Libra Zodiac Sign: Personality, Love and Career


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Of the 12 zodiac signs, Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac system. People of this sign are people with a very active lifestyle, loyal and always responsible to everyone around. To better understand the personality, career and love of Libra people, let's find out right through the article below.

Overview of Libra

General introduction about Libra sign

Libra is also known as Libra and Libra is called Libra in English. This is the 7th zodiac sign of the 12 zodiac .

Those born between September 23 and October 22 will belong to Libra, the astrological sign of the air element. The period from September to October is a special season change between the cool autumn and the chilly air of winter. Therefore, people of this sign will often be very romantic and poetic.

General introduction about Libra sign

Libra has a ruling star, Venus, also known as Venus. In ancient Latin, Venus is the goddess Venus or goddess. In Greek mythology, Venus is considered the equivalent of Aphrodite. This is the goddess expressing love, women, fertility and protecting the rights of women.

Venus is the planet that has the strongest influence on all celestial bodies in ancient mythology. Those whose ruling star is Venus will be those who often tend to justice, always trying to create good relationships. , especially they symbolize attractive and charismatic beauty. People with Venus in their ruler usually do not appear to be better than others and do not like to show off.

The Legend of Libra

About 3,500 years ago, when the Romans discovered the constellation Libra, this zodiac sign was in the path of the Sun across the equator from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere. This is the time of year when day and night are the same length. Many modern astrologers consider Libra to be the easiest sign to describe, since it represents the most prominent point of the year, of the season, when all the fruits of the spring cultivation are harvested. .

According to Greek mythology, from time immemorial, mankind passed through five ages: the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, the Demi-god Age, and the Iron Age. In the Golden Age, when humans were created with gold by the gods, there was a goddess who always pursued justice, clearly distinguishing between good and evil. It was the goddess Astraea, known as the daughter of Themis and Zeus. During this period, humans and animals in nature lived happily with eternal spring lasting all year round.

The Legend of Libra

When the Golden Age ended, the Silver Age followed, and people became selfish, evil, cruel, the strong oppressing the weak. The tired gods retreated to the heavens when their tolerance for humanity was exhausted. Only Astraea remained, continuing its mission of spreading and promoting justice.

However, when the Bronze Age came, people became more cruel with war and killing. The balance of Astraea continued to tilt in favor of evil, making the goddess unable to bear it any longer and, in the end, she had to leave the world.

Symbol of Libra sign

Each of the 12 zodiac signs has its own symbol and meaning, providing insight into an individual. The symbol of Libra is the scales of justice, with two parallel scales. These two platforms have the same weight and always maintain equilibrium.

However, the scale will fluctuate when there is a difference in weight. People belonging to the constellation Libra represent harmony and perfection. They have a clear view of right and wrong in life and always strive hard for ideals and justice.

Both the Libra man and the Libra woman tend to think carefully before acting, in order to achieve the desired results. Libra is ruled by Venus, and as such, they are often associated with romantic personalities, because Venus (Venus) in mythology is seen as the Goddess of Love.

Traits that bring good luck to Libra

The lucky elements that Libra people can possess are:

Color: Libra is compatible with black and blue. These are neutral colors that bring balance and harmony to this zodiac sign. In addition, green is also a very suitable color for Libra in both love and surrounding relationships.

The color that does not suit Libra is pink. Because pink brings obstacles for Libra both in career and love. Therefore, people of this sign should limit themselves as much as possible to avoid bringing bad luck.

Lucky Numbers: Numbers 1, 6, 7 and 8 are considered lucky for Libra. Flower: Tulip is a flower symbolizing deep and enduring love. Libra goes well with this flower, as it reflects their romantic spirit and the harmony of their love.

Animals: The owl is the most appropriate symbol for the Libra person. They are usually cheerful and witty, and often make jokes to test the hearts and attitudes of others. This makes Libra attract love from everyone around.

Libra personality traits

Libra personality traits

Personality traits of Libra woman

Perhaps the Libra woman is known as a cast of princesses. What makes them the most attractive to everyone around is due to their personality.

In a very delicate and skillful manner

Libra people, especially women, are very delicate and skillful in their behavior. They always behave gently, or talk less about problems so that others don't feel offended or sometimes they will talk implicitly about something they want to convey to the other person.

