Gemini Zodiac Sign: Personality, Love and Career


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Curriculum vitae:

- Minor: 3 in the Zodiac
- General nature: unstable, fickle
- Ruler: Mercury (symbolizes intelligence, ability to express and communicate)
- Symbol: 2 twins
- Day of the week: Wednesday
- Lucky stone: jade, Manhetite ore (ferromagnetic ore), opal, agate
- Element: air
- Color: green, blue sky, gray
- Flowers: chrysanthemum, borage
- Metal: mercury
- Body parts: lungs, arms
- Fragrance: juniper, lavender, tangerine
- Animals: parrot, monkey, squirrel
- Lucky numbers: 3 -4 and 7.
- Dates: Libra , Aquarius
- Befriends:Virgo , Pisces
- Incompatible Sign: Sagittarius

1. Greek Gods - Legend of Gemini

Zeus - lord of all the twelve gods on Mount Olympus and the queen of Sparta gave birth to twins, Castor and Pollux.

They were two very brave children, they fought together and achieved many resounding feats in many adventures and typically aboard the great Argo. In any situation, the twins always unite, love and find ways to help each other.

During a battle, Castor unfortunately suffered a severe wound and died. Witnessing that scene, Pollux was heartbroken and tried to commit suicide along with his brother.

But despite trying to find death, Pollux was never successful because he inherited the blood of Zeus. Pollux is an immortal warrior. When there was no other way, the boy cried in despair

– “Father! Please let me die instead of Castor."

Zeus was deeply saddened, took them up to the blue sky and gave them a turn to live one day each. The twins have transformed themselves into the constellation Gemini. Each day there will be a bright star and an unlit star representing people in heaven and people on earth.

Since then, the constellation Gemini has become a symbol of eternal, undying brotherhood. (You are following the article in the category 12 zodiac signs )

2. Gemini symbol analysis

Gemini sign

The symbol of Gemini is the image of two twin boys standing next to each other, which are brothers Castor and Pollux.

Although they are twins, their personalities are completely opposite. Therefore, twins belonging to this sign seem to have differences in both appearance and personality.

3. Description of Gemini

Gemini people have a great memory and brain. They can hold a huge amount of information in their heads.

They always have something to worry about and want to say a lot of their thoughts, so sometimes people around them feel they are very rambling. Gemini often misses the train or the bus just because their mind is always focused.

They are active, enthusiastic and very generous. They prefer busyness to leisure, because if there is nothing to do, Gemini will feel very bored. They have child-like personalities and are sometimes a bit impulsive. If you have a friend who is Gemini, your life will become bustling, filled with joy and color.

Very few people understand Gemini because they seem to have two different personalities in them. It is a very complex character that is difficult to describe accurately. You will come across a Gemini who is having a good time, laughing and talking normally, then suddenly becoming cold and thoughtful in just a few seconds.

4. Characteristics of Gemini

Gemini is considered a symbol of the air, ruled by Mercury. In the person of Gemini, there are two conflicting personalities, sometimes they are very stubborn. They are usually quite attractive people, skillful in communication and enthusiastic in activities. However, in many situations, they feel depressed and useless.

Gemini loves freedom at all times and places and cannot live with constraints. With a certain object or habit, it is also difficult for them to stick with it for a long time. Gemini can be an ideal type, faithful in love, but they always put their own freedom first. Sometimes, Gemini's quick, enthusiastic enthusiasm becomes meaningless.

Gemini people are very inquisitive, eager to learn things they don't know about in fields. They often do not stick to any habit for a long time, preferring change in activities to gain more knowledge and experience. Gemini has the ability to adapt to many different environments, even in extreme circumstances.

Most of them are adventurous, mysterious, love to travel and live a free life in the middle of a large space. With Gemini personality, they can be suitable for jobs such as: director, scientific researcher, politician...

Geminis are mostly extroverts, but you can also meet some Gemini who are introverted. These people often have very little communication and talk but have an extremely intelligent and sensitive brain.

