Aries Zodiac Sign: Personality, Love and Career


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Curriculum vitae:

- Another name for Aries is Aries
- Minor: 1 in the Zodiac
- General properties: the sign of the owner, the leader
- Star of the zodiac: Mars (symbolizing desire, power, competition, war, violence and courage)
- Symbol: ram
- Day of the week: Tuesday
- Symbolic stones: diamond, ruby, rhinestone
- Element: fire
- Metal: iron
- Animals: wolf, rooster
- Color: crimson, orange
- Flowers: carnation, poppy, tulip, broom
- Body part: head, face
- Dates: Leo , Sagittarius
- Befriends: Cancer ,Capricorn
- Lucky numbers: 1 and 9
- Compatible signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
- Incompatible signs: Libra

1. Greek Mythology - Legend of Aries

In the land of Croneus there was a king named Athamas. He and his first wife, Nephele - the daughter of the cloud goddess, gave birth to two children, a son and a daughter. In which the son is named Phrius and the daughter is named Helle.

Living with Nephele for a while, Athamas changed his mind and decided to marry Ino - daughter of Cadmus king of Thebes. Ino also had two children with the king, so he soon intended to harm Nephele's son so that his son could inherit the throne.

At that time corn was the main food of the people of Croneus. The evil Ino sent someone to prevent the corn from sprouting. At the same time, he bribed the oracle sent by the king to ask the gods the cause of this strange phenomenon so that he would say that it was Nephele's two children who were the cause of the disaster that caused the destruction of the crops.

If he wanted to overcome the king was forced to sacrifice two children of Nephele. Although it was heartbreaking, Athamas had to obey for the sake of the kingdom.

Luckily, Nephele was given a golden sheep by Zeus called Aries. On the day of the sacrifice, the sheep carried Phrius and Helle to escape across the blue ocean, but unfortunately Helle fell into the Hellesponte Sea and died and Phrius was lost to the land of the kingdom of Colchis.

Because of the late son, the king and queen there adopted Phrius as their son and then married the princess to him. To show his gratitude to Zeus, Phrius sacrificed a sheep with golden fur and kept it in a special place.

And Zeus left Aries in the sky to praise the animal's bravery. Much later, that golden fur became a treasure of the Colchis dynasty.

It is also because of this fur that an explorer Jason took a lot of time and effort to track down. All the progress of that journey is narrated in the story of the expedition of the crew on the Argo ship. (You are following the article in the category 12 zodiac signs )

2. Analysis of the Aries sign

Aries symbol

The image of a ram's head becomes the symbol of Aries (Mianyang). In Greek legend, Aries is Zeus's golden sheep named Aries who is always sought by the explorer Jason.

Aries is a symbol of courage, bravery and never give up before any opponent.

3. Qualities of Aries

Aries represents a great physical strength. In the face of a strong opponent, no matter how difficult the situation, Aries has the ability to resist. The gift that Zeus gave Aries was a warm, kind heart, innocence and sometimes very gullible.

Because of that, even if deceived, Aries still easily forgives the mistakes of others, despite disappointments and hurt as long as Aries continues to sow the seeds of trust. Aries lives very simply. Simple, optimistic, likes to bring joy and laughter to people around him.

It is a symbol of fierce, intense flames. Ruled by Mars and Pluto. Aries people carry the power of Aries, so they have a very good physical strength, high resistance, and less disease.

4. Description of Aries

Aries in 12 constellations

Aries are the stars of the brave and courageous. They are always ready to fight with all difficulties and challenges in life.

The personality of Aries stands out, different from others. They like to be pioneers in the work, like to lead, to participate in important events. When working, Aries is very enthusiastic, enthusiastic and agile, suitable for people of Sagittarius.

5. Basic personality of people in the constellation Aries

Talented Leadership

The image of the white sheep at the head of the herd partly speaks to the basic characteristics of Aries people. In the herd of sheep, the leader of the herd always tries to fight with the new sheep that oppose him to become the leader, making all the rest to worship.

