Tiger Horoscope: Career, Life, Family, Love And Destiny


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Tiger represents powerful, strong and dynamic people in life. They like risky jobs, bring glory, great success to them. This person has leadership talent, is always enthusiastic to help those around him and tries to protect his family. 

1. Personality of Tiger people

They never hesitate, step back from difficulties, this person's view is that "the more difficult and dangerous, the more resounding and proud the victory is". Tigers are attracted to things of power and status, they will not do trivial, useless jobs that do not bring them fame.

People born in the year of the Tiger have a good memory and an inquisitive spirit, which helps them to collect information and knowledge anywhere. With a visionary eye, these people can see and analyze problems logically and scientifically, rarely seeing them make mistakes. Their goals throughout life are money, status, and power.

The things that other people can't do, the Tigers solve very quickly, because they are never afraid or yield to any difficult work. They value their honor and credibility, are responsible for their work and for everyone around them. Therefore, Tigers often take action to protect weak and miserable people.

Tiger is strong, easily adapts to the pressures and rigors of work. They will not allow themselves to be free to rest and enjoy themselves when they do not have status and power in their hands. Tigers are modern people but never go against the culture of tradition. (You are viewing the article in the 12 zodiac horoscopes section of the website vansu.net)

They are very kind, always ready to help people, but once their honor and self-esteem are offended, the Tiger will hate and hate that person. They are never satisfied with their current life, so this person always tries, strives, works hard. You will find their spare time is rare.

Tigers appear strong and tough on the outside, but deep inside, they are emotional people. They are honest, sincere with everyone, never deceive or take advantage of anyone.

Among the crowd, the Tiger year is dynamic, enthusiastic, outstanding, attracting all eyes around. It seems that these people are always optimistic, love life, never feel pressured or tired in life.

Tigers love the fresh, peaceful, open space of nature. In their youth, these people often travel far to explore and experience new things in life. They are optimistic, love life like children, always smile and talk, innocent, never feel lonely, sad.

These people are quite generous, sometimes spending lavishly, without a plan. Therefore, the Tiger year often encounters poverty, and needs the help of people around.

They like to show their talents, want to receive praise and praise from everyone. From birth, this person has been influenced by power, so they always strive to reach the top of the game. Tiger will not lose, subdue anyone.

Normally, these people are quite humorous and gentle, but once the anger rises, the Tiger will have a hard time controlling themselves. Many times, that anger causes them to make serious mistakes, but in the end, that is the nature, the Tiger can hardly overcome.

When Tigers promise something, they will definitely fulfill it, even if they encounter many difficulties and troubles, they will not give up. They put their honor and prestige on the top, so the Tiger is always trusted and loved by everyone around. In life, they are the ones who listen, share and always need advice from people.

Tiger women have a strong and attractive personality. When appearing in front of a crowd, she is always the most prominent one, attracting the eyes of everyone around. Not only beautiful, women in the year of the Tiger are also very smart and talented. They will not settle down to be a mediocre girl, on the contrary, they will always strive to build a career and position for themselves.

They like the single life, freedom, comfort, not being constrained by anything. That's why Tiger women tend to get married quite late. Outside of working time, she especially likes to beautify herself, ready to invest a large amount of money to shop and take care of beauty. They have a soul that loves nature, animals and children.

Tiger men are aware of the influence of money, status and power, so they soon mature, have the will and determination to set up their own business. They like to work independently, not depending on anyone.

At work, they act decisively and firmly, rarely making mistakes. However, the biggest weakness of Tiger men is suspicion and distrust of others.

People born in the year of the Tiger when they were young were eager to learn, smarter than their peers, the more they mature, the more passionate they are to explore and discover new things around them. If you have to choose between a leisurely, peaceful, and mundane life with a lavish and happy life, the Tiger will struggle towards a life of luxury and authority.

What Tigers take a lifetime to learn is self-control. They are emotional and also easily angry for some reason, each passing anger, its consequences are unpredictable. Sometimes they carelessly love life, but there are times when the Tiger is depressed and sad.

In terms of friendship, people born in the year of the Tiger easily make friends with people born in the year of the Pig. Because Pigs are gentle, tolerant, will never make the Tiger angry. In terms of business cooperation, the Tiger can cooperate with the people born in the year of the Dog, creating a long-term relationship based on loyalty and mutual trust.

