Taurus Zodiac Sign: Personality, Love and Career


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Curriculum vitae:

- Minor: 2 in the Zodiac
- Planetary star: Venus (symbolizing charm, passion, possessiveness, culture, sweetness, artistry and singing)
- General nature : symbolizes organized people
- Symbols: bulls, seals
- Day of the week: Friday
- Color: pink, green
- Lucky stones: emerald, jade, turquoise
- Elemental : earth
- Lucky numbers: 2 and 8
- Dates: Virgo , Capricorn
- Befriends: Leo , Aquarius
- Incompatible sign: Scorpio

1. Greek Mythology - The Legend of Taurus

In Phoenicia there lived a beautiful princess named Europa. One afternoon while she was weeding by the riverbank, a large white buffalo suddenly appeared.

Delighted by that beauty, Europa immediately climbed onto the buffalo's back without fear. Surprisingly, the buffalo took Europa to jump across the plains to the wide sea with a mysterious power, walking on the waves of the sea like walking on land.

It was not an ordinary buffalo but it was Zeus, transformed by the gods, so that buffalo had a terrible power. Zeus took Europa through the Mediterranean seas and then Crete (Greece) and the two got married there.

Since then the land the two inhabited was called Europa (present-day Europe). (You are following the article in the category  12 zodiac signs )

2. Analysis of Taurus sign

Taurus sign

Whenever mentioning Taurus people often remember the image of the head of the bull and that is also the symbol of Taurus. In the world of the gods, the bull represents an extraordinary strength and steadfastness. Because of this, people under the sign of Taurus are very successful in life.

People of this constellation like to live a comfortable, comfortable life, enjoying riches and glory. Taurus belongs to the "Earth" group, so it is suitable for long-term, stable and fixed things. In life, Taurus are kind, sociable people, always ready to help people around.

In ancient times, animals, despite their large bodies, made people extremely afraid, but were eventually tamed by humans. Why were they tamed by humans? It is because humans have grasped the weaknesses of large animals that make them unable to refuse the attractive meals that humans provide.

Buffaloes too, they like delicious food without having to work hard to hunt. Humans once again hit their psyche when bringing female buffaloes out as bait. The buffalo was trapped by attractive, interesting lures, it traded its freedom to end up being tricked and forced to work.

3. Characteristics of Taurus

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the constellation Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus, symbolizing the earth. People of this sign not only represent physical strength but also artistic beauty. In love, Taurus people have very practical thoughts, they like long-term and stable things. They always want to win the affection and monopolize the hearts of each other.

When they fall in love, they reveal traits such as: humility, ingenuity and the experiences that Taurus has experienced. They are people who know how to control themselves but are very hot-tempered, once they lose control, they will erupt in violence. That's why Taurus people need to learn to choose the right friends for themselves.

Taurus people have the basic characteristics in love, which is extremely loyal and never shows pride. Therefore, Taurus is considered the ideal type of person in love.

Taurus is suitable for things like interior decoration, cooking or jobs related to land and nature. In the eyes of everyone, Taurus is a sign that looks very serene, at ease and always comfortable. This is only true when Taurus actually accomplishes their goals.

4. Description of Taurus

Description Taurus

People under the sign of Taurus are very simple and easygoing. You don't need to spend a lot of time to learn about them, they are easy to understand, what you see is what they have. Taurus has a taste for possessing food, for them food is very precious, sometimes they can even eat other people's meals.

In work, Taurus will never make hasty decisions without thinking and calculating carefully. You will find them working very carefully, slowly, surely. Taurus is absolutely loyal in work and relationships, they do not like change. You will be extremely proud to have such a loyal and trustworthy friend, Taurus.

5. Characteristic personality of Taurus sign


In life, Taurus is a sociable, friendly person who always brings joy to everyone around. Taurus hopes everyone has a warm and happy life without worries and worries.

People of this sign have lofty ideals of life, which is the thought: "Don't get discouraged, give up because of what you can't achieve, and lose the meaning of life. Unattainable things always make people want to conquer it, but once achieved, those things become trivial.

Then at some point there will be new things that make us curious to have. Enjoy life every day, slow down, let yourself be given and receive love in return.”

Be strong, dare to fight  

In many cases, if no one intentionally harms you, conflicts and disputes should be avoided. Taurus is not aggressive, arrogant, but if someone deliberately challenges, makes Taurus unable to control their anger, they are ready to use all their strength to attack.

