Life lessons about change help you awakening


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Life lesson about change to realize change is a process that happens every moment. There is nothing in this life that does not change with time, so instead of getting angry and frustrated with changing things, practice the new habit of living with them to change your perception and attitude. own level.

Life lessons about change

An abbot did not know the reason why the temple was burned, but he remained calm when he did not know how to save from the current situation. He stepped out of the fire and was walking when he accidentally met a curious passerby who asked:
- What is the cause and effect of this, or is it due to eating at someone's heart?
Uncle Sadi could not answer the reason for this guest, so he approached the abbot and asked: 
- Dear Sir, for what cause and effect did our temple fall into such misery that the temple was burned, while passers-by spoke unkind words?
The monk looked at the monk and smiled and said:

- You wait and see if

Uncle Sadi did not fully understand what the teacher said, but he kept silent and told himself to listen and wait.
Only a short time later, many Buddhists made offerings to the rebuilt temple and they had a newer, more beautiful temple. At that time, Uncle Sadi looked at the situation of the temple and suddenly understood something, he went to the monk again and asked:
- Master, did you tell me to wait to see this?
The monk was still sitting calmly looking at the temple, smiling and saying:

- Wait and see!
Then 3 years later, Uncle Sadi became more mature and still watched the temple change every day and remembered the monk's words "you just wait and see" but still don't know what to wait and see. Again he went to the presiding monk to ask:
- Master, what should I wait and see?
The monk at this time did not look at the temple, did not look at Uncle Sadi, but only closed his eyes and replied:

- You have seen it, what else do you ask me?
Uncle Sadi remembers everything, from the time the temple was burned down, people said bad things, until the temple was built a new one, Buddhists praised the pagoda as beautiful, now the temple is a bit old, people come again because of sincerity, he looked at his calm appearance. of the master, I remember the first time the temple was burned down, the master was still as calm, the new construction was the same, the praise or criticism was also nonchalant until the old temple was still as calm.
Uncle Sadi suddenly understood the teacher's words: We are not waiting but calmly accepting change, letting everything happen according to its rules.

As for me, living a serene life is the holy life in a bhikkhu whose teacher has been, is, will live without attachment to any external circumstances.
Pay homage to the venerable master! And he understood that human life, even though there are thousands of storms, in the end is just a training school for oneself. No matter what prosperity we have, it is not as important as whether we have attachment in our hearts or not, because that attachment is the source of samsara, the aunt with the wide path to liberation...

Accept change as a normal part of life 

Positive attitude in the face of change

Life lesson of change to realize change is a moment-by-moment process. There is nothing in this life that does not change with time, so instead of getting angry and frustrated with changing things, practice the new habit of living with them to change your perception and attitude. own level.

Change happens as a rule, so let's get used to it, live with it and blend in with it, accept it positively to find a way to escape, find new ways to do things and overcome the things that do not bring happiness.

In other words, if we don't choose positive change, at some point the changes will choose us. Then we will become completely passive and slave to them.
Life is not quite as boring and painful as people think. Be happy that there is change because besides black there is white, besides darkness there is light... 
In this life , everyone has to face their own problems, with a small boat, there is only a little wave of stars, but it quickly struggled while people with big boats and strong winds out there had nothing to do with it. We are only more than optimistic attitude, so be positive, love life will make our mind younger, health thereby gaining resistance against other physical diseases. So, don't let your morbid frustration and depression torment you.
Understanding and accepting the changes in our lives is a positive attitude that can completely change our perception of life. We will understand that, although life is full of suffering, a lot of it is self-inflicted by our own misconceptions.

Our emotional relationships also do not go beyond the law of changing over time. The affection between a newlywed couple cannot be the same as twenty years after the wedding day. It is possible that they still love each other, but change is inevitable, only those who do not understand this, and they suffer because they perceive change as a bad sign.

Understanding the impermanence of all things, we easily let go of the bad things that happened in the past. This is one of the major causes of our suffering in life. If we can let go of the bad things that happened in the past, we will feel much more peaceful and therefore can live a happier life. 

Avoid the blame mentality

As long as you blame this person, the other person or the situation, you can't make any progress. According to Buddhism, where we fail, we have to look for its deep root cause.

Don't live in frustration and frustration with an attitude of cursing life, people and yourself. All cursing, blaming is not the solution. Instead of venting anger, think carefully about the direct and indirect causes, find the peace of mind to have a future with the solution in the palm of your hand.
We can't change the environment, circumstances, or conditions around us, so let's accept it, because resisting it makes us lose our minds and lose our health. Accept it, mingle with it, live with it and find happiness in it. It is a positive internal change, completely different from the hyacinth that cannot control itself.

Nor can we expect a friend to always treat us a certain way. He himself is also an object of change. And there are so many factors surrounding the relationship between two people that are also constantly changing, which inevitably causes a corresponding change in him. Understanding this, we easily sympathize and do not misjudge the emotional level in the relationship.

Let's work wholeheartedly 

Not doing nothing is called accepting fate, accepting change. We need to make a genuine effort, and whatever the result will be, don't worry too much about the method of effort.
Don't ask for too much, and don't be bitter about what you don't have. Hating life, taking revenge on life will make the karma worse and worse. Whoever has sinned against us, if the law is not strict, then cause and effect will not forgive us. Let's live, cherish our happiness. Do not arbitrarily replace the law, the court, the judge to behave and make yourself as bad as the other person.
It is a harmonious attitude in peace, harmony in happiness. Thus, we are not weak and weak people but brave people. The person who can endure is the brave one.

The person who is aggressive on the outside is too weak, has no stamina, has to use violence to overcome the fear inside. Courageous people will be calm and steady in life.
Deeply believe in cause and effect to live responsibly with yourself, build a happy life, then we will have happiness in the future.
Thus happiness is present while we are actively giving rather than enjoying it. Living like that, we are building happiness within our reach and sharing happiness within our reach.