Cancer Zodiac Sign: Personality, Love and Career


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Curriculum vitae

- The 4th sign in the Zodiac
- Symbol: Crab
- General properties: the owner, the leader
- Day of the week: Monday
- Star of the zodiac: Moon (symbolizes instinct, mood) , aspiration, charm, maturity and awareness)
- Stone: pearl, emerald, opal, moonstone
- Color: gray, silver, white
- Flower: lily , jasmine, gardenia
- Metal: silver
- Animals: swan, cat, hare
- Lucky numbers: 4 and 6
- Features: crimson
- Body part: chest, digestive tract
- Zodiac sign: Scorpio and Pisces
- Incompatible sign: Capricorn
- Make friends with:Aries , Libra

1. Greek Mythology - The Legend of Cancer

In a fierce madness caused by the god Hera, Hercules committed the murder of his wife and children and was punished as a slave to Eurystheus. In order to save his life, Hercules was forced to destroy the world of Hydra in Lerna.

While the many-headed Hydra came and attacked Heracles, he fought and cut off each of those terrible heads. The situation is turning dangerous for the Hydra monster.

Witnessing that scene, the crab in the constellation Cancer - a friend of the many-headed monster Hydra burst into tears of grief, "My friend Hydra is so pitiful!".

And finally the crab decided to use its claws to attack Heracles. Although knowing that, facing the power of the great hero in Greek mythology, the crab will be unable to do anything and be overpowered for a moment.

Touched by this undying friendship, the gods took the three characters to the sky and merged into a constellation. (You are following the article in the category 12 zodiac sign)

2. Characteristics of Cancer

Cancer sign

Cancer symbolizes water, ruled by the Moon star. People of this sign are very erratic, sometimes considerate and gentle, but sometimes they become strange and difficult to understand. Their actions are also somewhat extreme: sadness, suffering mixed with joy and happiness.

Cancer people prefer the old-fashioned of tradition or the past. There are some people in this sign who like to have a rich and luxurious life, others like a simple and peaceful life in a certain country.

They are somewhat shy, possessive and romantic. Therefore, when they are in love, they are very sweet and affectionate, but also stubbornly manage the person they love.

They are afraid of betrayal and untrustworthy things from surrounding objects to people. For them, life would be like a dungeon if there was violence. Cancer people are suitable for jobs such as decorating houses, researching antiques, cooking, etc.

3. Describe Cancer

Cancer people have mischievous, adorable features like children. Sometimes they pretend to be difficult people to everyone around them.

Cancers are people with good memories and they love to learn human history. They like to admire old things and often go to museums. Cancer is very trustworthy, they are discreet and never reveal secrets.

Wherever they are, if they see unique and strange objects, they will love to collect them. To others, these objects may be just trash, but to Cancer they are as precious as gold. So they always store the things they collect easily. They deserve to be commended for being family, good at cooking, and wholeheartedly taking care of their family members.

4. Qualities of Cancer

Cancer has a warm soul

Cancer people are surrounded by an unpleasant, cold appearance. However, few people know that behind that disguise is a fragile and sensitive soul. They have a rich and mysterious spiritual life that can be compared to the waves of the sea.

For Cancer, the most important thing in life is love and romance. Among the 12 zodiac signs, Cancer is in the top 1 of the most romantic signs. They can transform their cold, cool appearance into cute, innocent in an instant.

To become a successful person, Cancer has also experienced many "rounds" and "defects" like the stars in their lives. The child of "Moon" cannot be at peace when sailing his boat, storms and storms can come at any time.

Cancer are mysterious people, they are always attracted to others by their interesting and charming. The closer they are born to Gemini, the more they will be affected by their volatile nature.

5. Analyze the image of Cancer people

The crab that lives in the sea has a hard, tough outer shell that can withstand the impact of waves and storms. The crab symbol represents the external beauty of the Cancer person.

People belonging to this sign have the ability to observe subtle, meticulous. Every time they make a decision to act, they think very carefully, carefully. Among the constellations with the natural element of Water, Cancer is in the third position, predicting that people of this sign are quite sensitive and observant.

6. Basic Personality of Cancer

Strong, Confident

Cancer are emotional people, but their love life is not always as smooth as the autumn river. But it is like the waves rolling in the vast ocean, up and down, constantly hitting the shore. Cancer's love goes through many ups and downs, ups and downs.

