Using Numerology In Tarot Readings About Love


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How To Use numerology In Your Love Spread?

No. 1 or 10

This relationship needs quiet time, either because it's stuffy or because there are too many people involved. You need to step back and let the relationship have space to grow. Forcing communication at the present time can have the opposite effect, you should pause and wait for a while. Listen to the other person and apply what is needed. The relationship is strong but your inner fear may be creating distance and unnecessarily confusing things.
No. 2
This is not the time to push the relationship forward and it takes time. There may be an emotional barrier caused by trust issues. You need to make sure that past fears don't affect your actions now. Relationships are fragile because of the influences of the past. It's all up to you and it might be time to look at the truth, reconnect, and focus on yourself. Calm the relationship, so that the connection will be enhanced and developed. Slow down and take the time to listen to what you need.
The bond is strong and you can get caught up in a lot of unnecessary things. Try to see how you can create the fun, material side of the relationship so that the relationship is built stronger. .The other party may feel distant and need reassurance. Anxiety has made both of you insecure and with your own foundation will solve the problem and you need to know that you are not building imaginary walls. Communication is the key to success. Sacrificing will only make you lose your freedom and feel inadequate. Focusing on what you have and having fun together helps everyone involved. relax.
Don't think too much. Please accept the truth. You need to gather more information before taking any action. Do you feel pushed away? Or do you feel negative, what is worrying you right now? You need to look at the big picture, remember why you are here and the things you want, things that you may have forgotten. , making you feel lost. Only when you see the big picture will your path become clear. Sometimes negative emotions overwhelm you and you need to gather information. Believe in yourself.
Now is a sensitive time. You may feel overwhelmed or ignored. You're getting excited and now you need to calm down. You're overthinking everything and may be imagining more than it really is. There's a lot more going on outside the relationship that is a source of stress than inside, and you're trying to bear it. keep them alone. What is happening at work or at home that has brought so many emotions to you? Don't blame the relationship until your sensitivity returns and you're in the real world. Follow your heart, now is the time to believe and support yourself.
No. 6
You need to recover. The connection between the two of you may be struggling, but don't panic. You need to listen to your soul, and trust your needs. Meditation or any other mental method can provide insight and show you the way forward that you must listen to and believe. Take the time and attention you need now and use them properly. The energy that goes in is equal to the energy that comes out. If you're tired or exhausted go back to basics and fill your body, mind, and spirit. It is more beneficial to look for other methods, as the conventional method will not help much in this case.
Number 7
Number 7 is about the emotional aspect. It's time to connect with the spirit through meditation, quiet, and divine listening, where the answers are. Your environment will have a direct impact on your emotions now, and possibly Support your love life or extinguish it. Clean your house, car and workplace, it will lighten the space and remove the obstructions. Look from within, for your soul's eyes will show you the best way forward.
Strong leadership and action are needed. What are you doing to boost your relationship? How are you talking to each other? Actions always speak louder than words and you must take the initiative in the conversation, as there is always a powerful influence in your actions. What you do has a direct effect on the other person and vice versa. Stop, listen and think before you act and do something you may regret.
Number 9
Communication can become difficult in the present moment when there is an urge to hide. The best thing is to do things slowly, because you will get what you need. You need to go within yourself and trust the silence because only then can you be healed. Ask for confirmation and any support or help you need to restore balance. Now is the time for spiritual nourishment, when giving will only weaken you. If you are already feeling tired or drained, focusing on yourself will boost your energy and restore order to any spiritual imbalances. The reality of love, life, work and relationships is not developed. Desire needs to be dynamic, to propel you towards growth, change and expansion! You must act! Don't wait for the sign; let's tap out the sign,
For example:
Sarah feels unsettled because she has never understood Ian's feelings and what he wants in their long-term relationship. Sarah tries to understand Ian deeply, but Ian always shows how happy he is in the relationship. Sarah used her Tarot deck and principles of numerology to find the answer.
Through tarot and numerology I could explain to her why Ian had trouble communicating, and he was really happy but Sarah needed to believe she deserved it and trust him. I was able to showed her that this was a complete misunderstanding and that Sarah had built herself up barriers that weren't really true.
I use a 3-card spread
– Two of Swords reversed – number 2
– Three of Swords reversed – number 3
– The Star – number 8
This reading shows that Sarah has created distance between the two and that she needs to free herself from fear of the past and trust in the present. The Star gives her hope to explain the best way to approach the situation and what she needs to believe in. Once Sarah understands this she can step back and let Ian be himself. She also understands that she needs to support her emotions and build her self-worth but has difficulty doing so because of her past. The insecurity she feels is a life lesson and is something she always had to control. Sarah realizes that she has always felt anxiety in the relationship and in the past that caused the breakup. Sarah knew what she needed to do. Her new approach really helped – she felt more secure and he felt more at ease.