Horse and Tiger quickly find sympathy, the common voice of the relationship right from the first meeting. They are active, enthusiastic and open-minded. People born in the year of the Horse will be the rear, helping the Tiger in every step of their career development. If you make friends and cooperate with the people of the year of the Rooster, the Goat, the Rat, and the people of the year of the Tiger, they will have many lucks and difficulties, all of whom will have their help.

The Ox will be an equal opponent of the Tiger people. If doing business, the relationship of the Tiger and the Ox can hardly be maintained for a long time, because each person has separate goals and concepts, no one listens to anyone. The wise and agile Monkey age will help the Tiger have more valuable experiences in life. However, in the fight, the Tiger will be easily defeated by the machinations, the intelligence of the Monkey.

Tiger and Snake are also unlikely to be a perfect couple in any way. These two years have different personality traits, not the same, the only thing in common is sensitivity and suspicion. If they really understand and love each other, the Tiger and the Snake year can still live in harmony.

2. The destiny of people born in the year of the Tiger year of birth

Tiger - 1986 : Tiger in the forest (Lu Trung Hoa)

Free-spirited, free-spirited and adventurous. These people from a young age have had big dreams, ambitions and wills to build a career. They are eager to learn and have a high sense of responsibility, being independent with their lives. Good leadership talent has helped them achieve many important positions in society, loved by everyone. Working very scientifically and effectively, but too hastily, sometimes making mistakes.

The year of the Tiger in 1986 was protected by the Bodhisattva Void Buddha . Carrying the face of the Buddha of Destiny Void Bodhisattva with you is like having a lucky charm in your hand. Helping clients feel at ease in life, maximize their capacity at work to succeed.

The year of the Tiger in 1986 is destined for Fire, so choosing the Buddha Face made from Red onyx stone (Fire element) is the most suitable for the destiny. In addition, you can choose Green Quartz Stone Buddha Face (Moc element), because Wood gives birth to Fire is also very good for your destiny

Mau Dan - 1998 : Tiger is too painted (Thanh Dau Tho)

He is a very hardworking, industrious person who is passionate about his work and has many big dreams and ambitions. They live quite realistically, always trying to rise up, achieve the goals they set out. These people do not believe in the arrangement of fate, they are independent and responsible for their own lives. These people attach great importance to credibility, once they have promised they will definitely fulfill them. Sincerity and openness help people born in the year of the Earth Tiger have many wide relationships and are loved and respected by everyone around them.

The Year of the Tiger in 1998 was protected by the Bodhisattva Void Buddha . Carrying the face of the Buddha of Destiny Void Bodhisattva with you is like having a lucky charm in your hand. Helping clients feel at ease in life, maximize their capacity at work to succeed.

Year of the Tiger in 1998 par Tho should choose Buddha's face made from Golden Brown tiger eye stone (Tho element) is the most suitable for the destiny. In addition, you can choose Red Agate Stone Buddha Face (Fire element), because Fire gives birth to Earth, which is also very good for your destiny.

Canh Dan - 1950 ,  2010 : Tiger emerges from the mountain (Tong Bach Moc)

They like to face difficulties, dangers, and do things that others cannot do. These people are aware of the importance of money, position, and power in their lives. Therefore, from a young age, they always try their best to build a great and glorious career. The age of par carp worked quite hard and scientifically, they knew how to learn from the experience of those who went before. Sooner or later, these people will achieve success in life.

Nham Dan - 1962 : Tiger is too Lam

They like to be directed and lead others but absolutely do not follow anyone's orders. These people have a strong personality, independence, flexibility in turning the situation around. The Tiger zodiac sign has a delicate eye, creative ability and a nimble information processor. That helps them to see right and wrong, analyze the problem from there to find the solution, the reasonable path. The Year of the Tiger is suitable for the fields of business and trade. In the future, they will become bosses with high status in society, respected and admired by many people.

The year of the Tiger in 1962 was protected by the Bodhisattva Void Buddha . Carrying the face of the Buddha of Destiny Void Bodhisattva with you is like having a lucky charm in your hand. Helping clients feel at ease in life, maximize their capacity at work to succeed.