Cancer is always confident with their appearance. One day, despite facing countless difficulties and turbulence, their external demeanor still does not exude a miserable, wavering look, on the contrary, they are very relaxed, calm, and optimistic. It is because of such appearance that few people understand the difficulties and hardships Cancer has to go through, only they themselves can understand.

Because Cancer's appearance is covered by a layer of armor, the camouflage is very solid and discreet, so few can see deep inside. However, for those with delicate and sensitive eyes, they can still recognize the hidden things inside the weak soul of Cancer. It is a fragile, weak, and sentimental soul.


Cancer acts very carefully, never in a hurry, in a hurry to mess things up. Before deciding on something, they think and evaluate very carefully but also never consult others, they often hide their thoughts and do not want to reveal them to the outside. To achieve some goal, Cancer will not act directly.

Once they have thought it through, they will come up with a plan to accomplish their goals. They use strategies that other people can't think of, always running around at breakneck speed.

If they can't achieve their goals, they don't flinch, get angry, depressed, give up. They wait for a suitable new opportunity to start again, conquering the goal in a different angle.


With their perseverance and patience, they will eventually achieve the desired success. From then on, nothing could bring them down except death or some supernatural power. Every time they pursue a certain goal, they have a lot of motivation to give them strength.

Those motivations are not external influences of people, but most of them create themselves to push themselves forward. That way, despite facing countless difficulties and challenges, they can confidently fight fiercely and overcome their shortcomings.

One of their favorite maxims is: “If you can't win at the beginning, then try, try, and try.”

Cancer is very strong

Subtle, sensitive

Cancers are sensitive to everything around them and they have a rich, emotional interior. That makes them have a delicate vision, the ability to observe very well the changes of things and people next to them. Thanks to that, they can understand and empathize with other people's thoughts, make a lot of impressions, and have good feelings for everyone.

Thanks to their keen eye and foresight, they are able to anticipate dangerous situations and areas they should not enter, and also help them to observe the small but important details, That is part of their success.

In the dangerous, difficult moments that their lives go through, their sensitivity always reminds them of the traps ahead.

Sensitivity is in many cases a Cancer's advantage, but not always. Sometimes that personality makes others feel very annoying and frustrating.

Because they think that being too sensitive will make things more complicated, putting themselves in trouble. Moreover, it makes it impossible for others to turn a blind eye to a place filled with new joy.

The language of the constellations and the actual language are also related. "Crab" refers to people who are "stubborn, short-tempered, irritable, selfish". And the fact that comes true when Cancer's mood is not good, their "crab" nature will be very evident.

Independent, kind

Whenever there is a problem, Cancer wants to solve it on his own, not wanting others to give advice or help. Therefore, any efforts you make to help them overcome difficulties and return to happiness are futile. The best way is to let them deal with the mess on their own.

Cancer doesn't want anyone to help them, but they love helping others. They will not be able to sit still when they see a loved one in trouble, in the most sincere way, they will give the necessary advice and solutions to solve the problem.

They hardly hesitate when standing up to protect the interests of friends, relatives and family. Cancer not only listens and understands, they also take practical action to help and cheer for those in need.

Our current life is full of difficulties, challenges and dangers that are lurking, making us unable to react. Everyone is busy with messy jobs, empathy and understanding between people is gradually replaced by indifference and coldness. Therefore, the good qualities inside the Cancer's soul become precious in such times.

People in Cancer in the first 10 day period will clearly show the above personality traits, the second 10 day period is not very clear, and the third 10 day period will mostly show determination. The mind is steady, but the ability to be quick is somewhat less.

7. Ways of thinking, communication skills and adaptability to work

Cancer at work

Cancer at work

Cancer people are very careful, always in a state of alert, alert to the dangers around. When working, they absolutely do not make hasty decisions. They need time to think through and process the work.

If the other party offers sketchy and unreasonable plans and ideas, Cancer will never accept them. The plans Cancer gives are always detailed, complete, thoughtfully thought through every step. That reflects their subtlety, keen observation, acumen to problems in life.

However, the ideas they give are personal, lacking logic. If someone disagrees and gives opposing opinions, they can't immediately respond, and confusion will arise in their mind. They will need time to think and reconsider their plans.

Thanks to the outer shell, it is difficult for others to see the inner panic and haste of Cancer. They are always looking for ways to hide the weakness inside their souls. This disguise also has certain benefits, increasing the authority and trust of others in the opinions they express and the actions they take.

Outside, they are camouflaged by strong armor, so few can read Cancer's thoughts and feelings. But in fact, deep inside they contain fragility, weakness and vulnerability.