Aries people like to lead people, do not like to listen to others.

People of this sign sometimes want to show themselves as the best. The Aries woman is not just an ordinary dumpling girl, but they have a very attractive point, strong attraction.

Strong and decisive

Aries people all have a nature that is always ready to fight, accept challenges, difficulties without fear, just like the leading sheep. It seems that they always have the fighting motto "attack is the best defense".

Aries sometimes act without thinking carefully, but act immediately, because they think that if they hesitate, they will miss the opportunity.

In his profession and work, Aries does not want to stop at an ordinary position, does not like to be ordered under the authority of others. They are always waiting for a favorable opportunity so that they can develop to a new level.

In business, too, Aries people like to be big business owners and mistresses.

They always have goals to push themselves to develop. Just like sheep living in herds, Aries likes to live with many people, not to be alone and separate. The dress of the people of this sign is very simple, almost nothing is too outstanding.

High responsibility

The leader sheep is always responsible for protecting the rest of the sheep, so people of this sign are always ready to protect those close to them that they love, even in danger, they forget about themselves. myself.

Aries carries within themselves fiercely competitive physical and mental strength. For those they consider to be absolute opponents, they refuse to give in and lose. People of this constellation are very proud of their honor, they live honestly, why say that, not good at pretending, saying flattery to others.

Enthusiastic, sociable

In life, Aries are enthusiastic, cheerful, and sociable people. The disadvantage of people of this sign is that they are hasty and hasty, so they sometimes make unnecessary mistakes.

Aries has the ability to become leaders in their work, professions they can do such as: journalist, lawyer, politician ... those occupations make Aries have a rather eccentric lifestyle in their eyes. everybody.

Another important characteristic of Aries is that they love to release their stress and energy through sports. Aries when in love is very intense but often unfaithful. They like new things, like adventure adventures.

People born between March 21 and March 30 will be most likely to show the above personality traits.

People born from March 31 to April 9, the personality they show is not very clear.

People born from April 10 to April 20 will normally no longer show their fierce competitive nature and spirit, but show more flexibility and ingenuity.

5. Ways of thinking, communication techniques and adaptability to work

People of the Aries sign have an instinct when working: To act decisively without hesitation, to calculate. They are always in a hurry and have a fighting motto: Whoever is strong will win. They have the upper hand in jobs that involve physical strength.

With fields that require foresight, careful calculation, Aries does not do so well. They are often subdued by clever, calculating thinkers.

Aries hasty, hasty sometimes leads to serious mistakes, but they do not accept those mistakes of theirs. Sometimes in life, if you don't face up to your mistakes to gain more experience, you will continue to make the next mistakes.

Aries likes people who are frank, honest, don't tell lies. Most people like sweet words, but they don't like to be flattered because they understand that those words will be "deadly honey". Because of that, when communicating with people around, Aries reveals the nature of an honest person.

In communication and behavior, Aries is very sociable with people around. However, in their words, they always want to show their authority and want others to listen to what they say.

Quite quick to talk, Aries always attracts attention and becomes passive people. But this constellation is not good at convincing others, not good at saying sweet words of flattery, so Aries can almost only make friends with mild-mannered, straightforward people.

Physical and mental strength is abundant but lacks calculation and patience. Aries loves to travel, take risks but also very quick-tempered, unable to control themselves. In other words, Aries easily meets and makes others love and respect them, but it is very difficult to maintain that adoration.

6. Career path and money

Career is the most dominant area of ​​Aries. People of this constellation all have the common characteristic of being very productive and creative.

They are never satisfied with what they achieve, they always push themselves to go higher in their career, towards bigger dreams and ambitions. At work, Aries has a natural talent that is very good at commanding and leading people.

Aries career

Faced with hardships and challenges, Aries is undeterred, not afraid, on the contrary, they find it very interesting, with more strength and determination to conquer difficulties. Fire is the typical symbol of Aries, representing the spirit of determination, the desire to win.