Instead of discovering miracles from the outside world, they use their brains to explore inside. So for Geminis with an introverted personality, they will be suitable for jobs related to the arts. For example, designers, directors, psychologists, etc.

5. Gemini Qualities

In Greek mythology, the guardian star of the Twins - God Mercuruy was assigned by God to deliver the mail. That's why Pisces people love to move, go to many places, to many new lands to discover and experience new things.

Gemini loves children very much because they have never been adults themselves. They are curious about the unknown in addition to being clever and adorable. They are often curious to discover things around them, so almost everything they are knowledgeable about, but not in-depth. They like to experience many things to make life more colorful.

People of this sign are very confident, skillful in communication and sometimes they become very sly. If those who do not have the talent to speak, they are very skillful and good at writing.

Gemini is always a topic for people around to discuss, discuss, even "taunt". Sometimes in life, Gemini is envied and misunderstood by others while doing nothing themselves.

Even if that happens, Gemini is not bothered or upset. People of this sign believe that: "The worse thing than everyone talking about you is that no one mentions you".

In communication. Gemini hates verbosity, they won't have the patience to listen to your story if it's too long. Gemini loves freedom and large spaces, so they will be excited by new, unique things.

=> If you are a confident, personable, adventurous person, you are very compatible with Gemini.

6. Characteristic Gemini Sign

Gemini zodiac personality

Like the symbol of two bright stars in the sky, Castoer and Pollux, Gemini has the power of unity, unity in thought and action.

Mercury is a sign of tremendous energy and Gemini is lucky to be in that sign. Mercury is chosen by God to be a messenger for the Gods, so people of this sign are smart, quick, and resourceful.

Smart Operation:

Every move of Gemini exudes intelligence, agility and science. Sometimes at work, people can't understand why Gemini has such strange and unique inventions.

Gemini are key players in making the right ideas and decisions at the right time. Therefore, they are always admired by others for their intelligence and sharpness.

Gemini is also suitable for business and trade. With an intelligent, ingenious personality and quick handling in situations, Gemini can become real estate, securities business people...

Sensitive and Hot-tempered:

Gemini is a person who is quite sensitive to changes in life. Emotionally, Gemini is very comfortable and free, but is a sensitive person, easily upset, easily angered.  

You often grieve over the mistakes of others, but you also forgive them easily. You live very harmoniously in thoughts and actions, rarely get angry, if something makes you angry, you will quickly forget it.

Dreaming Idealizing Life:

Gemini is quite dreamy

Gemini people are dreamy and romantic, so their life is very beautiful and colorful. But sometimes because of that, Gemini feels frustrated. Because Gemini dreams do not always come true. Those beautiful dreams are also sometimes broken, making them feel extremely sad and sad.

You should combine your thoughts with the present, you will get many benefits. Use your rich imagination to apply to work, you will know what you should do first, make a plan to develop those ideas…

Gemini has a good memory but they often don't remember what is essential, they only remember what catches their attention. For example, a criticism from you will make them remember longer than a compliment.

Or interested:

Gemini often has unusual interests and most of those interests are related to the arts. You are ready to make a plan to satisfy your wild imagination, be it a piece of literature or a song, or a painting.

Gemini has a sharp intuition like a sixth sense, they anticipate the situation, know the nature of things, what is real, what is fake, who is bad, who is good, they all hold in their hearts. hand.

They see work as an exercise for the mind, idleness will make their head very uncomfortable. Many people in this age group became famous artists, architects or astronomers.

7. Career path and money

If Gemini is the leader

The key to your success is discernment, a visionary eye. Faced with major turning points, you are very alert and decisive. No one can do this better than you.

Gemini lives in today but always worries about tomorrow. Their heads are always busy with thoughts about work. They cannot choose between work and leisure, nor can they balance work and enjoyment.

