What is the use of Feng Shui gourd vase placed in the house?


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Bottle gourd is a fruit with a strange shape on the small top, under the swollen belly belonging to the family of gourds. The gourd is not only edible but can also be dried as a container for water and wine. 

In feng shui, the gourd has a very important meaning. Based on the shape and characteristics, gourd is classified as the Kim element in the five elements, if it is made of metal, the stronger the metal is. It is a symbol of health and longevity. 

Here, let's learn about the effects and how to place the gourd to suit feng shui house !

Meaning of gourd:

-According to folklore: Ho lo has been used for a long time by some ethnic groups in Southern China. Here people consider gourd as a magical weapon that can attract evil spirits, always hanging in front of the door to ward off evil spirits. Using small gourds to wear for children, the meaning and use is like the present talisman that we often ask for at the temple.

-According to Eastern science: Gooseberry has a long history, in the old days was often used in making some handicrafts and fine arts. Over time, people also use other materials to make gourds such as: jade, wood, metal, ... gourd is used as a container or decoration in the house, accessories worn on the side. People.

According to feng shui: People consider gourd as a magical object that can improve feng shui and enhance good fortune.

1. How does feng shui gourd work?

-We often see next to Mr. Tho always hanging a large jar of gourd, so gourd is considered an object symbolizing health and longevity.

- Nowadays, people often display in the house the type of gourd (cast in bronze) with the desire to harmonize the air in the house, neutralize murderous gas and attract sand and gas.

-Many families use gourds to make wine. Not only has aesthetic significance but also has the effect of improving the quality and flavor of the wine.

In the ancient folklore, when going out, the Taoist practitioners could not be without two objects, which were talismans and gourds, but over time, gourds were transformed into peach wooden swords. The gourd in the theory of Yin and Yang has the effect of attracting and dissolving evil spirits and ghosts.

-Small gourds, or made smaller than the palm of a hand, are often used as a decorative item, which can be carried with you. You can buy small gourds made from metal or jade to make key chains, hang in cars, ...

2. Instructions on how to place the gourd in the house according to feng shui :

-In case the structure of the house is not in accordance with feng shui, the living room, bedroom, office, the atmosphere is overwhelmed by something leading to the formation of "evil" in the house. The solution is to hang two feng shui gourds at the edge of the bed (in the bedroom), placed on the altar (living room), on the desk (office) will be of great help in attracting and refining. air flow.

-If you want to improve the atmosphere in the family to help strengthen the health of your loved ones or simply hang it for beauty, the homeowner should put 3 jars of gourd at the 3 palaces of Thien Y, Sinh Chi and Dien Nien will be very good.

-It is also possible to hang the gourd in ventilated, windy places such as windows, next to the door, ... gourd will have the effect of sucking in evil spirits, killing gas around, regulating the air flow. other in the house.

The gourd in feng shui has the effect of dissolving peach blossom:

In feng shui, the main function of gourd is "collecting" and "dissolving".

The gourd not only has the effect of dissolving diseases, but it can also neutralize peach blossoms. Peach blossom in the sense of feng shui refers to the illicit relationships of a married person.

In order to neutralize peach blossom, we must first find small objects that are meaningful in strengthening the couple's feelings, which are important objects that recall the feelings of the two of you in the past.

Then put it in a jar of gourd, pay attention not to close the lid and hang it in the bedroom.