The Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Health, Career and Money


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0 – The Fool

  • Start
  • Voluntary
  • Spontaneous
  • Faith
  • Foolhardy

In Action


  • Entering a new phase
  • Rolling down the new path
  • Extend the limits
  • Start something new
  • Start the adventure
  • Continue the journey
  • Towards the unknown


  • Live in the present
  • Let go of expectations
  • Do unexpected things
  • Impulsive action
  • Feeling uninhibited
  • Surprise someone
  • Feeling carefree

Have faith

  • Believe in happenings
  • Always open
  • Forget worries and fears
  • Feel protected and loved
  • Live happily
  • Retain your innocence
  • Trust

Cling to crazy things

  • Accept your choice
  • Choose the "foolish" path
  • Pursuing frivolous dreams
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Seize “crazy” opportunities
  • Believe in your heart's desire

Some Opposite Cards

  • Hierophant – follow routines, procedures
  • Death – the end, the end of the curtain
  • Devil – feeling cynical, lacking in faith
  • Two of Swords – block out experience, feel stress, hold back
  • Four of Pentacles – order and rules

Some Support Cards

  • Hanged Man – have faith in things, phenomena, let go of the happenings
  • Star – innocence, faith, trust
  • Judgment – ​​rebirth, new beginning
  • Three of Wands – expand limits, go to unexplored areas

Description of the fool taorot card

The Fool card in the Tarot deck is a captivating and enigmatic representation. It portrays a young person, often depicted as a carefree individual or a jester, standing at the edge of a cliff or a precipice. They are usually dressed in colorful, mismatched clothing, emphasizing their unconventional nature.

The Fool's face exudes innocence and naivety, with a wide-eyed expression that signifies a lack of worldly experience. Their open-mouthed smile suggests a sense of wonder and excitement about what lies ahead on their journey. The Fool's head is often adorned with a cap or hat adorned with feathers, highlighting their connection to intuition and the spiritual realm.

In one hand, the Fool typically holds a small bundle or a knapsack that symbolizes their modest belongings. This represents their detachment from material possessions and a willingness to live in the present moment. The other hand is often raised, pointing upwards or towards the horizon, signifying their boundless potential and their readiness to embark on a new adventure.

The Fool card's backdrop often features a vast landscape, usually with mountains or a winding path, symbolizing the unknown territory that lies ahead. The cliff or precipice represents the threshold between the familiar and the unexplored. Despite the potential danger, the Fool appears undeterred, ready to take a leap of faith into the abyss, guided by their trust in the universe.

The Fool card embodies a sense of spontaneity, optimism, and a disregard for conventional rules. It represents a state of pure potential and a fresh start, where anything is possible. The Fool encourages us to embrace the present moment, to listen to our inner voice, and to follow our instincts without fear of judgment or failure.

While the Fool signifies the beginning of a new journey, it also serves as a reminder to exercise caution. Its presence in a reading advises us to strike a balance between taking risks and being mindful of potential pitfalls. The card urges us to approach new experiences with an open mind and a willingness to learn from both successes and failures.

In summary, the Fool card portrays a youthful and adventurous spirit, ready to explore uncharted territories. It represents the excitement of new beginnings, the importance of trusting one's intuition, and the need to embrace life's surprises with a positive outlook.

The Fool tarot card upright meaning

Introduction: The Fool has always been the one to point out new things; Just like the purity and open energy of a child. This is generally seen as a positive card, with the caveat that it's important to take the time to make sure you're "seeing where you're going". 

General : This card represents new beginnings with profound spiritual meaning – for example, starting a meditative experience or starting a relationship, as opposed to buying a new pair of shoes. The arrival of The Fool can herald an important fresh start.

Work: Others may not understand or support your new ideas and/or new suggestions, but if you know you are right then go ahead and try to help them understand your point of view. This will sometimes signify a new position – or even a time when you have to “go it alone” and start your own business.