Just like the male buffalo, if it is pinched, it will use the power of its horns to knock up the enemy. That's why people are so scared when Taurus is angry, no one dares to risk their lives to provoke their anger.


People under the sign of Taurus are very careful, slow when deciding something. However, that caution is not always an advantage.

In the case of having to make hasty and quick decisions, Taurus cannot win against opponents with sharp thinking and decisive action. Whether it is success or failure, Taurus still has a cavalier demeanor, an optimistic spirit without thinking, and comfort.

Working hard

They always know how to create fun and interesting things in life and work. Taurus never seems to have a depressed attitude, tired of his work.

They work in a very comfortable position, happy, mentally refreshed, sober, so their productivity and efficiency make many people surprised. Taurus seems to have a hard time accepting people who lack perseverance and persistence in life.

People belonging to the constellation Taurus like crowded, bustling places, do not like loneliness and cold. Therefore, when working, they always want to build a strong solidarity group, people work together and create to help each other complete the work.

Taurus does not like to work independently, does not like to be isolated from people around. In the way of dress, they do not need to be too prominent, do not attach importance to fashion style, but only need comfortable and convenient clothes for work.

Taurus has very practical thoughts whether in work or love. They never have wishful thinking, vain or lofty aspirations. They see everything with very realistic eyes but full of love and compassion.

Patience, Honesty

In Taurus, it is easy to find patience and loyalty, always the same, completely free of lies and flip-flops. They are forward-thinking people, so most Taurus keeps some material possessions for their future life to be happier and more comfortable.

6. Ways of thinking, communication skills and adaptability to work

Taurus at work

People of the Taurus sign like to use proverbs and proverbs when communicating. Before deciding on something, they often think very carefully about every aspect of the problem.

Those who, when listening to Taurus's communication, have a low, depressed attitude, interrupting their words or want Taurus to speak quickly and without frills, Taurus will be angry and angry.

They are really people who love to use language, no matter what they talk about, they also add the proverbs and proverbs of our ancestors from the past, they speak in detail little by little, no matter what. What topics do they ignore?

This makes people with sharp thinking, quick mouth feel very uncomfortable and time consuming. However, there are situations, the way of communication of Taurus has unexpected effects.

In the jobs that require meticulousness, prestige and high responsibility, Taurus will definitely complete the best. They always try their best to achieve their goals and make their efforts worth the money and material they earn.

Taurus has a natural talent for art but lacks a rich imagination because most of Taurus' thoughts are more towards reality than daydreaming and fantasy. Therefore, sometimes in their work they do not achieve the desired results.

Taurus tries, but it is difficult to adapt to changes from everyday things to relationships.

They don't like being pushed, forced to work at a faster pace. If someone asks Taurus to change their working style, they will resent that person. Haste and hasty will lead to mistakes, but sometimes being too careful is also easy to make mistakes.

When Taurus focuses on a goal or project, they also miss a lot of opportunities, some of which may be better than the ones they are pursuing.

Taurus is very delicate in communication. When they have to take a bitter pill, they always take a spoonful of sugar with it. Therefore, they believe that when communicating with others, honest and easy-to-hear words will be like sugar spoons, easing the tension of the conversation.

Another advantage is that Taurus knows how to listen, understand, and share with the thoughts and feelings of others. Or even if the other party is bragging and bragging, Taurus can still listen calmly and make the speaker very interested in telling the story.

Sometimes, Taurus communicates quite long and difficult for many people to understand. For those who like humor, they will find Taurus very tasteless, boring and want to avoid the story. But it is an unchangeable nature anyway, it has obvious advantages and disadvantages.

Taurus can easily build close, close friends and colleagues. Taurus understands the meaning of the saying: "Building a relationship takes a thousand words, destroying a relationship takes just one word", they understand what they have to say and do to everyone around them. around.

Taurus will succeed if they cooperate with people with high will, who want to build a career based on perseverance, perseverance, and solidity. However, in sudden situations, emergencies or unexpected incidents, Taurus can hardly do well.

Taurus is suitable for jobs that require high patience, jobs that have to strive, think and calculate accurately. In the process of working, Taurus always tries to make their efforts pay off in the most worthy way.

7. Career path and money

Finances of Taurus

Taurus is always interested in stabilizing their career, which is the top goal they want to achieve. People of the sign love to enjoy material things, they care about wealth and always try their best to have a luxurious life.