The Year of the Tiger in 1962 par Kim should choose the Buddha Face made from Silver (the Kim element) is the most suitable for the destiny. In addition, you can choose the white agate stone Buddha face (Kim onion)

3. Love of Tiger people

Most people born in the year of the Tiger have a very favorable and lucky love line. They will not have to run after anyone in life on the contrary, the Tiger year always has many people pursuing them. Among the crowd, they are always the most prominent, not only because of their appearance but also because of their talking style, openness, and humor.

Tigers love wholeheartedly, ready to give without needing to receive in return. They love with their true heart and feelings, sincerely and faithfully. Tiger always brings joy and laughter to lovers with its humor and friendliness. They know how to renew love, wholeheartedly cultivate, build a complete, long-lasting love.

Tiger women are quite dreamy, they like love stories like movies or fairy tales. She is quite intelligent, knows how to control her emotions, her love is moderate, not too blind. However, these girls are vulnerable, the enemy's small mistakes also make them feel miserable and sad.

They prefer to enjoy a free and single life rather than getting married, so Tiger women get married at a relatively late age. Even when they are married, they still want to maintain a romantic and faithful marriage. She will always bring joy, laughter to the family, a responsible woman for children.

Tiger men love very intensely and sweetly. They know how to listen, share, and yield to their other half. Always ready to do everything to make his lover happy and happy, Tiger men are the ideal type of many girls. They like to possess the other because of their suspicion, sometimes, men of the year of the Tiger are also blindly jealous, unreasonable.

However, Tiger men are often very patriarchal, always wanting others to follow their direction. The longer they live together, the more this personality becomes apparent.

They may be angry, but just a word of flattery, sweet is enough to calm the waves that are rolling in their hearts. If you seriously want to marry a Tiger guy, you need to be smart, tactful, and behave reasonably. That relationship will be long-lasting if two people have had time to learn, love, and stick together.

Love of Tiger people with blood type A

People born in the year of the Tiger who belong to blood group A are the most intelligent, active and kind, they are always ready to help the weak. Therefore, the year of the Tiger is not only noticed by others on the outside but also makes many hearts moved by the inner beauty of the soul.

However, they will not arbitrarily choose their half, the Tiger will take a lot of time and effort to find true love. These people know how to yield, listen to others, and be gentle when needed, so they always maintain a long-term relationship. Tigers of blood type A often have a lot of luck in love, especially women.

Love of Tiger people with blood type B

Tigers with blood type B are introverted people with a warm and emotional heart. They like romantic love, happy like fairy tales, sometimes that daydreaming makes the other feel a headache.

It is also because of being too dreamy and sensitive that Tigers with blood type B are often disappointed and sad when reality is not as beautiful as in the dream. They desire to be loved and cared for by others, once they have found the true love of their life, this person will be faithful, wholeheartedly building and nurturing the relationship.

If you want to marry a Tiger with blood type B, you need to listen, care, and share their secret thoughts.

Love of Tiger people with blood type AB

Tiger people of blood type AB have their own way of loving, unobtrusive but enough for the other person to feel the sweet taste and warmth. Their hearts are easily moved for someone but also easy to change, only when they really find a suitable life partner can they be faithful and stick together for a long time.

These people have a high "I" in love, they will leave if they do not receive the respect and loyalty of the other person. If married, the Tiger will be responsible fathers and mothers who love and care for their children with all their heart. They accept to sacrifice themselves, but never let their family members suffer disadvantages and deprivations.

Love of Tiger people with blood type O

Tigers with blood type O are very straightforward and honest people. In love, they also show that sincerity, honesty, never cheating or betraying the person they love. They clearly love and hate, if there is no affection, they will frankly refuse, absolutely do not hesitate, cause misunderstandings for others.

Tigers love passionately, intensely for the person they love, but when the feeling of security is gone, their love will tend to decrease. For these people, lasting love is necessarily based on loyalty, respect, and mutual love. Just a small lie can also lose trust, leading to cracks in love.

4. The career of people born in the year of the Tiger

As an adult, the Tiger will face many difficulties and hardships in life. However, if they persevere and are determined to overcome, they will gain power and high status in society. To overcome difficulties, this person needs to be calm, think carefully before making decisions and listen to people's advice.