The more competitive, the more Aries shine. The areas suitable for the personality of people belonging to this constellation are: Real estate, business, leaders, politicians ...

In life, Aries is a very optimistic person who loves life. They have faith in themselves and in the people around them. They live sincerely, emotionally, without regard to material things, regardless of rich or poor. They have a kind and warm heart, when in love they are willing to sacrifice everything for the other half.

Aries has abundant energy, good health, and convenience when doing work-related activities. As a person who likes competition, when working, they always try to strive to complete the job better than everyone else.

At work, you are trusted and loved by many friends and colleagues. They respect and admire your talent and what you achieve, which gives you the strength to move forward. However, if you feel that someone is superior to you, your competitiveness will rise, you will push yourself to try harder.

If you become the leader, you will be a very comfortable, easy-going boss. You always protect and provide full benefits to your employees. You will instill in everyone a comfortable and effective working spirit and in the eyes of your subordinates, you will be a shining example for them to follow.

Always having goals, ideals to live and reach for is the key to the success of Aries. You always believe in your abilities and what you can achieve. Strong, fierce as flames, giving up victory is not your choice.

Aries has a very liberal lifestyle and spending. They don't seem to care about saving for the future life, for them the important thing is the present life.

They are willing to spend large sums of money to shop, travel, adventure, risk without regret. For Aries people, life is most meaningful when they get to do what they love every day.

One thing is for sure, Aries is very funny, funny. They always make the people around them feel happy and comfortable. Because of this, people of this sign are very smiling, optimistic, and love life.

7. Career suitable for Aries

The ideal career that is most suitable for you will be a firefighter, lawyer, engineer or martial arts-related jobs such as police, military ... Or sports jobs, athletes. You can learn and equip yourself with the best knowledge related to the profession you want to pursue in the future.

You are very enthusiastic, quick-witted, dare to speak, dare to do at work. Maybe a job as a journalist, broadcasting will be very suitable for you, advertising and architecture will help you satisfy your passion and creativity. Or you were born with leadership talent, a job in the military is also one of the great choices.

In the constellation Aries, women often have stable jobs, which are more prominent than men. If you are a woman who has good communication skills, is confident enough, brave enough to live independently, you can set up a company of your own, you will have the opportunity to develop your talents further.

However, you should pay attention to one thing that bad habits will kill you, if not calm, patient, persistent, all your career will return to the starting line.

If you are an Aries man, you love adventure, you want to conquer all difficulties and challenges in life. Jobs that are too easy will not appeal to you, so you will be suitable if you are a sailor driving a ship or a police inspector.

Aries men often use their strength to protect others, when they see grievances, they intervene, a job of security guard will also be suitable for you.

8. Aries Family and Friends

In Aries' life, there are very few friends of different classes and fields due to their sociability and humor. However, the type of people who make friends of this constellation must have the same interests and personalities with them. Aries likes people who are frank, honest, do not like flattery words.

In family life, Aries is an emotional person who always shows her concern for those around her.

9. Love and Psychological Reactions

In love life, there is not only love between couples, but it also includes love for family, relatives, friends, children... For their children, Aries always express an affection. warm, caring, loving, caring. They are like a protective shield for children throughout life.

In today's modern society, some Aries people have absorbed progressive ideas, they only want to have children when they have a stable life, career, and ability to raise children in their hands. female.

Until they really become parents, they will fulfill their responsibilities for their children. Aries always believes, hopes that in the future their children will have a beautiful life, become talented people who can help society.

People of the Aries constellation have FIRE, need to be careful when living with people with WATER or EARTH. WATER (Cancer), Scorpio and Pisces are all very careful people who know how to control their emotions and are not good at talking.

People of the constellations with Water and Earth fate are difficult to integrate with the liberal and agitated Aries, whereas Aries also does not pay attention to the carefulness and meticulousness of those around them.

However, the combination of Aries and other water signs like Leo, Sagittarius is usually a perfect combination. They are all dynamic and skillful in communicating with people. Aries' impulsive, hasty habits won't surprise them.