While working, Taurus is always awake to think and analyze the angles of the problem. Once the goal is found, Taurus will do it to the end despite difficulties and challenges. A characteristic in Taurus people is that they are very disciplined about time, promises, hate broken promises, late.

Taurus needs money to be able to comfortably shop and buy good food for themselves. So work and material values ​​are very important to Taurus. That is also the driving force that motivates Taurus to try harder and harder at work.

People under the sign of Taurus are easily attracted to jobs related to material and financial money or artistic and luxurious jobs. However, this person is completely loyal, no matter how luxurious and luxurious the material money is, Taurus does not trade the trust of others for him.

Taurus has a talent and artistic eye, suitable for jobs in construction, architecture, land sales or economic and technical advisors...

And yet, Taurus also has talent in areas such as home design, interior design, wellness design or the sale of furniture and antiques. You will have a delicate eye to see the beauty and uniqueness in your work.

You are a person with a high sense of responsibility at work, good logical thinking, patience, honesty, and trustworthiness in the eyes of colleagues and friends. You can aim for fields like science fiction or the fields of accounting or banking.

If you are a Taurus woman, you will be very good at persuading others and skillful at learning from others' experiences. You will be suitable for education or working as a farm manager.

Jobs related to art, aesthetics and requiring the ability to feel will be suitable for you. Noisy, unpleasant jobs will not be suitable for the development of talents of Taurus.

If you are a Taurus male, you will be suitable for jobs that require careful, meticulous and can apply your knowledge to that job. Material will be the driving force for you to develop. You don't like change, a steady job and position will make it easy to get your hands on success.

You gain the trust of many colleagues, friends and people around you. In their eyes, Taurus is a loyal friend who will never harm or betray them. Sometimes, you should learn to joke and be more humorous to create more laughter for yourself and the people around you.

If you become a boss, you will always have a broad and realistic view. You are always restrained, maintaining your calm attitude in times of stress. In the eyes of your subordinates, you are a calm, gentle boss and rarely show your emotions outside.

The key to your success is your foresight and patience. You know entertainment to forget the stress at work and know the limit for those fun. When the troubles disappear, you return to the cycle of work. Once you're focused, there's nothing to distract you.

People under the sign of Taurus spend money wisely. There are also times when you are extravagant in spending on shopping but in return you are very good at making money.

8. Family and friends

Taurus' Family

For Taurus, nothing is more important than family. Taurus always respects and promotes the good traditions of the family.

Despite being very busy with work, Taurus always takes time to care, love and take care of his home. People of this sign love to go on trips with family members.

Thanks to ingenuity in communication, Taurus is loved by many friends. People of this sign deserve everyone's trust because they know how to keep their promises.

Taurus brings enthusiasm, always ready to help people, share difficulties and tribulations. For them, true friendship is rooted in mutual trust and this relationship will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

9. Love and Psychological Reactions

Taurus is instinctively ready to protect others, but that protection comes with a desire to possess. Taurus manages very closely what belongs to them, what is theirs, no one is allowed to take away.

Taurus Love

Even Taurus can intimidate people who do not know how to strive but only know how to enjoy life based on them. It is easier to understand that they want each person to have their own efforts, efforts, and achievements, not to rely on others to live, not to participate in disputes, to spend time doing things that are important to them. useful.

People of the Taurus sign live very affectionately, before and after are the same. When they encounter difficulties, who is the one to help them overcome, they will definitely remember and try to repay. Although the close friends of Taurus have not seen each other for a long time, their feelings never fade.

Among the 12 zodiac signs, Taurus is also one of the top people who live emotionally, love and care for their children. They always surprise with meaningful gifts for their beloved children. In love, Taurus shows his tenderness and kindness to the other side, not showing aversion to sensory needs.

Looking at it from another natural angle, Taurus has the Earth destiny, when doing business or making friends with people belonging to the Fire and Air parities, you should be cautious and careful. In a word, let's try to imagine: a strong fire can still be extinguished by the earth, but a cave cannot stop the strong winds.

People belonging to the Air destiny (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are quick-mouthed, skillful in communication. People belonging to the Fire parity (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) have good communication skills, sharp thinking, and decisive action.

Fire and Air cannot cooperate with Earth due to Taurus' careful, meticulous and slow working style. On the contrary, Taurus also does not like people who are hasty, hasty decisions without hesitation.

