What does it mean to dream of a baby girl?


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In folklore, there is often an oral saying: "birth, evil, death, good". However, that is not the case. Not every dream about having a baby is a bad omen. There are also dreams that bring good omens. If you had a dream about giving birth by yourself, this dream is a harbinger of joy and happiness. When you dream that someone else is giving birth to someone, this is usually a sign that you will be supported by your loved one.

The baby symbolizes purity and happiness in life, if you dreamed of a baby last night , it shows that this is a good omen, you will have good luck in the coming life. Besides, the dream of seeing a baby also reflects your innocence and immaturity, your desire to get rid of the pressures, responsibilities or things in life that make you tired. This is also a reminder that you need to take some time to rest and let your soul relax.

If you dreamed that you gave birth to a baby boy , congratulations, that is very good news. This dream means that your husband is about to be promoted. At that time, you yourself will also be respected, even admired.

1. Decoding Dreams Of Seeing Babies, Babies Crying

Dreaming of many lovely and lovely babies appearing together , means that your future will be luckier than others. If you dream that you are playing happily with your biological child, it means that your upcoming projects, work and love plans will all be successful and favorable.

– If you only dream of only one pretty, handsome, and jovial baby , then surely at the end of the year you will “snatch” an enviable purse, boundless reward.

– In a dream, when you see a funny and adorable baby, you immediately rush to hug the baby . If it's a boy, everything in your plans will be successful, if it's a girl, the opposite, conflict, controversy, scary things will happen consecutively.

– Newly married girls having a dream of having a baby is a happier omen than ever, or you are about to get a raise, a bonus, or a huge amount of money is about to fall from the sky. .

– An unmarried girl dreams of giving birth to twins , the possibility that in the near future you will "makeover" completely in both work and love, "re-passionate", never break up, the end is also the same. terrible.  

Dreaming that you are going on a date with your lover on the street and suddenly a newborn baby appears, it is possible that your partner is looking forward to the transition of the couple's love phase and longing to become a father/mother.

Dreaming that your biological daughter appears unexpectedly means that all your bad luck and bad luck will disappear. But if she intends to interfere, do the opposite of what you want and expect, maybe next time, you will have to spend more attention.  

– Dreaming that “hot girl, hot boy” babies suddenly come into the house to play is a happy omen, because you are about to receive a large amount of money falling from the sky or are about to “get pregnant”.

Dreaming that the body of an unlucky girl/boy appears and then suddenly disappears is a very good omen, if you are having trouble at work, take this opportunity to wade upstream, change your situation. position.

Dreaming of a baby's body lying in a coffin is a good omen, indicating that you are being properly and accurately recognized by your superiors.

2. Bad Omen In A Dream Of Seeing A Baby

Dreaming about someone else giving birth to a baby is similar to yourself, just giving birth, this dream reflects you are very insecure, chaotic, in need of a drastic change.

– Unmarried single girl dreams that she gives birth , the time to come will be very dark, the future is uncertain "like the future of the Rooster": Love is over, money is gone, career is wasted, fame is falling spilled, people's tongues ridiculed.

Dreaming that you are bullying a certain boy/girl is a pretty bad omen. Your diplomatic relationships will be very gloomy, bad, you will be "revealed" of scary personal things, harmed and attacked by petty people.

Dreaming of an angry, upset baby is a harbinger of a petty person who is "stabbing in the back", creating a scary public opinion for you. End ambiguous relationships or "familiar" business relationships immediately, otherwise, benefits and disadvantages.

Dreaming that your biological child has a cold, has a fever, is groaning in pain, reflects that you are too insecure, are thinking too much, or are caught up in unnecessary marketing.

Dreaming of a cute little baby but disabled is a bad omen, reminding you that next time you should be careful, avoid speech and language.

Dreaming of a poor girl/boy begging is an extremely scary omen because soon, your career will be in ruins.

Dreaming of a baby being burned in a fire, but you can't help yourself , can only look but can't help, indicates that you will encounter an extremely dangerous problem at work that will make your best friend lose his name. paralysis or death as play.

Dreaming of a mischievous, naughty, stubborn baby who is "inviting" you to come close and play with it is a bad omen, signaling that you are about to fall into a trap and fall into a prepared "architecture".

Dreaming of being watched by a strange baby for a long time is a bad omen, indicating that you are about to fall into a terrible situation, difficult to change the situation even if you try your best.

Dreaming that a baby is trying to send a message, write on paper or say words silently despite being very close to you is a sign that you are about to have a terrible dispute with your partner or acquaintance.

Dreaming that you are shrinking, turning into a crying baby is a bad omen, indicating that you are in a deadlock, must passively accept everything.

Dreaming of a strange baby crying and sobbing indicates that you will receive many hardships, worries and dangers that you can only watch in pain, mentally and physically exhausted. .

Dreaming about an injured baby, if it is your biological child , your family needs to be careful about health and spirit in the coming time. And if you are a stranger, it means that you will be obstructed by other people with malicious intentions in your work.

Dreaming of an unfamiliar baby claiming to be a parent or grandparent and you yourself gently holding the baby in your arms is a dream that represents shame and frustration due to being misunderstood by others.

Dreaming of a weak, thin, whispering baby is a harbinger of the fact that the girl/boy is about to get seriously ill.