The more challenging and dangerous jobs are, the more attractive to Tiger people, they want to conquer glory by doing things that no one can succeed. The Tiger is suitable for the work of organizing and managing others, they always know how to arrange scientific and reasonable work, bringing high efficiency.

All their lives, they are dedicated, hard-working non-stop, towards a lavish and authoritative life. Others will see Tiger people as like a machine, never tired of work. In fact, the Tiger is also tired and stressed at times, but their interests and passions are the driving force for them to continue to work and develop themselves.

For Tigers, the most important thing is not money, they strive to achieve a position in society, respected and respected by everyone. They are ready to share their assets with relatives or people in difficulty without hesitation.

Tigers have visionary eyes, they see where the opportunities are for them. Therefore, these people will always make the right decisions at the right time.

They are quite determined, enterprising people, never believing in fate or luck. Despite difficulties and failures, the Tiger will quickly regain the fighting spirit, never giving up before a challenge.

Tiger has in-depth knowledge in many fields. Thanks to their leadership and organizational talents, these people have achieved many important positions, trusted and loved by everyone. The Tiger makes others admire him for his concentration and creativity in work.

5. Compatibility and conflict between Tigers and other ages

Tiger+ Rat

Sometimes, the relationship between the Tiger and the Rat person is very harmonious and happy, but sometimes, they become real opponents of each other. In terms of friends, Tiger and Rat can hardly become soul mates in each other's lives, the fierce conflicts will sooner or later cause their feelings to be broken and separated.

If the year of the Rat and the year of the Tiger get married, in order to live together for a long time, they need to know how to listen and yield to each other. These two years old both have high egos, so it's hard for them to find a common voice in their love relationship. Everyone wants to be the best, neither side is willing to give in to the other.

In terms of business, the Rat and the Tiger age are also difficult to cooperate smoothly, they are easily impatient, quarrel with each other, even turning from friends to enemies. However, if both sides know how to control themselves, they will become supportive people, helping each other.

Tiger + Ox

A sincere advice is that the Tiger should not be combined with the Ox, whether in terms of love or friendship. These two years have completely opposite personalities but have in common that they are extremely hot-tempered. Although the Ox is gentle and quiet, once they are imposed by the Tiger, they will not be able to control their anger.

Tiger people are adventurous, always ready to accept all hardships and challenges, while Ox people tend to choose safety for themselves. They have opposite interests and life concepts, the important thing is that neither of them can adapt to each other.

If you are serious and really in love with the people of the year of the Tiger, know how to yield and listen when necessary. There are many differences that are not necessarily bad, two people can create something new and interesting for each other with their romantic love.

Tiger + Tiger

If they become business partners, the two Tigers will constantly support, help and trust each other. They share the same ideals, striving goals, especially enthusiastic spirit, always ready to learn from each other's experiences. In the face of any difficulty or danger, the tiger will always sacrifice itself to protect its fellow humans.

In terms of love, whether the Tiger couple is compatible or not depends on the understanding and tolerance of both sides. Love of the same age will make these two always feel new, interesting and different emotions. They can be carefree, entwined all day without leaving, it is difficult to explain why the two Tigers have such a special and strange attraction.

However, if there is a time when their quarrel does not come to an end, and no one is willing to give in to the other, the love can be broken at any time. Tigers are people with a high "I", they rarely yield to others.

Tiger+ Rabbit

People born in the year of the Rabbit enjoy a peaceful and comfortable life, regardless of status and power, while the Tiger people spend their whole life pursuing those lofty dreams. When the Tiger is open and enthusiastic, the Rabbit is shy and afraid. That has created distance for this relationship.

They will hardly be able to achieve high efficiency at work if they cooperate with each other. When the Tiger needs to be shared, listen to useful advice, the people born in the year of the Rabbit do not seem to dare to express their views. They are weaker and more vulnerable than the strong and powerful Tiger people.

These two years also have different ways of expressing affection and love. The Tiger year loves passionately, passionately and frankly, while the Rabbit age is silent, not daring to express the voice in his heart. The love of the Tiger and the Rabbit will have many difficulties and problems at first, but when both sides really understand each other, they will be able to stick together for a long time.