With the personality of Taurus, they will be compatible with other constellations that also have an Earth destiny, such as Virgo and Capricorn. If you make friends, the two sides will find mutual understanding and common characteristics: thinking, calculating carefully before deciding, preferring quiet, peace.

Taurus can also make friends with three constellations with the natural element of Water, such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. At first, they will be surprised at Taurus's persistence, "don't conquer the goal, don't give up". Those who are destined for Thuy will not show disgust at this, but on the contrary, they increasingly admire that persistence and toughness.

10. Romance and love

Everyone has their own needs in life, but few will reveal them outside. People have a need for money, material things, people have a need for love, to be loved by someone or to be cared for and comforted by others...

People belonging to the Taurus constellation also have deep needs in the love aspect, which is to be cared for, protected and protected by the person they love for life.

They are always looking for a suitable person, regardless of appearance or age. For them, love does not discriminate between rich and poor, age, everyone has the right to be loved. Taurus understands that true love comes from sincerity and mutual understanding.

When in love, Taurus always speaks the truth, frankly, they do not tell lies to deceive the other. They are always oriented towards reality, neither romantic nor dreamy.

Sometimes, in the eyes of the other person, Taurus is a dry, bland, uninteresting person. But actually, Taurus often express their feelings with actions, not words. Instead of bragging words are cuddles, sweet, caring and warm embrace.

As a person who always loves and values ​​his family, Taurus wishes to build a happy home with his partner, a harmonious husband and wife, obedient and obedient children.

Taurus attaches great importance to the daily meal in the family because they believe that the meal is the time when the family is gathered, most complete, everyone is gathered together after stressful working hours.

During the meal, Taurus shows his concern for everyone, seeing the faces of each family member, that's what makes Taurus feel happy.

The Taurus mate must definitely remember these two basic things. If you can't meet their needs, maybe one day Taurus will leave you.

In love, Taurus is a sensitive person, once in love, he will love with all his heart, giving without receiving. They often tend to choose a mate who shares the same interests, personality and passions as themselves.

11. How to conquer Taurus guys

If you have secretly fallen in love with a Taurus man, you should not be too hasty or hasty. You also shouldn't take the initiative to express your feelings first, let him be attracted to you. If you get his attention, Taurus will definitely want to conquer you.

Taurus men will not easily fall in love with someone, they need time to get to know each other. Initially, the two should become good friends to understand each other better. If you want to go on a date, invite that person to dinner because they love to eat.

Remember: Gentle and sincere, he won't be able to take his eyes off you.

Tip: On your first date, order meat dishes and ask for soft music to create a warm atmosphere.

12. How to conquer Taurus girls

The ideal type of Taurus girls is a determined, patient man. Taurus girls are fond of flattery, love to be complimented, flirted with, and like unexpected gifts.

If you want to win her heart, you have to give her lots of new, interesting surprises. She loves the scent of perfume, so you can give her a bottle of perfume on any occasion, she will surely be very surprised.

If you are passionate about sports and have a healthy appearance, you will be the ideal type in her heart. Aries girls love to be cared for, cared for and protected by others. Give her a lot of surprises, you will quickly win her heart.

Tip: Sports are definitely not an option for two people's first date. Ask her out to dinner on a nice day and let her choose the venue.

13. General Taurus

Taurus people born between April 21 and May 21 have the above characteristics. You will easily recognize Taurus with its calm appearance, gestures, slow and slow speech.

In all difficult situations, Taurus always maintains a calm and balanced state. Once a decision has been made, no one can change Taurus's mind, no matter how hard they try to convince it, it will be futile. Sometimes Taurus does things that other people can't understand.

The Cow is a relatively healthy animal. It will not get in the way, harm, hinder anyone and also does not like to be interfered with by others in its life. For him, peace is a very precious happiness.

People of this sign can put a lot of their time and effort into their work, which is all their passion and dedication to their plans.

They have independent thinking and work for the benefit of the community, not for their own. Taurus does not interfere in anyone's private life and does not want anyone to interfere in their affairs.

Therefore, if you intend to irritate people of this sign, you should stop lest one day, when their endurance exceeds the limit, they will use violent force. The outbursts usually happen no more than 2-3 times in a Taurus' life, but once they happen, the consequences are unpredictable.

Taurus people born between the end of April and the first half of May have very recognizable characteristics (this is mainly noticed in men). It is a calm, calm appearance, sparkling eyes, clear, gestures that show stubbornness. Women of the Taurus sign have considerate and gentle gestures.

