positive habit for the spirit

Based on many other studies, spirituality is believed to be a healthy mental habit. People who participate in spiritual activities tend to be optimistic and love life. Thereby minimizing the risk of depression, anxiety , blood pressure or stroke . After a long time of attachment, they will feel their health increase and full of vitality and energy for everything.

Religion is a long-standing belief culture that is also considered as a unique feature of each nation. Therefore, proper spiritual activities without superstition are always encouraged because they preserve the traditional customs left by their ancestors. Sometimes, it is also considered as a miniature social model where this place is not crowded with pressure. Spiritual activities will allow everyone to participate regardless of class or background. All we need is a loving heart and a pure soul.

In addition, the negative behaviors or thoughts of today's young generation can be eliminated by religion. Belief in religion will cause spirituality to develop within each person, helping to improve bad habits, develop good. Experts find that people, because of the stress of competing for material things, easily forget their core values ​​when they exist. Therefore, religious beliefs will remind them to always remember the core values ​​of each person's mission when coming to earth. Since then, the negative lifestyle to deal with self-interest is also eliminated.

4. Exploring the influence of spiritual activities from a scientific perspective

Under the research results of the past and present, scientists are constantly continuing to bring more value to the future. A number of analytical measurement experiments have been opened with the goal of expanding the research to find the final answer soon. The tests gradually approached the close connection between human health and spiritual activity .

According to the report of results from experts, the value of spiritual activities does not stop at going to the temple. Spirituality also becomes a habit deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind, greatly affecting behavior and behavior between people and people with society. This is a multi-dimensional perspective that creates the diversity of each person's emotional life.

Spiritual activities always exist, whether invisible or visible, they are also sent from deep within each person. It is a parallel existence with the lifespan of each person until they die, spiritual problems continue to continue instead of disappearing.

5. Spirituality changes thoughts from deep within

You don't have to acquire spiritual knowledge to be recognized for participating in spiritual activities. Spirituality will come to each person based on certain perceptions or lessons you realize from mistakes in life. It is not necessary to go to the temple to live a long life. Each of us exists with a unique brain wave energy and this is the real problem science is working towards.

You don't have to join a new prayer group for peace of mind. Meditation or relaxation can also lead you to spirituality. From deep inside the problem, we need to understand and understand their laws to operate and go in the right direction. Community activities often help you open up, but it's not the only way. You can completely improve the problem from the depths of your own thinking.

We get sick mostly from thinking people call it mental illness. In spirituality, spiritual improvement is a method used to prevent disease. In science, you are losing the balance of your body's metabolism, which is overloaded, leading to disease. Daily worries make you have erratic living habits, eat and sleep without following the scientific regime.

These seemingly simple problems are changed spiritually. It is inherently the brain that controls the behavior that makes you change. We see spirituality as a placebo derivative that comforts or motivates us to do something. Therefore, spirituality is always in each person that exists in parallel with your own life.

The meaning of spiritual activity is partly to help you live longer. However, how the results are, you really are the main deciding factor.