Therefore, when other people accidentally say teasing or do something a little too much, it will make people of this sign feel sad and hurt. Although these words are just jokes, for people of other signs it may not be anything to think about.

In the person of Cancer, sometimes there is a sensitivity, an excessive sensitivity. Sometimes they easily get angry with others because of things that are not worth it.

That is a big obstacle for Cancer in building friendship and business relationships. They don't seem to be used to yielding to others in times of their mood swings.

Most Cancer people have very good memories, they can remember details of past events whether happy or sad. With their keen eye and talent for observation, they can see who is bad and who is good.

Therefore, they will never be blinded by their superficial enthusiasm, false promises and fake smiles. They can see through the nature of people and the intentions hidden deep in those people's thoughts.

If they don't like or trust someone, they will never waste words explaining why they are the way they are. But one thing is for sure, those who follow Cancer's advice will eventually find out that it is the right path.

Sensitive instincts make it difficult for Cancer to maintain balance in the complex situations and relationships in life. Or in terms of work, love, it will be impossible to make accurate judgments and decisions.

Cancer loves a quiet life on a piece of land in the countryside. Therefore, they are always looking for a peaceful, private and quiet space, so that they can freely observe the movement of things and phenomena around them.

Cancer always hopes that their efforts and contributions will be recognized by everyone, but they also don't want to stand out. They just want to leave in the hearts of others the impression of a sociable, cheerful and friendly person.

Cancer loves to communicate, make friends or cooperate with smart, agile people based on absolute trust and mutual understanding.

They are always people who live in gratitude, before and after, if anyone helps Cancer, they will surely be grateful and repay in the most worthy way. Cancer is not suitable for jobs that are always on the move or constantly moving or processes that require high logic and rigor.

If you are a Cancer, when looking for a job you must pay attention to the right environment so that you can develop your talents and build relationships with friends and colleagues. You need to work in quiet places, away from outside noise because this factor will adversely affect your health and work spirit.

It makes you lose interest, unable to concentrate on work. Moreover, a job that always involves meeting new strangers is also not suitable for your personality. You are suitable for a stable, quiet, low-pressure environment.

8. Career path and money

With a persistent, persistent, enthusiastic nature, Cancer is suitable for jobs such as: journalist, housewife, or becoming a politician.

Cancer has a romantic soul, rich imagination, loves to listen and give advice to those in trouble. Jobs that match your personality are psychology, teaching, love counseling, nursing or social charity work.

Cancer has a delicate, sharp eye, foresight, they can complete any task well assigned. If you belong to Cancer, you will be somewhat sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others. Caring, listening to people, this helps you become a friendly, kind person to everyone around.

You can challenge yourself by striving to become a psychologist, charity worker or a nurse. The job of taking care of and helping people around is very suitable for you. Or you can run your own private health and beauty care business..

If you are a Cancer woman, you can do well as a child teacher. Your kindness, tenderness, and concern are what parents expect from their children. Or a job as an interior decorator, home designer, owner of a flower shop will bring you a lot of fun and challenges.

If you are a Cancer man, you can become a love consultant for couples in love or for couples. Your sincere advice will help their relationships. If you already have a home with your wife and children, you can also become a housewife to take care of a small family.

In the eyes of colleagues, you are a sociable, cheerful, enthusiastic and helpful person. You have your own thoughts and opinions that are different from others, sometimes they wish you could think more realistically. That might make you angry, but ultimately it's good advice for you.

If you become a boss, you will always protect, protect and help your employees. However, sometimes because you are too emotional and sensitive, you let your love affairs mix with your work.

The key to your door to success is your keen eye, foresight and rich imagination. You can create a quiet, safe and pleasant space for everyone around you.

Cancer is very careful when it comes to money. They are very good at making money, but they don't let others borrow it arbitrarily, much less spend it wastefully. They are willing to invest their money in areas where they feel they can develop themselves. For them, money is not everything but it is a means to live and survive.

9. Friends and family

Friends of Cancer

If married, Cancer will turn into great fathers and mothers, responsible for children. They always care, take care of their family, do things for everyone in the family to stick, love, and get along with each other. They also have a hobby of saving their family's happy memories and moments in photo albums or diaries.

In friendship, Cancer is a sincere, kind friend, ready to help when others are in trouble.

However, they do not like the gathering of friends, they often choose a quiet space at home with a few movies or entertainment games. Those who come into contact with Cancer at first find them very strange and boring, but gradually they will find them to be kind and benevolent.