Most Taurus have a healthy body, balanced in both height and weight. Men usually have a lot of muscles, long backs, broad shoulders. When eating, Taurus eats very slowly, slowly, chewing well, so people of this sign have a very good digestive system.

Taurus is not arrogant when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, but they usually don't go after those they like. Although there are many feelings, but Taurus rarely reveals it outside, they want to make the other person fall in love and run after themselves.

The bull has a courageous, resilient, calm nature and always stands firm in any difficult situation. It only really unleashes its anger when it is excessively suppressed. Normally it is very calm and peaceful.

Taurus is very hospitable and often invites friends and colleagues to their house. If someone has had the opportunity to visit the house of Taurus, you will surely admire the warm family scene, everyone cares and loves each other.

Taurus is very important in housing, they want to have their own home, private space, peace, and long term. Once Taurus does not have a house of their own, they will build a plan to buy a house for themselves, because the Tho people have a love for the land.

Taurus loves to decorate their home with potted flowers that cover the balcony or the window of the room. People of this sign like the quiet, fresh, the noise of the city makes them very uncomfortable. Therefore, Taurus always directs themselves to peaceful lands, far from crowded, noisy and crowded cities.

People of the Taurus sign are mostly in very good physical health, they rarely get sick. However, Taurus is subjective, does not care about his health, so every time he is sick, it will be very serious and difficult to recover. However, Taurus is still stubborn, subjective, refusing to take medicine according to the doctor's advice.

The diseases they may have are joint pain, respiratory diseases, if they continue to be subjective, these diseases will bring very serious consequences.

Taurus eat a lot of foods that contain fat, leading to overweight and cardiovascular diseases. To avoid these diseases, you need to have a reasonable diet and health care.

By nature, people under the sign of Taurus are stubborn and obstinate. But most of them do not realize their weakness, they consider it to be stubborn and wise. Once a Taurus has made a decision, it's hard to shake their mind.

If it's an uncomfortable place, the Taurus husband will never agree to go there with his wife. A Taurus wife, if she doesn't like some of her husband's friends, will never want to communicate with them.

However, Taurus also has great advantages and qualities: extraordinary ability to withstand pressures and difficulties. People of this sign can work non-stop all year long, endure physical and mental stress without ever getting bored or complaining.

No matter how difficult the work is, they still maintain a state of balance and persistent working spirit.

Another great point that deserves praise is the absolute loyalty of Taurus to work, family, and friends. They will never sell out, betray those who have trusted them.

People of Taurus sign have a high eating soul, when they are excited they can eat a lot. They don't abstain from anything on the menu, from fries, fried vegetables, fried chicken or chocolate cake.

Despite eating so much, they did not show any signs of digestive disorders, bloating. Among the daily dishes, Taurus' favorite is barbecue.

Whenever working stressfully, Taurus relaxes by watching a comedy and then laughing to forget all worries and sorrows. Or when there are sad things, Taurus will release their heart into food.

They think that eating will help them feel more comfortable and excited. Taurus prefers to watch funny, witty movies rather than romantic love movies.

In life, people of Taurus sign, whether male or female, are very good at making money, so they have a happy and rich life. It is rare to see Taurus on the list of the needy waiting for help.

The cow builds a home, builds its material wealth slowly, persistently, and sustainably. From the beginning from the number 0, Taurus laid brick by brick to build a splendid, solid castle.

In addition to wealth, money and material things, Taurus is also interested in status and power. First of all, it wants to be in control of its own life. If the Cow has money, it will not be stingy on the contrary, it is very generous, ready to help friends and relatives without regretting anything.

The Bull is easily attracted to flashy, large-scale things. It won't mind when a monkey passes, but it takes a long time to admire the beauty of an elephant.

Taurus people are talented and passionate about the arts. They like painting, singing or classical music. Many people of this sign have beautiful voices and become professional singers. For Taurus, life cannot be without music.

Taurus' favorite color is sky blue. When wearing objects of that color, Taurus feels confident and full of life. Red isn't like that - it excites Taurus. People of this sign also love the color brown-green, which symbolizes earth and nature.

Remember: In astrological terms, if you were born on the "top" (i.e. born on the first or last days of a constellation) you will have personality traits of the constellation. why there is a date immediately before and immediately after your date of birth.