Love : When The Fool appears, chances are you are not ready for a binding relationship, when in reality others are pressing you to do so. But this is a positive sign for your relationship; Many good things seem to be waiting. Just don't let your desire for fun cause you to overlook the "real things" (true, true, deep love) when it comes to you.

Finances : In financial matters, The Fool is a positive sign. You can expect growth, and more than that, you will find in yourself that no matter what happens financially, you will be fine and will be the “winner in the end”. Believe in yourself, work hard, and you will do better than you think.

Health: You will probably have some minor accidents when The Fool appears; stay "in the moment" and don't do stupid things. However, in general, when this card appears, your health seems to be going up. If you have health problems, you can very well find the people and means you need to quickly make a full recovery. Positive thoughts are very important and can easily come to you right now.

Spirit: When this card appears, you seem eager to experiment with different approaches to the Spirit world to see how they "fit". There's nothing wrong with this exploration, but don't let anything take you too far during the "small experience". This card can represent a strong need for a deeper knowledge of the Spirit, and your friends and family may not understand where it comes from. Either way, you still have to do what's best for you. 

The Fool tarot card reverse meaning

Introduction : Even in reverse, The Fool is the one who points out new things; as well as the purity and open energy of a child. This is generally seen as a positive card, with the caveat that it's important to take the time to make sure you're "seeing where you're going". When reversed, The Fool can show that something needs to be renewed, but you hesitate to do so.

General : In general, this card represents new beginnings with profound spiritual meaning – and its reversal can mean that the drawee has some resistance to this new beginning. Sometimes in this case it means a "fresh start" is coming, whether you like it or not.

Work: You may have brilliant ideas and plans for work that you seem a little hesitant to bring out. Believe in yourself and let your ideas speak for themselves. It can be more effective than you ever imagined. You may feel an urge to start a new position – or even the time has come for you to “pack up and go alone” and start a new business. At least think about these potential changes for a moment.

Love: The reversed card indicates that you are in conflict with the other person because your need for freedom and independence is too high, if you do not have a binding relationship, it means you will continue as you are. So. If you want to love, don't be so naive. Please open your heart.

Finances: In financial matters, The Fool reversed sounds like a warning. You will find an opportunity that is so valuable that it can turn your financial situation around. However, before you sign any dotted line, it's best to calculate the loss and make sure you analyze the problem fully and properly. Things may not be as they appear on the surface.

Health:   the possibility that your health will suddenly deteriorate slightly; Pay attention to the present and don't do anything stupid. With The Fool reversed, if you are having a health problem, this is a sign to consider a different treatment or even a different doctor. Positive thinking is very important, be careful with our thoughts, because our attitudes and thoughts can have a very strong influence on our health.

Spirituality: You may be considering leaving a religion/spiritual tradition that has been a part of your life for quite some time. You kind of have a desire to try other Spiritual approaches to see how they “fit”. There's nothing wrong with this exploration, but don't let anything take you too far during the "small experience". This card can represent a strong need for a deeper knowledge of the Spirit, and your friends and family may not understand where it comes from. You have to do what's best for you anyway, no matter what they think. Remember that this discovery is not the same as a contractual bond.

The Fool and numerology

The Fool card in the Tarot deck can be associated with numerology in terms of its numerical value. In traditional Tarot decks, the Fool is often assigned the number 0 (zero) or sometimes considered as the unnumbered card. Numerology is a system that assigns specific meanings to numbers and explores their symbolism and significance.

In numerology, the number 0 represents infinite potential, wholeness, and the beginning of a new cycle. It is often seen as a blank canvas or an empty vessel, ready to be filled with possibilities. Zero has no inherent value on its own but holds the power to amplify the energies of other numbers it combines with.

The Fool, with its association to the number 0, embodies these qualities. It signifies a fresh start, unlimited potential, and the willingness to take risks without preconceived notions. The Fool encourages embracing the unknown and stepping into new experiences with a sense of adventure and spontaneity.