10. Love and Psychological Reactions

Cancer is a person rich in love and kindness. To everyone around, Cancer always shows affection in the most sincere way, making many people admire. They show a kind of affection that makes others very comfortable and comfortable when they are around Cancer.

People of this sign are very afraid of feeling rejected, belittled or cold. They even react harshly to rejections no matter what the circumstances. But that anger usually only takes place deep inside of Cancer, covered by a cover and camouflage, so few people can see their frustration and disappointment.

For Cancer, the most painful and painful thing is when they are despised and despised by others. However, they also do not hurt themselves because of the wrong actions of others. They will try to control themselves and forget the hurt inside by going somewhere quiet to relax.

Cancer is an emotional person, so they long to be loved and receive love and sincere affection from everyone. Cancer is dedicated to protecting love and friendship based on mutual understanding and empathy.

Cancer, whether male or female, has an instinct to protect everyone around them. As long as the people they love are in trouble, without hesitation they will do whatever it takes to protect the interests of those who need them.

Giving people a peaceful life is what Cancer wants to do in his whole life. In some cases, Cancer feels pressured by those instincts. Cancer is used to protecting others, making them feel like they have a heavy responsibility to their partner.

11. Romance and love

"I feel..." that's what Cancer says when opening a story, and it's the same when it comes to love. Courteous and polite, Cancer is very respectful of the person they love. They often tend to look for someone who understands and empathizes with their thoughts.

They are often realistic in their words so someone who is too ambitious will not be suitable for Cancer. People of this sign love children and always want to go through life's ups and downs with their loved one.

Cancer love story

Cancer has a rich and romantic love life. They are not shy to show their affection and tenderness to each other. Cancer's actions and gestures exude an irresistible attraction. Therefore, Cancer always attracts the eyes and attention of the opposite sex.

True love and sweetness are goals that Cancer pursues. Once they have recognized the person that belongs to them, they will try to pursue to the end and get that person. Cancer develops a relationship very quickly, because they are people who crave sympathy and love in return.

They are not interested in people with loose personalities, living irresponsibly; they don't like bland, risk-free games.

In life, Cancer seems to be constantly looking for an undying love, eternal love, so they often tend to get married early and live with the person they really love. Among the people of this constellation are many people who became fathers and mothers at a very young age.

However, they always have a sense of responsibility for their families and children. When married, Cancer will give all their love to their children, if there is a breakdown in their marriage, they will also wholeheartedly take care of their children's lives.

In love, Cancer always requires the loyalty of the other person, but in reality they are quite flowery and it is difficult to avoid the vibrations of their hearts with the opposite sex.

Because Cancer is inherently a very attractive person, caught the eye of many people of the opposite sex. When the temporary vibrations develop to a certain extent, Cancer will find that letting go of feelings is really difficult.

That will affect, interfere with their family life. If you continue to tolerate these mistakes, Cancer will not know where to stop. However, Cancer still cannot forget their responsibilities towards the family, they will quickly turn around and realize their mistakes in the past.

The Cancer man is always the center of attention in the crowd. They make others fall in love with them through their eyes, smiles, actions, and gentle gestures.

Cancer can understand the inner thoughts of the opposite sex, so in terms of love they win many girls' hearts. That is also an advantage that other constellations cannot stand out as Cancer.

Cancer women look strong and tough on the outside, but deep inside, their souls are also fragile and weak like other girls. Although they have a great protective instinct, sometimes these girls also need protection and protection from the person they love.

The Cancer woman always has a tender love, considerate gesture and care like immense motherly love. Whether you admit it or not, the truth is that many men in this world desperately need a loving, caring love like a mother's. Undoubtedly, the Cancer woman is the ideal type who is strangely attractive to men.

If you really want to build a happy family with Cancer or build close friendships, then you need to have enough patience, to endure with sentimentality, sometimes sensitivity. Cancer's excesses.

You will have to face anger without knowing the cause or a sudden change in mood.. At that time you should comfort, share, empathize with them rather than blame your mistakes. Surname.

12. How to conquer the Cancer guy

Cancer boys live very romantic and emotional lives. They are always looking for ways to protect, protect, and bring joy to their loved ones. They love children and also like girls with cute features and childish actions.

Advice: Never be too harsh or tease, criticize too much, he is easy to be narcissistic.