When meeting the boss of the Gemini sign

Gemini are information-gathering enthusiasts. Sometimes people around you are obsessed with your information gathering that can happen anywhere. Gemini is not good at hiding emotions. If you're in a bad situation, your moody looks will say it all.

What to expect from employees?

Being proficient while working, having an understanding of the fields and having a sharp mind, the ability to handle unexpected situations is what you expect from your employees. Above all, a working spirit full of vitality, enthusiasm and never miss an opportunity.

8. Career suitable for Gemini

Career of Gemini

Gemini people have a good memory and quick information processing brain, you can do programming and information processing jobs.

If you communicate skillfully and have a sense of humor, you can become a manga creator, a publisher. All of these jobs will help you maximize your talents and gain more experience and in-depth knowledge in the fields.

Gemini has a wonderfully sharp mind, so when it comes to tasks that require high thinking, Gemini always excels. They like new, challenging, repetitive jobs that will not bring excitement to people of this sign.

Gemini has a brave, honest, brave nature. So you can become a reporter, writer or lawyer or marketer. All this work will help you meet many partners to exchange and learn experience.

This is also a very favorable environment for you to maximize your talent, passion, and creativity. Coming up with original ideas and solving problems quickly and accurately are your strengths.

You love going on long trips to explore, discover and improve your knowledge. You will need a job that always pushes you forward, for example as a tour guide, driver or become a business person.

You have a brain that processes information quickly, proficiently, and skillfully in communication. You can become a secretary to the director or do scientific research activities.

Challenge yourself by taking part in things like scheduling meetings, attending events, hosting a program or writing articles on the internet. These jobs will keep you busy without feeling bored.

If you're a Gemini woman, you'll be well-suited to works of art, writing, or communication. You have a gift for persuading your listeners to sympathize with your thoughts, you have a subtle insight into the nature of the problem and rephrase it in a way that is easy to understand.

The work of a teacher, an author or a journalist will delight you. A job without a challenge will not appeal to you.

Gemini men always need freedom and comfort at work. They are always attracted to jobs that allow them to be creative and develop their passions. Therefore, being an MC or reporter for a TV station will be suitable for you.

In the eyes of your colleagues, you are a cheerful, funny, enthusiastic and knowledgeable person. They always take you as an example to strive for. You always come up with creative, unique ideas at the right time and solve problems accurately and quickly. That's why people always trust your opinion.

If you are a leader, you are always a wise person. You organize your work flexibly and effectively. Although you are the boss, you are very sociable and happy with everyone, so in the eyes of your subordinates, you are a great boss.

9. Family and friends

Gemini Family and Friends

Despite being a very busy person at work, but Tu always spends a lot of time with family and friends. After a series of hard working days, they often gather with friends to eat, play, and talk.

Gemini has a lot of friends and most of them are integrated with similar interests. They love to argue about a certain issue with their friends, it doesn't matter whether they win or lose, what Gemini needs is knowledge and experience.

For Gemini, family is the most important thing that can't be exchanged. Therefore, they are very responsible for their families, always caring, sharing and taking care of their family members in a very thoughtful way.

If you are a parent

People of this sign seem to have a soul that never matures even after they have built a family.

Gemini fathers and mothers often consider their children as a good friend, ready to share everything with them. They have a very good and scientific way of raising their children, so the children of Gemini are very obedient, obedient and intelligent.

10. Gemini's Friendship

When talking to his friends, Gemini can talk all the time, say all his thoughts whether by phone, e-mail or in person. Gemini can tell everything to those who communicate with them in a very honest way.

When communicating, Gemini always shows joy and sociability, so their ability to make friends is higher than other signs. They are open, sincere and also good listeners when others are sad, know how to joke to ease their anger. You will be very lucky to have a great psychic friend.

In life, Gemini is very sociable and easy to get along with. If you match them, your conversation will explode with laughter wherever you are.