Libra woman always puts herself in the shoes of others to feel, they will always be humble and ready to suffer for themselves if they encounter conflicts.

Creative and debatable

Libra women are passionate about debate, because for them, debate is a way to express their personal opinions and from there can learn more interesting things.

The intelligence and sensitivity of the Libra woman makes it easy for them to recognize their partner's weaknesses and make critical arguments. After each debate, they always draw lessons and equip themselves with knowledge.

Libra women have a rich creativity that applies to all aspects of life. Creativity shows up in the way you dress, work, and even in relationships. Thanks to that, they always bring to those around them a new and interesting feeling.

High aesthetic taste

Libra girls are often appreciated for their aesthetics because these girls are very delicate and creative. They are girls who always appreciate the beauty outside and appreciate the beauty of those around them.

When being themselves, the Libra girls are truly beautiful. They are the girls who will be very willing to spend on beauty and costumes. So when it comes to Libra girls, every outfit will become unique but still very beautiful. That's why, Libra women always care about dressing first and they are not the type to wear anything.

Easily frustrated and indecisive

Libra girls often think a lot even though it is a very small problem. They have a lot of things to think about in their heads about making the right decisions, which is extremely difficult for them.

According to the balance and harmony of Libra girls, they are always thinking about how to bring justice to others. Because of these things, Libra girls are easily disappointed, because of their over-thinking nature and always thinking about others instead of thinking about themselves.

Personality traits of the Libra man

Personality traits of the Libra man

The constellation Libra is nothing to fear. The personality of the Libra man is one of the factors that attract the attention of the opposite sex. Some of the salient features of this guy's personality include:

Balance and harmony

Besides his attractive appearance, the Libra guy always knows how to show concern for those around him. They are romantics, sent to earth by God.

The personality of the male Libra is focused on harmony, objectivity and usually does not carry any prejudice. However, because it is important to maintain balance, this guy often thinks and compares to find balance in all matters.

Indecisive and prefers compromise

Like the Libra woman, the Libra man tends to think a lot, mentally and quickly change his mind, making him indecisive when faced with important decisions.

Libra guys live on the feelings of others and often like to compromise to avoid hurting the other person. This causes others to judge them as kind. Therefore, in social relationships, Libra men are loved and considered as stars.

Elegant and very humble

Whether male or female, Libra is concerned with appearance. Besides, Libra guys are very calm and calm when handling situations. They are guys who rarely show their understanding, although in the fields of music, culture, food, etc., they all know a little.

In social interactions, Libra guys are usually very skillful and always know how to balance things. This helps guys to be appreciated by everyone as an elegant guy, especially girls who appreciate Libra guys very much.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Libra

Strengths and Weaknesses of Libra

Strengths of Libra

High adaptability

The ability to adapt quickly to life's changes and challenges is a unique trait that helps Libra people take control and create the life of their dreams.

Libra people are not afraid of challenges and adapt to most situations. Events like divorce, moving house, or changing jobs can't be difficult for Libra.

Although there are times when they lose motivation and feel depressed, in their hearts there is always a bright fire of steel will, and enduring strength in times of need. This adaptability creates calm and balance for Libra, even in chaotic situations.


The hallmark of Libra people is romance. They are easily attracted to literature, art, music and even love. If you have a Libra as your partner, a romantic candlelit dinner would be the perfect decision.

Even a cozy night by the fire, with a glass of wine and melodious music, will make Libra go crazy. How many Libra people enjoy curling up on the sofa with a favorite book, or enjoying classical music from the tape recorder?

Both the Libra man and woman cultivate and maintain a positive outlook on life and know how to steer clear of negative thoughts. They also like to find beauty in the simplest things, not only in material things but also in the people around them.

Sophisticated and elegant

From polite to casual style, Libra people always exude elegance and charm. Perhaps you've been hanging out with a Libra friend and noticed they stopped at the jewelry booth?

But it's certainly not dazzling ruby ​​necklaces or giant diamond rings, but rather delicate earrings made from teardrop-shaped pearls, elegantly attached.

