The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Health, Career and Money


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The Hierophant

  • Education
  • Belief System
  • Receive
  • Group identification

Receiving education

  • Pursue knowledge
  • Become knowledgeable
  • Increase understanding
  • Study and research
  • Search for deeper meaning
  • Find out more

Have a belief system

  • Share cultural heritage
  • Learn about religious practices
  • Honor customs and rituals
  • Get a world perspective
  • Follow discipline
  • Know where to put your trust


  • Comply
  • Choose the official way
  • Stay within the limits
  • Adapt to the system
  • Arrange it to fit
  • Accompany a program
  • Do what is expected
  • Become part of the ruling group

Identify with the group

  • Commitment to sticking together for the same purpose
  • Devote energy to a group
  • Join an organization
  • Work as part of a team
  • Feeling loyal to others
  • Become an essential part of the organization

Some Opposite Cards:

  • Fool – “eccentric”, unorthodox
  • Lovers – Personal beliefs
  • 2 of Wands – stand out from the crowd, become a pioneer
  • 7 of Swords – become a lone wolf
  • 2 of Pentacles – flexible, changing over time

Some Supporting Cards:

  • Emperor – according to the law
  • 3 of Cups – focuses on the group
  • 3 of Pentacles – working in a team/group
  • 8 of Pentacles – explore, learn
  • 10 of Pentacles – conform, follow rules, be conservative

The Hierophant Detailed Description of Tarot Card

Except for rare cases, usually every person grows and develops in a cultural environment. We learn by living with others. The Hierophant represents formal learning, especially in groups. The Hierophant is someone who has the ability to interpret mysterious knowledge. On the card we see a traditional church scene. The character of the Priest is wearing a splendid vestment. His responsibility is to perform the initiation ceremony for the two people who have received the teachings so that they can then accept their responsibilities.

Besides the church, society also has schools, clubs, teams, companies, and social class groups. The Hierphant represents all of these, for his domain is in groups with clearly divided rules and responsibilities. These environments value belief systems – facts, rules, procedures and rituals. Members are rewarded for following the rules. They create an identity for the group. The Hierophant is one of three groups that focus on the group. (3 of Cups and 3 of Pentacles are the remaining 2 cards)

When reading, The Hierophant often symbolizes studying with experts or learned teachers. This card also symbolizes institutions or organizations and their values. The Hierophant is a symbol of the desire to follow rules or fixed situations. The appearance of the card indicates that you are stuck with a problem where you cannot make a breakthrough or be free to do as you please. Depending on the situation, the group can enrich or suffocate you. Sometimes we have to respect the rules, and there are also times we have to believe in ourselves.

The Hierophant tarot card upright meaning

Introduction: The Hierophant places great emphasis on "doing the right thing". You may be stuck and not sure what the “right thing to do” is. You need to know that the answer is right inside you. Remember, “doing the right thing” means being “right” with yourself, too.

Overview : This is a card that leans heavily towards the spiritual/Spiritual aspect – everything related to customs, beliefs, religion, etc. that you know is related. There is likely tension between your Spiritual beliefs, “the right thing to do,” and the beliefs of those around you. Believe in your beliefs. “Rules” and “systems” for proceeding can play a major role at present. A regular activity of any kind can be beneficial right now, even as simple as watching a movie every Saturday night with friends will be beneficial.

Work: The teacher or guide you are looking for will appear, or you will become a teacher or guide for someone. This is the time to join a group, even if you think you are not the type of person to fit in, because you will realize that you have a lot to learn from them (in a very positive sense). great!). Work will go well giving you the ability to organize everything and follow the rules.

Love: The love story seems to be going well, although it seems a bit lacking in "newness". You should behave the way you think people would behave in your situation. The warning is that you should not do anything strange or unusual.

Finances: This is the time to play by the rules and facts. Use common sense and traditional ways to manage money. Seek advice from bankers, CFOs or anyone else who has more experience with this than you. This is the time to invest, with the condition that it must be stable and sustainable. This is not the time to try your luck with "unusual" bonds or stocks.

Health: Discipline and routine are what you need. If you have problems with health, discipline, routine and commitment, there is a way to fix it. “Traditional” treatment is likely to be successful at this point.

Spirituality: You are paying close attention to this (even if you are not currently religious or sectarian). Be silent and let your mind be open. The point here is to make a rule for it – every day, every week or every month; whenever you have time. You will experience a change in worldview as a result of this process.

The Hierophant tarot card reversed meaning

Introduction: When reversed, The Hierophant still leans heavily towards the aspect of "the right thing to do". In reverse, however, it indicates that the level of skepticism and confusion about what is “the right thing” is higher than usual. The answer is still within you… the problem is that you have to have enough information at hand. The reversed card advises you to dig deeper to see what it really is and remember, being “true” means it has to be true for you too.

Overview : The Hierophant reversed indicates that others are not understanding where you are coming from or why you believe a certain action(s) is right. These people are not always the people you love the most or are closest to you; In other words, they won't always understand you every time you make a tough decision.