You will keep this friendship if you share with them the joys, sorrows, and difficulties in life that you encounter. Gemini will always find a way to help you, never leaving you stuck in that valley.

Gemini can be combined with Aries and Leo friends. This combination will make a great match.

11. Gemini's Love

Gemini love story

The other half of Gemini must be people with a sense of humor and intelligence. Gemini is quite peachy, going through many relationships can find a suitable person. But once you have found the person you want, Gemini will be faithful, wholeheartedly love, care, and care for that person.

Love: Don't like guys who are angry, or pay attention to trifles, manage their lovers. Gemini only likes guys who are generous, informative, and have a good sense of humour.

Suggestions: A little music mixed with a reading space in a certain cafe, an entertainment session in the park, exchanging knowledge together, exercising together...

12. How to conquer Gemini

To conquer the people of this sign is very difficult, you must prepare a plan carefully. Gemini is curious, they will want to find out what kind of person you are, what your interests are…if they feel you are not suitable for them, they will get bored very quickly.

So on dates you have to do something unexpected, a little out of the ordinary. In particular, an invitation to an event related to classical music, literature, political activities will make them feel extremely excited.

How to conquer Gemini guy

If you want to win the hearts of Gemini boys, you must be the one to understand them, care, share, be by their side when they feel the saddest, most importantly don't let them feel controlled, lose freedom.

They are funny, intelligent and love surprises in dates. For the first dinner, you should choose strange dishes that are similar to his preferences!

How to conquer Gemini girl

Gemini girls will be attracted to what is strange, new around. If you impress her, she will definitely notice you. Gemini girls are good looking, active and cute. It will be difficult for you to conquer her because they love freedom, have absolutely no thought towards building a family.

Gemini is the representative of the type of girl who is curious, loves to talk and is free to fly. In particular, Gemini has the ability to endure pressure and workload. For others, it's done in a month, for Gemini, it's done in a week!

Gemini will be drawn into a heated debate. Do not yield to her, they do not like to be conceded, you should show your ability to argue in any field and make her fall in love with you.

Gemini is attracted to people who capture their thoughts, understand when they are upset. If you do those things, your love will quickly move to stage 2.

13. Gemini Health

Gemini and health

Due to too much pressure from work, your health is somewhat reduced. You should avoid respiratory and digestive diseases and prevent unusual colds. Do not be subjective with your health status and do not make your body work too hard. A weak head will make you more stressed, extremely impatient.

In eating, you should not use too many stimulant drinks that are harmful to yourself such as beer, wine.. You should have a plan to protect your health, relax your mind with good music. Fresh air, light with gentle exercises.

You have certain strengths and also certain weaknesses. You are a person who likes exciting activities, can't stand boredom and leisure. Sometimes sitting still in a certain position also makes you feel depressed, frustrated.

If you overcome those weaknesses, you will easily get along with people. Traveling far away with family and loved ones will make your spirit more refreshed and excited.

14. Gemini Children

Children of the Gemini sign stand out from other children because of their intelligence, creativity, and reasoning skills. As long as they have dreams and someone to guide them, they will achieve much success in the future life.

Gemini children are very active, they can freely fly and jump all day without getting tired, on the contrary, standing for a long time in a certain position for a short time makes them feel bad and frustrated. .

They are lively, talkative, hate the dark and are silent. Therefore, during the lessons, they can hardly keep order, their mouths will work non-stop. Because they are very afraid of the dark, the punishment of being locked in a room makes them extremely afraid, can cry loudly and confess their mistakes.

As soon as they are in school, they are famous for their eloquence. Children of this sign are creative and quick-thinking and sometimes they have very clever tricks. They communicate in a very skillful way, easily handling unexpected incidents that make adults admire and praise.

Gemini children are hyperactive and do not yet have the vision to distinguish right from wrong like adult Geminis. Therefore, their mistakes sometimes lead to serious consequences, affecting others. Children of this sign often have strange and unique ideas from simple things they have.