13. How to conquer a Cancer girl

Cancer girls are very personable, dreamy, polite and hate vulgarity. They like to be cared for, cared for and spoiled by the person they love like a child. This girl is also very moody, rainy in the morning and afternoon, very difficult to persuade and coax. They love to be given surprise gifts, and love sweets and flowers.

Tips: There are kind, gentle gestures to take care of her, she will be very touched!

14. General about Cancer

Cancerians seem to have a mysterious connection to the Moon. The moon is sometimes beautiful and full, shining a magical light on the ground, sometimes it becomes a mysterious crescent with dim light.

It only changes the state, not the nature. Cancer is the same, they are still themselves despite changing thousands of different emotional levels.

Cancer's special laughter also attracts others' attention. It went up and down like a rhythm, sometimes the laughter broke out in an excessively noisy way. When in a good mood, Cancer says a lot of funny things and bursts out laughing, if not to show joy, but also to laugh at the stupidity of others.

Sometimes in the eyes of others, Cancer is a quiet, quiet person, but that's just a cover. No one likes to joke like Cancer, and there are times when other people are surprised by Cancer's jokes. Their humor is shown at the right time, at the right time, making others very happy. However, Cancer does not always keep that "smiling face".

Cancerians prefer a peaceful, quiet life rather than a life of fame and ambition. They do not crave luxury things like other constellations, but they prefer to live discreetly and quietly.

But do not mistake them as people who live only to enjoy and let go. Cancer likes to act in secret, the applause in the crowd will make them blush in embarrassment.

Cancer often has to deal with emotional changes within themselves. Sensitivity makes them vulnerable, easy to think because of a wrong behavior or criticism of someone.

Cancer's sad mood sometimes rolls up like waves on the vast ocean, making them feel lonely and lost in the flow of life. If you know how to control emotions and simplify matters, Cancer's soul will become dreamy, optimistic and loving life again.

Cancer's tears are never fake, they are tears of sorrow that come from a soft, fragile heart. A rough act or harsh criticism can also hurt a Cancer's sensitive soul.

Each time like this, Cancer will shrink into a hard shell, hidden in solitude. They will take revenge in silence, any time the enemy is caught off guard.

Whenever Cancer is in a bad mood or in a bad mood, your little question can make them grumpy. Not because they hate you, but because they have problems in life that they don't know how to solve.

What you need to do at that time is to be quiet and let Cancer find a way to relieve himself. That mood will pass, Cancer will be sweet and soft as before.

Cancerians have two basic identity patterns: 

+ Type 1: People with oval or round faces, thin and soft skin like a baby. Very good looking, round eyes, wide mouth.

+ The second type: Slightly large head, high cheekbones, slightly protruding forehead. The voice is different from others. Small but sparkling eyes.

Sometimes you'll come across a Cancer who has both of these traits. Most people of this sign have broad shoulders and chest.

Each time they communicate and dialogue with others, Cancer shows thousands of different emotions on their expressive faces. Notice whether, among the people you know, there is someone who laughs and talks, and suddenly becomes stubborn and gentle in a few seconds; Suddenly getting angry at you and then deliberately avoiding when you are criticized?

Is he (she) also a very romantic, emotional, imaginative and humorous person? If all of these descriptions are correct, the person will most likely be in the constellation Cancer.

Rich, dreamy imagination brings Cancer through many levels of emotions from joy and excitement to despair and fear. Everything they experience is kept in their memory or in their own diaries.

Each time you encounter a setback, the first thing that makes Cancer feel good is to learn a valuable lesson. They never forget the experiences that failure has taught them. Cancer is a symbol of water so they are naturally patriotic. They also like to collect objects from the past to admire and keep.

Thanks to her delicate eyes and observational talent, Cancer seems to have the qualities of an archaeologist and scientific researcher. They are always looking for the mystery, the origin of objects from time immemorial. Once their curiosity is aroused, there is no secret that can be hidden.

Cancer does not like other people discussing, prying into his personal problems, his private life, but loves to listen to other people's secrets. Fortunately, Cancer is not a talkative person, they simply listen, not judge, interfere in other people's private affairs.

Cancer will not easily give up what they consider precious no matter how difficult it is. That precious thing can be a valuable antique or intangible things like affection, love, etc.

Cancer, once determined to have that thing, even if it has to sacrifice their claws, they can't let it go. Its endurance, its patience is persistent, like a crab.

Cancer people rarely show off, they always act in silence. But if their intuition tells them that someone is about to take what they want, they become surprisingly quick and smart.

Faced with the difficulties of others, Cancer cannot turn a blind eye, they sincerely want to care and help. But it's not for everyone Cancer helps, they only do it with those they love and trust.