When it comes to the style of the house, whether male or female, Libra people always have a house that is neatly organized and impresses newcomers into the house. You can count on a Libra to help you with furniture arrangement, clothing choices, or social behavior.

Fairness and equality

Libra hates the selfish and evil behavior of others. Many Libra politicians pursue their careers to contribute to global justice, equality and peace. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an American politician, and Kamala Harris, the vice president of the United States, are both Libra. These individuals are often attracted to fields related to the fight for social justice.

Moreover, Libra has always been able to interact well with people and knows how to maintain a balance in conversation and relationships. They make a great positive impression on newcomers, because of their kindness and ability to harmonize.

Have good leadership

Libra people are born with natural leadership abilities and they can make great bosses. With the nature of always achieving fairness first and they always uphold the ethics in the working environment so that they always have loyal employees.

When working with Libra bosses, you can enjoy a fun and laughter-filled office environment without tension or quarrels.

People under the sign of Libra when being the boss, they are very open-minded and always want to create a comfortable working atmosphere so that everyone can communicate at work easily. Sometimes they are very funny to bring laughter to the staff. They always maximize their leadership qualities when they find suitable activities and jobs.

Clever and very realistic

Libra is a person who always fights for justice and equality, and has the ability to negotiate and maintain peace in relationships. Libra parents are especially good at communicating with their children, building a strong bond between the two. When faced with differences and conflicts, Libras are often the ones to step in to defuse the situation, as they have the ability to see problems from a holistic perspective.

In communication, Libra uses meticulous, easy-to-listen and highly persuasive speech. With their carefulness and practicality, they choose their words and think carefully before expressing them. When someone makes a mistake, Libra uses words skillfully and knows especially in diplomacy to correct their partner's wrong opinions and actions.

With high analytical ability, this can sometimes be frustrating for family and friends around. Libra often presents their point of view in a refined and gentle manner, in order to thoroughly resolve all disagreements and conflicts.


If you have a Libra friend then you will have a lasting friendship unless you do something wrong with the Libra people.

People of the sign of Libra are ready to accompany you in every difficult period, from failure to success. In friendship as in love, they don't have the word betrayal in their dictionary.

Libra man or woman loves to make everyone around them happy because they always think that it brings harmony and color to everyone's life and themselves. However, it is precisely these thoughts that make Libra so easily taken advantage of.

Weaknesses of Libra

Weaknesses of Libra

Or hesitating

Libras are often fickle when it comes to making decisions and have difficulty doing so because they are indecisive and indecisive with themselves. With careful and meticulous in consideration and thought, Libra has difficulty in choosing a solution, leading to confusion and delay. As natural-born leaders, Libras need a stable and balanced environment.

If you have a Libra friend who is having this problem, you can help them overcome indecision and indecision by tapping into their inner strengths.

And if you are a Libra, avoid focusing too much on negative self-criticism, be gentle and trust yourself with your heart-beating choices. Libra always wants the best for those around them and they strive to maintain balance in their own and others' lives.

Fear of being offended by others

Libra people will never be cruel or heartless towards others, so you should not be demanding on these matters. It is very difficult for Libra to go back to insulting others even when they are deeply hurt.

If Libra accidentally hurts someone, they will be tormented, become unhappy and always ask themselves why they do this to the other person. Because of these things, people belonging to the constellation Libra are very vulnerable to insults and bad comments from people around.

Or demand equality?

Equality and justice are always at the forefront of Libra's goals, so they can become outspoken or extreme when discussing the subject.

With their intelligence, Libra likes to participate in arguments to the point of infuriating or inciting others. They do not easily accept a fixed point of view and, like butterflies, move flexibly from one point to another to fulfill their mission and meet the common needs of the community.

Sometimes, Libra can be sulky when their point of view is disregarded or unheard of. During arguments, they can move from one point to another, sometimes easily overdoing it and becoming uninterested in one moment, but also able to restore balance in the following minutes.

easily narcissistic

People under the sign of Libra are very focused and invested in themselves. Because they themselves like to please others, they are very self-centered to be eye-catching, always wanting to receive attention and appreciation of themselves from people around them.

It can be said that being easily narcissistic is a big weakness of Libra, but in love they are always in a good direction. They always cover up their sensitive souls, thirsting for recognition with a confident and proud appearance. Sometimes, they become short-tempered and aggressive at any time.