When in contact with Aries, the constellations with the natural element of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will initially feel a little strange with Aries' personality but they do not feel nervous, annoying. Air is also a natural element that is extroverted, easily distracted, good at communication and behavior.

10. Romance and love

Not everyone can catch the eye of Aries. They only really like people with similar interests and personalities. Aries is bold, proactive in flirting with the opponent, bringing them to surprises and interesting. Aries love is like a fierce fire that never goes out if it's really the person you expect.

People of the constellation Aries are lovers of romance, they have faith in true love that still exists in life. They are always looking for themselves princesses and princes like in fairy tales, looking for a dreamlike love story. Sometimes, Aries falls into despair, when those paranoia are crushed. They have to face real life, with pressures and worries at work.

Aries people will find it very difficult to be faithful. This comes from their true nature: love to conquer new, interesting things. Moreover, Aries is quite attractive, attracting others from appearance to personality. However, it is difficult but not completely impossible. Aries will be truly loyal when they have found the true love of their life.

11. How to conquer Aries

To conquer an Aries guy, what you must pay attention to is absolutely not to be too bold, not flirt first, let him attack you. You will be his ideal type if you know how to promote your attractive and interesting points. Be kind and lovable, he won't be able to take his eyes off you.

Tip: On your first date, choose meat dishes.

To conquer an Aries girl, you must be energetic, enthusiastic, funny guys. If you have a sporty appearance, like to watch movies, you will be her ideal type. Aries girls often have strong, independent and decisive personalities, but in love they like to be protected and protected by the other side. Give her lots of surprise gifts that will make her think only of you.

Tip: Let her choose a place for your first date.

12. Aries General

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is a symbol of intense vitality. Just like the image of a sheep that only thinks of itself, Aries is completely immersed in its own ego. What they think is right they always want people to listen to.

Aries is like a child, when hungry it bursts into tears violently, spontaneously without caring about everything around. When Aries needs someone's help, they won't hesitate to call you even if it's 4am.

Were you asleep at that time? You can't sleep when they're awake because of something, you have to wake up with them. Aries lives really like a child, but no one blames the child for being selfish. It's sincere and makes other people feel uncomfortable. Aries is carefree and doesn't care what others think of her.

In the person of Aries, there is absolutely no clever and cunning personality. Aries is willing to put their trust in others only to be disappointed again, all their life trusting and then being disappointed. Aries easily forgives the mistakes of others and forgets the troubles they cause for themselves.

Aries has a number of unique characteristics that make it easy for others to recognize them. They often have light blond hair when illuminated by the sun, good-looking, bright faces, skillful and agile movements. Their ability to think, calculate, and create is just as fast. Outwardly, Aries shows confidence and gets along with everyone around, so Aries attracts the eyes of many boys and girls.

Outwardly, Aries is very strong and tough on the inside, but deep inside, it is a very emotional and weak person. However, Aries never wants to show others the weakness of their soul, trying to cover it up with a strong exterior.

Whenever communicating with someone, Aries looks straight into their eyes, if they look in another direction, then Aries is feeling bored with the story. Perhaps Aries has been attracted to other interesting things around.

In career and work, Aries will try their best to win the leading and pioneering position. For Aries, the most failure is when you have to conform to others without having your own stance or initiative. And victory is when everyone around has to obey, obey, and respect you.

There is one characteristic of Aries people that no matter how hard you search, you will never find it, it is tact and humility. When nature bestows these qualities, the sheep are somewhere far away.

Lying and deceit are not characteristics of Aries at all. Honesty, integrity, decisiveness without hesitation - these are valuable qualities that Aries is endowed with, but they are not always an advantage.

Sometimes under certain special circumstances, Aries people are seen as irresponsible in the eyes of others. It is when facing flashy, attractive, attractive things, they momentarily forget their responsibilities and plunge into those sparkling, attractive beauties.

Also sometimes Aries are blamed for being picky. However, they often don't care what other people think of them, don't mind, don't hold grudges, and are often surprised when someone keeps venting their anger.