For example, to create their own drinks, they will combine milk with a variety of fruits or are willing to take off the TV remote just because they think they can fix it...

Gemini children are very naughty and playful, they come up with all kinds of unique ideas to have fun, they will draw pencils on their mother's evening gown to make it more fancy… Make your family fun, full of laughter.

Despite their young age, Gemini children often set dreams and ideals that they aspire to achieve. But nevertheless those dreams are very high, far beyond their capacity.

Maybe they dream of being child prodigies or math geniuses when they spend 15 minutes each day studying math. Sometimes they also feel frustrated when their dreams can't come true, but a game will make them run, laugh and talk right away.

Gemini children should work hard to exercise to stay healthy. A fun music will make them reduce "Stress" in learning. Gemini children always have a wild imagination, but they find it difficult to achieve their goals.

Although they are smart and sharp, they do not have perseverance and are easily discouraged when faced with difficulties. Therefore, you must train them to be independent in the face of difficulties and challenges, they will maximize their talents in urgent situations.

Gemini children are talented in communication and eloquence, they will argue to the end of any issue. However, in many cases, they become annoying children because of their talkative mouth. When they are in the mood, they constantly tell stories they hear in class with their parents.

During class, their mouths are also active non-stop, making teachers and friends angry. Children under this sign often suffer from dental diseases, so you should not give them too many sweets, remind them to clean their teeth before sleeping.

Gemini children do not have a deep understanding of the world around them, so they are sometimes stubborn, arguing.. Sometimes they have actions that contradict their thoughts.

You teach them how to listen, learn information about the world around them, make them understand the problem slowly. Because if you immediately react to their wrong doings, they will argue back without ever admitting it, gradually becoming a bad habit as these young pineapples grow up.

As Gemini children have a better understanding of the world around them, you should let them choose their own dreams and future paths. Because they will do well in the jobs that follow their interests and dreams.

Then they will decide everything independently, knowing what to do and what not to do. You can also advise them to make the right choices in fields such as commerce, marketing or lawyer...

15. Gemini Men

Gemini men are mostly friendly, sociable, live emotionally with everyone around them. Sometimes they become multi-personalities.

A tactful person with good communication skills, the Gemini man can argue on any subject. Very witty and humorous, he makes the hearts of the girls opposite him flutter and sob.

In parties, the Gemini man is always the center of everything and always attracts everyone's attention. If you want to date him, you should notice that this is a guy with multiple personalities. He can surprise you with flowers and gifts even if it's not a holiday.

But then he suddenly became strangely indifferent, even missed an appointment. Two or three days later, he may come back and criticize you and think it was your mistake. But in the end, this guy will return to the friendly, affectionate, caring person like the first days.

Sometimes you are treated like a "queen" but also sometimes you suddenly become "black". In case you are a sensitive girl, maybe two people will not be able to find a common voice in love, you should forget him.

But if you're the type to adapt to his hyperactivity, you'll have a great love affair, experiencing a wide range of emotions and unexpected pleasures. One thing to note is that you shouldn't be too bossy about him, Gemini men like freedom and their own thoughts that they don't want to share.

If you are a sensitive girl, it is better to extinguish the fire in your heart by showing him that your relationship is boring and uninteresting.

When it comes to love, the Gemini guy is very sincere and intense, but he won't be yours forever. Because they always have curiosity, fascinated by new and unique things around life.

The Gemini man sees a woman as his mirror image, so he wants you to keep up with him intellectually. If you are a smart woman, the heart of a Gemini man will be in your hands.

They like to communicate, so they often tend to make friends, but their multi-personality makes it impossible for others to keep up.

To win the hearts of Gemini guys, make sure you're always "shoulder to shoulder", watching his every move without making them feel dependent or constrained. That guy will be very happy when you understand his thoughts and feelings.

In life, the Gemini guy is always ready to share his knowledge, information, money, joy with others. It can be said that the men of this sign are all ideal types for you to send your feelings to.