Although Libra people possess a lot of energy, they themselves are very lazy. This shows that this opposite is very similar to the Libra scale symbol. People of this sign will often not be able to sit still, they always want to find balance and harmony in their lives.

People under the sign of Libra often place a high value on self-indulgence along with laziness, so they will seek out relaxing activities such as reading on the sofa or relaxing in cafes, spas with friends. with friends.

Careers suitable for Libra sign

Careers suitable for Libra sign

Libra has many qualities and abilities that are suitable for many different professions. Here are some career options that may be suitable for Libra that you can refer to:


Libra people have good foreign language skills along with fairness, fairness and justice, so this is a very suitable job for people of this sign.

In addition, Libra has the ability to understand people's thoughts. With a spirit of argument and good negotiation skills, they can succeed in the legal field.


With a refined taste, Libra is creative and appreciates beauty. They can work in fashion, interior, graphic or decorative design.


People under the sign of Libra have the ability to listen and understand others. They can become counselors, career counselors, or marriage and family counselors.


With good communication skills and a thirst for fairness, Libra can become a journalist, journalist or editor.

Advertiser or marketer

Libra has the ability to look at things from many different angles. They can apply creative thinking and persuasion to advertising and marketing.

Instructor or Coach

Libra people are often able to convey messages in a way that is understandable and engaging. They can work in the field of education or training, sharing their knowledge and skills.

However, keep in mind that career fit also depends on the individual and their individual skill development. Most importantly, learn and pursue your own interests and passions.

Libra love path

Libra love path

What will Libra be like in love?

Libra's love path is considered gentle and delicate, reflecting the characteristic personality of this sign. When a Libra guy or girl is secretly in love with someone, they often show their dependence, covering, and covering each other in any situation.

With their caution, they only confess their feelings when they have researched and are sure that the relationship has the potential to develop. However, Libra's love sometimes causes dissatisfaction and lack of satisfaction for partners due to apathy, coldness due to lack of balance between work and life.

This leads to quarrels. Libra has a tendency to be stubborn in relationships, leading to the possibility of displeasing the other person. In addition, this sign is also highly possessive, so they are always on the lookout for their partner's other relationships and give warning signals if they detect a risk.

Which sign is Libra compatible with?

In this world, no matter what, there is a match and match. Therefore, there are many people who tend to learn about the right sign for themselves in love or in career. To help them be able to avoid the risks and wish everything could go smoothly.

So which sign is Libra compatible with? Read below to learn more!

Which sign is the male Libra compatible with?

Which sign is the male Libra compatible with?

Libra man and Sagittarius woman

If it comes to the combination of Libra man and Sagittarius woman , it can be said that Sagittarius is always at the top of the list of zodiac signs that are suitable for Libra men. These two individuals share many similar characteristics.

Because both Libra man and Sagittarius woman carry in them dynamism, passion for discovery and conquest. However, they are all people who are easily bored in love.

Therefore, they have the ability to attract and make the opponent pursue them. This is also a way for the Libra man to keep her heart. Therefore, the relationship between this couple will be full of joy, returning to their childhood with full of love.

Libra man and Aquarius woman

The Libra man and the Aquarius woman are the perfect combination. Because female Aquarius is gathered many female friends with gentle and seductive characteristics. This makes the Libra man fall in love and admire her.

Besides, the male Libra is delicate, while the female Aquarius is very sensitive. This is the perfection that nature has created.

In addition, the Libra man has the ability to recognize and feel the uncertainties in the Aquarius woman, thereby helping them to ease their sadness and destroy negative moods.

Male Libra and Female Aries

Which sign is Southern Libra compatible with? then Aries female is the answer that cannot be ignored. Because of the intelligence, alertness and equally attractiveness of the Aries woman, the Libra man is captivated. In this relationship, it is rare to experience such intense and passionate feelings as other couples. However, in return, comfort and pleasure are what make up the core of this relationship.

Male Libra and Female Pisces

The couple Libra and Pisces are considered a natural pair and they were made for each other. Both often fall in love at first sight.