A sheep is brave, brave, decisive but there are also things that make it feel really scared. Just like the image of the sheep, Aries also has its own fears. Even when faced with dinosaurs, Aries is not afraid, but they can't stand the physical pain.

This person is very sensitive to wounds and blood. Aries often suffers from injuries such as burns, cuts, but it also makes them very worried.

Headaches, joint pain, respiratory diseases are common diseases in people born in early - late April. Aries should not be subjective about their health situation, should be concerned, Pay attention to health, go for regular check-ups and absolutely do not abuse alcohol, which will seriously affect your health.

In addition, Aries should participate in entertainment and sports to train themselves. In general, the Sheep has a supple, toned body, a pretty ideal health, it will not indulge in useless things, knowing what is good and what is bad with its health.

If you see Aries' complexion deteriorate, or see them resting in bed, that's when they feel the worst, the worst. But even in such a time, Aries can still defeat others with their own strength. Blessed with a healthy body, the Sheep has the ability to heal very quickly, surprising others.

The main cause of the Lamb's illness stems from stubbornness, haste, and does not listen to the right advice of people. That's a very typical Aries attitude.

According to survey statistics, most of these people are very subjective when they get sick, they often think that for a while the disease will go away on its own without the need for medication. That is the reason why Aries' disease is getting worse and worse.

Aries people have an intense vitality like fire, they are rarely sad or suffer from autism and depression. If there are ups and downs, mental breakdown, or sadness, Aries will also easily overcome it quickly.

Straightforward and honest in nature, Aries always speaks the truth, incapable of lies or tricks. To communicate skillfully, this person takes a lot of time to learn. Once he is good at communication and behavior, plus his agility and creativity, he will achieve great success in many fields.

Most Aries people will make a lot of money in the future, but they don't seem to get rich for themselves. Maybe they don't need to live in a fully furnished house for the rest of their lives, but just need to rent an apartment. Aries lives for their pleasures, hobbies, money is not their purpose in life.

Aries is always ready to fight the difficulties in life, confidently striding forward, it seems that no obstacle can stand in their way. Faced with prejudices in society, they do not care about the words of others, Aries always live as themselves.

Deep in the person of Aries there is a harmonious combination of reality and ideal. Rarely can anyone be so steadfast and brave, and rarely can anyone be optimistic, romantic, poetic and have faith in the miracles of life.

Aries people often do not allow themselves to admit defeat, even when they have made serious mistakes. They always believe in miracles, miracles can happen and believe in a happy ending for gentle, kind people.

Relying on physical strength, Aries can easily defeat opponents in sports games. They always want to rely on their own ability to win. Aries do not allow themselves to give up easily and give in. This is why you hardly meet Aries in the role of beggars or needy people in need.

When communicating with people, Aries shows their comfort and humor, so they easily receive the love and affection of others, which is an advantage for those who want to catch up with others. early political career.

But for Aries, politics is not an interesting area that appeals to them. The first is that Aries has no strength in business, and the second is that Aries hates fake relationships that serve their own interests.

These people's forte is creative activities, allowing them to freely express their abilities and passions. The works and works of Aries will make people feel loved because of their originality and creativity.

The metal that suits Aries is iron, which will bring Aries toughness, strength and luck. Fire, burning passions and aspirations that Aries wants to conquer, urges that person to confidently move forward.

Aries is the person who opens the way to lead others to ideal and noble goals in life. The soul of Aries is extremely pure, without any greed. Therefore, Aries lives and gets rich not only for themselves but also for everyone around them.

This person never took anything from anyone, much less wanted to take hold of large assets. Always upright, regardless of fame and gain, Aries lives to bring joy to everyone, which is the goal they want to achieve in their whole life. They are optimistic and believe that life is always full of beautiful colors, filled with meaningful moments that people need to cherish.

Remember: In astrological terms, if you were born on the "top" (i.e. born on the first or last days of a constellation) you will have personality traits of the constellation. why there is a date immediately before and immediately after your date of birth.