Tiger + Dragon

Tiger and Dragon are probably a natural couple, they share the same personality, interests and especially mutual understanding. Right from the first meeting, between these two years old, there seems to be a strange attraction, they are easily close, attached and open to each other.

It seems that the year of the Dragon clearly understands the thoughts behind the solid cover of the Tiger people. It will not be too surprising if the Dragon always brings joy and novelty in the Tiger's life. On the contrary, the people born in the year of the Tiger will be a strong support and shoulder for the people born in the year of the Dragon.

If these two years old become a loving couple, they will live in sweet, warm moments of love. Understanding and trusting each other is the foundation for a close, long-lasting love. In fact, you will realize that a lot of Tiger and Dragon people are married and live happily ever after.

Tiger + Snake

The biggest gap between the Tiger people and the Snake people is the difference in both personality and interests, even though they have opposite thoughts and views.

It is difficult for these two zodiac signs to listen to each other's thoughts and opinions, the year of the Snake is boring, not interested in the ambitions and plans of the Tiger, on the contrary, the Tiger year feels offended. by the attitude of the Snake.

They seem to get into a fight every time they face each other, these two rarely engage in the same conversation because their different points of view have created a wall between the Tiger and the Snake. They also rarely cooperate with each other, because this relationship will not bring high efficiency.

Certainly, in terms of love, these two years old can hardly build a long-term relationship. People born in the year of the Tiger are strong, independent, love freedom, and people born in the year of the Snake try to control and possess the opponent.

Of course, people born in the year of the Tiger will never give up, letting their free life be threatened. They become bitterly conflicted with each other, the relationship also faces many difficulties, sure.

Tiger + Horse

Tiger and Horse when they meet, they will easily find a common beat in their hearts. These people all have the same interests and goals to strive for, they can stand shoulder to shoulder, go through life's difficulties together.

Tiger loves freedom and so does the Horse. Whether they are in love or married, they still maintain an attitude of trust and respect for each other. These two-year-olds have their own time, they never control each other too tightly.

Trust is the foundation to build and develop the marriage and family life of these two years old. They work together, travel together and bring joy and laughter together in the family. Tiger and Horse will be a perfect combination, the crystallization of a beautiful love.

If they become each other's business partners, these two years old will bring high efficiency and achieve much success. They all have a liberal way of thinking, creative intelligence when working, Tigers and Horses easily get along with each other.

No challenge is too difficult for them, the Horse will become an effective assistant, helping the Tiger to develop their work and career.

Tiger + Goat

The Tiger is strong and fierce, but it must also be moved by the kind and soft nature of the Goat people. These two years old will become quite an ideal couple that many people will envy.

Tiger will always be a solid fulcrum to protect the Goat from dangers and difficulties in life. They all want to build and cultivate a happy and warm married life together.

The Tiger will spend a lot of time, busy with their work, but they are also very worried about the house and the people around them. People born in the year of the Goat will help the Tiger ease the burden in life by wholeheartedly taking care of their home. That's why you often realize Tiger and Goat people have a very happy family life.

In career, the year of the Goat is considered because the savior illuminates the way for the Tiger people to glory. Therefore, they will not be able to be absent from each other's lives. The smell will always give solutions, accurate advice, at the right time to help Tiger overcome difficulties and dangers.

The Monkey year and the Tiger year, even though it is not good to communicate and meet each other in any way, they can even become enemies of each other. Every opinion and opinion of the Tiger year is strongly and strongly opposed by the Monkey people.

Moreover, Monkey easily makes arguments to defeat Tiger. People born in the year of the Tiger cannot stand being criticized and taught by others. With contrasting personality traits, these two years old can hardly become soul mates.

The love of people born in the year of the Tiger and people born in the year of the Monkey is quite humorous, fun, but also experienced many ups and downs. They are both extroverted, open-minded and willing to share their thoughts with each other.

However, as much happiness as happiness, suffering, quarreling, the reason stems from two opposing personalities and high "I" that makes them often quarrel.

Tigers and Monkeys are more likely to become rivals than business partners. Than was bored with the plans and ways of working of the Tiger. That not only makes Tiger people feel offended, but also causes a wave of anger in their hearts to rise.