For Libra guys, they are understanding, sweet. For the gentle and loving Pisces woman. When the Libra man and Pisces woman get together, it will surely create a gentle, warm and strong love.

Which sign is the female Libra compatible with?

Which sign is the female Libra compatible with?

Libra Woman and Gemini Man

Libra women are very physical women, so it's no surprise that her heart is easily swayed by the pomp and sophistication of Gemini men .

The Libra woman always knows how to make her partner feel special and unique. Both love excitement and dynamism, when together, this couple will create many experiences that are enjoyable and emotionally stimulating for both.

This relationship comes from sincerity, which will help both of you to learn a lot from each other and desire to understand and accept your own shortcomings. Both will constantly develop and make more efforts for each other.

Libra female and Aquarius male

In the same air group, Libra and Aquarius have many similar interests. The two will always accompany each other to discover the fascinating things ahead.

Male Aquarius sometimes lacks the intensity in love and career. However, when with Libra, her creativity and thinking will blow new ideas into the mind and soul of Aquarius, making them different.

Aquarius men are usually very caring and attentive people, often worrying about every little detail, but that only happens when their hearts are completely conquered. And the Libra woman will become a princess if she loves and is loved by this Aquarius man.

Female Libra and Male Leo

Both Libra and Leo are known to be very confident and enjoy the outdoors because they love being in lively places. Both are not afraid to show affection to each other in crowded places.

However, Libra women are very innocent, carefree girls and they are very focused on their appearance, so they will often make Leo guys jealous. Because, Leo is quite possessive and controlling, so the relationship between them is often prone to conflicts and quarrels.

But in return for those disadvantages, Leo guys are very delicate. They are very understanding people and understand all about Libra. So when entering a relationship, this couple is very understanding and always knows how to sympathize with the other. Create a happy and strong relationship

What are the signs of love for a Libra woman?

Libra women when in love also have special signs, different from those of other Zodiac signs such as Pisces or Aquarius. Here are some telltale signs when a Libra woman is in love:

Find ways to approach and shorten the distance with the other person: When in love, the Libra woman is often very proactive in approaching and shortening the distance with her lover. They will show intimate actions such as holding hands, hugging right in front of each other. They also know how to take better care of their appearance to always attract the attention of their partners.

Unconditional Sacrifice: The Libra woman can be willing to sacrifice anything for the love of the one she loves. They don't care about each other's gossip or past. The only thing they want is the fidelity and loyalty that their partner has for them. Because of her emotional and sensitive disposition, just a small act from her lover is enough to make a Libra woman unable to sleep peacefully all night.

Excessive Sensitivity: The personality of the Libra female is usually very sensitive, and they are often influenced by the trifles in life, especially from the person they love. On the surface, they may appear strong, but in reality, they have a weak soul and always need protection. So, if you see a Libra with a sudden change of heart, consider the possibility that this girl is having feelings for you.

What are the signs of love for a Libra man?

Libra men tend to take the initiative in love, so as long as they love someone, they will show many signs as follows:

Proactively support and solve all your problems: When in love, the Libra man will be proactive in supporting you when needed, and willing to accompany you to overcome all difficulties. They care from little things just to please you. The Libra man wants you to understand that he is trying to be a solid shoulder for you to lean on.

Changes in emotions when in love: Usually, men tend to control their emotions when they like a person. However, the Libra man does not do so. When in love, they actively express their love clearly. The intense gazes, the intimate gestures, the bright smile, and the anxious concern are the most obvious expressions you can feel from this guy.

Jealousy Attitude: Libra tends to be highly possessive of the person they love. Therefore, as long as you have a close relationship with the opposite sex, Libra will definitely show jealousy and assert ownership with immediate action.

Want to be closer to each other: In love with a Libra man, you will feel warm because this guy always wants to be near you. Libra likes to be around the person they love and feels comfortable and happy around them. They will take care, care and concern for you to the fullest. In response, you should also respond with affection and friendliness.

People of Libra sign that they have the ability to receive and know how to share with people around them, this is considered the greatest gift of people of this constellation. Hopefully, this article will be the golden key to help you open up useful knowledge from which to better understand people of Libra sign. If you want to know more information about other zodiac signs, please visit our website to learn more about yourself or your friends and relatives.