He may look at other beautiful young women, but in their heart will only be you. So don't be too suspicious and infer, that will make him angry.

Gemini is always optimistic and loving, friendly with everyone around. Therefore, in love, it is easy to be misunderstood by others. But Gemini will never do anything wrong to someone they really love so you should trust him and let him be free.

Gemini men always know how to care and take care of their family. For them nothing is more important than their family, so no matter how busy they are with work, they still spend time with their small family.

16. Gemini Woman

Gemini women like independence and freedom, so when they are young they never seem to want to be tied into a relationship. They like being independent, having dinner or going somewhere alone they don't feel lonely but on the contrary find it very comfortable.

Gemini women are also among those with multiple personalities, their temperaments changing erratically. So if you marry them like you marry two wives, the most important thing is to always run after them and "hold on" to them.

As an adult, Gemini's personality will be more stable. They will not be angry erratically, for no reason, instead, the gentleness of a woman.

When they were young, Gemini never intended to get married, but when they got married, they sacrificed themselves for their husbands and children and those they loved the most. If you marry a Gemini woman, she will make your life more interesting, new, romantic and full of joy.

Once a Gemini woman falls in love with you, she will always find a way to create surprises and novelty in your relationship. Your love will be filled with emotions and unforgettable sweet memories. She will always be the one behind to support and help you whenever you have difficulties.

Gemini women will never manage or cling to you every day, but they will always be there for you in times of sadness. You will never find it boring, monotonous when falling in love with a Gemini woman.

Gemini woman loves with her head more than her heart. When they meet men, they always scrutinize the best in each one, and end up choosing only one person with all the good qualities. She always hopes for a perfect man to appear in her life.

Gemini women are quite flowery, they can keep their eyes on a certain man even while talking to you. Her nature is to be easily attracted to something new and unique so you also need to control her a bit. Be an attractive, attractive man, she will fall in love with you.

She will always respect your privacy and hopefully you will too. In love, she always puts her absolute trust in the relationship of two people, never doubts, investigates every time you go, do, with whom, this makes you feel comfortable, free.

She is also the one who urges you to strive more in work and life, is the driving force for your creativity and intelligence.

As a mother, Gemini will also always respect the privacy and emotional lives of their children. They never forbid their children in the love story because they have experienced those emotions when they were young. Gemini women are very hospitable, every time someone comes to their house, they are warmly welcomed, treated with care and thoughtfulness.

Communicating with anyone she is sociable, cheerful and shows a sense of humour. Having a wife of Gemini sign, you will feel that life is always full of joy and excitement. Listen to the confide when she needs you, you will understand and love the Gemini woman more often.

17. Gemini's Weakness

In the eyes of others, they will see Gemini when they laugh and talk happily, when they are strangely sad. What they can't seem to see is the loneliness that exists within that person.

Gemini people are typical for multi-personality type, their inner conflict is very much so they are afraid of loneliness.

If a Gemini is brooding and quiet, then they are more introspective. They often use their intelligence to discover things that few people can think of. However, they rarely share their thoughts with others, so no one thinks Gemini is so talented.

There are also times when what they say and do makes people feel confused, no one agrees with Gemini's point of view, so people under this sign have a sense of loneliness in life.

With an extroverted Gemini, they will feel less isolated in their lives. They are lively, easy to socialize, fly with friends and like to be in crowded places.

However, that is only a part of this person's personality, sometimes they also feel lonely and hopeless when they encounter sadness. It's not that Gemini doesn't have anyone to confide in, it's that they don't know how to open up to others.

18. Overview of Gemini

Just like the symbolic image, Gemini people always have two different personalities, but they both show intelligence and sharp wisdom.

If there are times when you feel Gemini as one person but with two opposite souls, don't be too surprised. Remember that Gemini is the symbol for the twins Castor and Pollux.