Tiger + Rooster

When they first meet, the people born in the year of the Rooster and the people born in the year of the Rooster will quickly feel the strong attraction of each other. However, after a period of research, more and more Rooster and Tiger have opposing views and opinions. It is very easy to ruin their relationship.

Whether in love or married, these two years old often have quarrels and conflicts. The Rooster always seeks to impose and control the freedom of the Tiger. When the Tiger can't stand it anymore, the Tiger gets angry and tries to end the relationship.

Perhaps it would be better if these two years old became business partners together. Tiger is hard-working, constantly making efforts, striving to achieve success. The Tiger will have to admire and acknowledge the useful initiatives and advice brought by the Rooster.

Tiger + Dog

Tiger and Dog will make many people admire and envy if they become a real couple. They fit together in every thought, action and word. The year of the Tiger and the year of the Dog have many differences, but it is these differences that create a bond of love.

People born in the year of the Tiger are strong and brave, and people born in the year of the Dog are equally brave. They always seek to protect each other from the dangers lurking. The year of the Dog has a loyalty, always standing behind to support the people of the year of the Tiger in every step of development.

Tigers have great ambition but are easily changeable and discouraged. Grasping that weakness, the year of the Dog seeks to overcome and help the Tiger to learn perseverance and patience. It can be said that the combination between these two people is extremely perfect, they will support and compensate for each other's shortcomings and shortcomings.

Tiger + Pig

People born in the year of the Pig are weak and always need to be protected, cared for and helped by others. This can be done very well by the Tiger, so these two soon have a lot of feelings for each other. The Tiger will always sincerely listen to the thoughts and feelings of the Tiger people, they know how to maintain their feelings and make the other person comfortable.

The Tiger likes the innocence and weakness in the Pig person. That helps the Tiger to maximize their strengths whenever they are close to each other. However, in some cases, the naivety of the Pig can also make the Tiger angry.

These two years when they become half of each other, they will feel the sweetness of a true love. The Year of the Pig understands and never tries to stifle the freedom of the Tiger, this smart behavior makes their love long-lasting.

In contrast, in terms of business cooperation, these two years old can hardly build a glorious career together. It seems that the people of the year of the Tiger feel uncomfortable with the slow working style, "opening their mouth to wait for the fig" of the Pig people.

However, it cannot be denied that the Pig has contributed many new and unique initiatives, helping Dan to step firmly on the road to success.

6. The fate of people born in the year of the Tiger according to the month of birth

- Born in January: Smart, sharp, more talented than people, soon matured and built a glorious career. Loved and respected by many people around.

-  Born in February: In life, you have a lot of luck, there are noble people to support and help you in difficult times. If you know how to seize the opportunity, you will achieve a lot of success, build a solid career, have a position that many people admire.

-  Born in March: Self-made, coming up from empty hands, achieving success, having a high position in society. The older you get, the more you will enjoy the blessings of heaven and live a long life with your children and grandchildren.

-  Born in April: Soon to have fame and stable career. Love has a lot of luck, family harmony, happiness, obedient children, filial piety to grandparents and parents.

-  Born in May: There are many opportunities for self-affirmation and self-development, but success requires effort, effort and determination.

-  Born in June: Smart and talented, but not having a good time, if you want to succeed, you need to be persistent and firm with your choice. Initially, there will be many difficulties, but later on, the work will be more favorable.

-  Born in July: Having great will, dreams and ambitions, not afraid of difficulties and dangers. This person will eventually achieve success and position in life.

-  Born in August: Has a delicate eye and sharp, sharp analytical ability, "manufactured martial arts", has built a great career, is admired and respected by everyone.

-  Born in September: This person wants to be successful with the help of relatives and family. Having difficulties and problems often breeds depression, giving up, it is very difficult to establish a great career.

-  Born in October: Hardworking, industrious, but working is only enough to eat, not much to spare. In return, the love line is extremely favorable, the marriage is happy, the family is harmonious.

-  Born in November: You must be careful in everything you do, to avoid lurking and unexpected dangers. There are some hardships and difficulties, but the older you get, the more comfortable and happy life you will enjoy.

-  Born in December: In life, it is necessary to prevent illness, illness, being harmed by bad people, and career breakdown. If you want to enjoy the two words peace, you need to know how to pray for good luck, do many good deeds, and create blessings for life.