Moreover, the number 0 in numerology is linked to the concept of divine guidance and the realm of the spiritual. It represents a connection to the higher self, intuition, and the wisdom that comes from trusting in a higher power. The Fool card reflects this spiritual aspect, as the Fool's journey is often guided by their intuition and a belief in the benevolent forces of the universe.

When the Fool card appears in a tarot reading alongside other cards, the numerological aspect of zero enhances the interpretation. It emphasizes the transformative potential of the situation at hand and encourages the individual to embrace change and follow their inner guidance.

In summary, the Fool card's association with the number 0 in numerology enhances its symbolism of infinite potential, new beginnings, and spiritual guidance. It highlights the importance of trusting intuition and embarking on new journeys with an open mind and a sense of wonder.

The Fool and Astrology

The Fool card in the Tarot deck holds significance in astrology and can be associated with various astrological signs and elements.

In astrology, the Fool is often linked to the planet Uranus, which represents innovation, unpredictability, and a rebellious spirit. Uranus is associated with breaking free from conventions and embracing individuality. Similarly, the Fool card embodies the energy of Uranus, as it symbolizes a willingness to take risks, think outside the box, and embark on unconventional paths.

The Fool is also associated with the element of Air. Air is connected to intellect, communication, and new ideas. The Fool's association with Air highlights their curious nature, open-mindedness, and their ability to adapt to new situations with ease. They are often guided by intellectual pursuits and a desire for knowledge and growth.

In addition, the Fool's connection to the astrological sign of Aquarius further emphasizes their affinity for independence, freedom, and humanitarian values. Aquarius is known for its unconventional thinking and unique perspectives, which align with the Fool's disregard for societal norms and expectations.

When interpreting the Fool card in relation to astrology, it can suggest a time of embracing change, exploring new possibilities, and embracing one's individuality. It encourages us to tap into our innovative ideas, trust our instincts, and be open to the unexpected twists and turns that life presents.

However, it's important to note that the interpretation of the Fool card may vary depending on the specific Tarot deck and the reader's personal approach to astrology. Tarot and astrology are both complex systems, and their interpretations can be subjective to some extent.

In summary, the Fool card in Tarot can be associated with the astrological planet Uranus, the element of Air, and the zodiac sign Aquarius. These associations emphasize the Fool's energy of innovation, individuality, and intellectual curiosity. Understanding these connections can provide additional insights when interpreting the Fool card in a tarot reading.

The Fool combined with other cards

The Fool card in the Tarot deck can interact and combine with other cards to provide deeper insights and more nuanced interpretations in a reading. Here are a few examples of how the Fool might interact with other cards:

  1. The Fool and The Magician: The Fool and The Magician together represent the beginning and harnessing of creative potential. The Fool's boundless enthusiasm and The Magician's mastery of skills combine to indicate a time of new opportunities and the ability to manifest one's desires.

  2. The Fool and The High Priestess: The Fool and The High Priestess symbolize intuition and the subconscious mind. The Fool's open-mindedness combined with The High Priestess's wisdom and hidden knowledge suggest that trusting one's instincts and tapping into intuitive guidance can lead to a successful journey.

  3. The Fool and The Tower: The Fool and The Tower combination may indicate sudden and unexpected upheavals or life-altering events. It suggests that embracing change and letting go of old patterns or structures is necessary for growth and transformation.

  4. The Fool and The World: The Fool and The World card represent completion and new beginnings. This combination suggests that the Fool has completed a cycle and is ready to embark on a new journey with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

  5. The Fool and The Lovers: The Fool and The Lovers together can signify a new romantic or passionate connection. It suggests a sense of spontaneity and the potential for a deep emotional bond. This combination also highlights the importance of balancing freedom and commitment in relationships.

These are just a few examples, and the interactions between the Fool and other cards can vary depending on the specific Tarot deck and the reader's interpretation. Each combination adds layers of meaning and helps to paint a more comprehensive picture of the Fool's role in the reading.

It's essential to remember that Tarot readings are subjective and open to personal interpretation. The specific meanings and combinations of cards can vary depending on the context of the reading and the individual's intuitive insights.