In personality, Gemini is an easily changeable, unstable person. You will notice this personality from their most petty gestures. They often change their fashion style, there is no habit that can be maintained in them or the changes from work to home are as quick as a turn of the hand.

Looking for a book or a song? Gemini will be the expert to help you. They can grasp and memorize content quickly. People of the Water destiny have a habit of turning the last page before reading a book.

They will never skip the "Foreword" of every book, even if they prefer to read that first part rather than the content inside. Gemini are mostly good listeners, understand problems quickly and give sincere advice to those in need.

You will easily recognize Gemini people by their quick appearance, tall and slim figure. Gemini has a very beautiful, sparkling and clear eyes.

They never let their eyes focus on anything for long, they quickly turn their eyes to everything around them, which is also a way for them to gather information for their brain. They have white water out with dark hair. Gemini usually has a high, wide forehead, high and straight nose bridge.

When communicating, Gemini is a sociable, friendly and close to everyone. They often move very quickly, come suddenly to surprise you, and move so fast that you don't even have time to say goodbye. Those born between the end of May and the first half of June will show that agility best.

If you force Gemini to stay in a fixed position for a long time, it will be a mistake. Nor should you challenge Gemini to a battle of wits. With sharp intelligence, sharp brain, they can beat you at any time. They often come up with ideas and moves that no one else would have thought of.

If standing in front of an opponent, at first Gemini will appear to be a slow, uninformed, unbalanced person, then until the opponent is subjective, Gemini will make counter attacks. Do you want to join the battle with Gemini?

If living in a free and comfortable working environment, Gemini can work many times more productive than others. On the contrary, they hate restrictive rules that make them feel bored like a bird locked in a cage for a long time.

They are also always in the top of the latecomers in the world. Not because Gemini fell asleep, but because on the way there are always things that attract their curiosity.

If you have a Gemini friend, there will be times when you feel annoyed by their habits. He often has strange suggestions that even if you don't want to, you will be persuaded to follow. He said he would meet you at a certain cafe and he would always be late for the appointment, you have to wait often even if you don't like it at all.

You will be stunned with his erratic changes, sometimes you get so angry that you punch him in the chin but he can dodge quickly. Gemini always convinces you and the two of you are happy again with fun outings. Like it or not, you will forgive him sooner or later.

A special feature in the personality of all people born in the end of May and the first half of June is that they always want to hide their true purpose when doing something. No one can see or understand what they are trying to do or think. Gemini will be able to become great politicians because of their tact, flexibility, and fluency.

In fact, many Gemini people become famous journalists and writers. They like to write books, stories, biographies with content close to real life.

Rarely do you see Gemini write romantic love stories, much less do they write about their lives. Gemini also has no interest in answering letters, even delaying this for a long time.

At work, Gemini people always contribute unique and novel ideas at the right time. No one can do it better than them, not even Aries. Gemini has a talent in business, they bring people good, reliable products that serve the interests of everyone.

Gemini works 2 times more productive than others, so their brains take more time to rest than the average person. But unfortunately their health has some problems with insomnia, they rarely get a full night's sleep.

Exhaustion is a great danger for Gemini people, so they must take measures to restore their health. Fresh air and just the right amount of light are just what you need, Gemini.

Without these things for a long time, Gemini will be prone to bone and joint diseases, affecting the shoulders, arms, legs, back and digestive diseases, migraines.

Inwardly, Gemini is always looking for a purpose, a lofty ideal of life, but they have quite a headache to realize what that truth is. Their imagination is unlimited, their ideal can be something far away or ordinary things around.

It could be money, wealth, status, fame, what are they looking for? Or maybe a mysterious new land to explore freely.

Gemini, although talented at speaking and communicating, they lack patience and persistence at work. The symbol of Gemini is the air, which is the house, the source of life for people of this sign.

Gemini loves new lands, so they are constantly on the move to uncover mysteries. Gemini people are always divided into two different personality parts, to find unity, they have to wait and listen to the beat of their heart.