Work: Even though you are surrounded and/or advised by very knowledgeable and trustworthy people, the reversed Hierophant card shows that you should change your perspective with at least one of them's advice about something. at least one aspect. “Believe yourself, that's the right thing.” That's the most important thing now.

Love: When The Hierophant appears in reverse, you may be tired of the same relationship over and over again, and you may yearn to escape that vicious cycle, accepting new roles and responsibilities. new events. However, please appreciate this relationship and if it is really necessary to improve boredom, make gradual changes. If you do it hastily and without care, you will lose this relationship.

Finances: Just like the upright card, this is the time to play by the rules and facts. Use common sense and traditional ways to manage money. Seek advice from bankers, CFOs or anyone else who has more experience with this than you. This is the time to invest, provided that it is stable and sustainable. This is not the time to try your luck with "unusual" bonds or stocks.

Health: You need to change your health regimen. Better habits are needed, and they are immutable. If you have health problems that are not getting better, it's time for you to try different or more unusual and difficult methods, from massage to strict nutrition, intake of minerals and nutrients. Nutrition can make big changes.

Spirituality: Just like the up card, you are paying close attention to this (even if you currently do not have any religion or sect). Be silent and let your mind be open. The point here is to make a rule for it – every day, every week or every month; whenever you have time. You will experience a change in worldview as a result of this process. If you're tired of sitting around thinking about how to start, then simply start and try different ways.

The empress combined with other cards

The Hierophant card in the Tarot is often associated with tradition, spirituality, and guidance from a higher power or authority figure. When combined with another card, the meaning can be influenced or enhanced. Here are a few possible interpretations of The Hierophant in combination with other cards:

  1. The Hierophant + The Lovers:

    • This pairing signifies a union that is not only deeply emotional but also spiritually significant. It could suggest a traditional or culturally sanctioned relationship, possibly a marriage, that is blessed by higher guidance. The connection goes beyond the physical and aligns with societal or moral values.
  2. The Hierophant + The Tower:

    • This combination indicates a sudden and potentially disruptive revelation within established belief systems or structures. It might represent a spiritual awakening or a challenging period where long-standing norms are questioned or even dismantled. The seeker could be going through a transformative experience that challenges their preconceived notions.
  3. The Hierophant + The Hermit:

    • Here, The Hierophant combines with The Hermit to suggest a period of deep introspection and spiritual seeking within traditional frameworks. The seeker is on a solitary journey, exploring profound aspects of their faith or seeking guidance from within. This combination encourages the individual to connect with their inner wisdom.
  4. The Hierophant + The Empress:

    • This pairing symbolizes the harmonious integration of spiritual and nurturing energies. It may indicate a supportive and spiritually fulfilling environment, possibly within a family or community context. The Hierophant's guidance is combined with the nurturing qualities of The Empress, creating a space that fosters growth and well-being.
  5. The Hierophant + The Magician:

    • In this combination, The Hierophant aligns with The Magician to suggest the practical application of spiritual principles. The seeker possesses the ability to manifest their spiritual knowledge and guidance in the physical world. It implies a mastery of both spiritual and practical aspects, allowing the individual to bring about positive change and transformation.

Remember, these interpretations are just starting points, and the nuances of a Tarot reading can vary based on the reader's intuition and the specific context of the question or situation. Trust your instincts and let the cards guide you in crafting a meaningful interpretation.

The Hierophant with numerology

In numerology, The Hierophant corresponds to the number 5. The number 5 is often associated with change, versatility, and adaptability. When considering The Hierophant in conjunction with numerology, here are some insights:

  1. The Hierophant (Card 5):

    • As the card associated with the number 5 in numerology, The Hierophant signifies a dynamic and adaptable approach to spirituality within established structures. It encourages individuals to embrace change and remain open to new ideas, suggesting that growth and evolution are integral aspects of the spiritual journey.
  2. The Hierophant + Personal Numerology:

    • If an individual's personal numerology aligns with 5, this combination underscores their innate inclination toward change and exploration in the realm of spirituality. It implies that their spiritual path involves a continuous willingness to question and adapt their beliefs, fostering a more fluid and expansive understanding.
  3. The Hierophant + Other Numerology Aspects:

    • When The Hierophant appears alongside other numerology aspects in a reading, consider the sum of the numbers or any repeating digits. The interplay between the number 5 and other numerical influences adds depth to the interpretation. For example, if combined with a number symbolizing stability, it may suggest a balanced harmony between tradition and adaptability.
  4. The Hierophant + Life Path Number 5:

    • For individuals with a Life Path Number of 5 in numerology, The Hierophant resonates strongly with their life's journey. It signifies that their spiritual path involves embracing change, exploring diverse belief systems, and adapting their understanding of higher guidance over time. This combination highlights the importance of flexibility and openness to growth.

In essence, the combination of The Hierophant and numerology invites a nuanced perspective on spirituality, urging individuals to navigate their beliefs with a spirit of flexibility and an openness to the transformative power of change.