If you have a friend who is a Cancer, in times of trouble, they will show up and help you at the last minute. They will never leave you immersed in difficulties but also have no intention of helping if you are surrounded by many caring people.

Cancer points out when you really need their help, which is completely different from being selfish and mean. It is important that Cancer has observed and acted in a timely manner, no one can blame that Cancer is hyperactive, thoughtless..

When it comes to actually doing something at work, Cancer will not act hastily, no matter how simple it is. They will carefully calculate their path in the most detail and then execute the plan silently.

No one knows what Cancer is doing and no one knows if Cancer can succeed. Only when they really achieve the goal, people will know the efforts and difficulties that Cancer has to go through. They tend to face difficulties and challenges rather than being discouraged and giving up.

For Cancer people, family is the most important thing in their life. Money can let them satisfy their needs in life as family is the source of happiness and life.

Even sitting on a huge pile of assets, Cancer still feels insecure. Cancer wants to receive more love and care from everyone around and wants to convey to everyone a message of love to make life less boring and cold.

Whenever stressed and tired, Cancer turns to recreational games such as art surfing or relaxing in the swimming pool, the beach... Places with water make their spirit excited and happy again.

In the person of Cancer, they easily see the strong in emotions. Cancer can get sick from sadness and can also become healthy through good news. They are very afraid of losing the people they love, but are afraid of being treated coldly by others.

Whenever encountering difficult or sad things, sympathy is what Cancer expects most from relatives and friends. Sometimes just a comforting glance, a gentle hug also makes them feel better.

Cancer is susceptible to damage to the facial skin and joints. Small changes in the weather also cause the skin of Cancer's face to break out. Cancer will live a healthy life for the rest of his life if he can weather the storms of his sensitive soul with his optimism and humour.

“Laughter is equal to ten tonics” this sentence really means to Cancer. The spirit will greatly affect the health of Cancer, if they are happy, the disease will be reversed if they are sad, the disease will be more serious. Out of the 12 zodiac signs, none is as capable of self-healing as Cancer.

Cancer loves to take care of the small garden

Cancer enjoys tending to her garden. They live a planned life and always map out what to spend in the future. Therefore, every Cancer has a savings of their own, not only that, but they are also experts in money management.

They will never spend indiscriminately, indiscriminately, all spending must be practical and necessary. However, for the beloved Cancer people, in times of difficulty whether financially or at work, they are ready to help and share what they have without hesitation.

One hobby of Cancer people is storing food in the refrigerator. They like to talk about food, delicious food or a famous restaurant…

Cancer will feel comfortable, happy when watching their refrigerator full of food. They never waste their food because they seem to understand the value of food and the hard work of the people who make it.

If you have a good friend who is a Cancer, you will always feel their care and tenderness for you. Cancer will invite you to eat new foods, hang out in interesting places and protect you from any danger.

That person also never crossed his arms and watched you struggle alone with difficulties, but also nagged every time you made a mistake. Cancer always gives everyone around a sincere, deepest, tolerant heart that makes others admire.

Cancer's weak, sensitive soul is disguised by a tough, strong cover. If you don't really interact with them for a long time, you won't be able to recognize those traits. Sometimes Cancer is erratic, but sometimes that capriciousness becomes more lovable than ever.

Cancer thinks about memories

Cancer often recalls good memories of the past. There are memories that make them laugh alone, but there are also memories that make them cry. Cancer has a habit of saving their own mementos and memories in a small corner of the room. So that every time they look back, they will feel really happy with what they have experienced, whether it is happy or sad memories.

Cancerians love long-term, close-knit relationships. They also enjoy sweet, romantic dates in a quiet space just the two of them. It is an opportunity for them to confess their feelings to each other.

Cancer will give you a space like in a romantic movie, maybe a dining table, red carpet, flickering candles and a soothing song.

Cancer explains that they care about you, take good care of you, and want you to not refuse or appear annoying. That person also doesn't like you to be upset every time they get angry for no reason, they just need you to comfort and pat them, all anger will disappear.

There are moments when Cancer is as cute as a child, coaxing you to buy food, there are times when they make you feel happy and laugh. Cancer always wants to bring friends and relatives moments of comfort and laughter when being with them.

When meeting and communicating with anyone, if there is a sense of security and concern, Cancer will show intimate gestures. If you want to befriend a Cancer, show them that you are a sincere, affectionate, trustworthy person.