Pisces Zodiac Sign: Horoscope, Traits, Personality, Love and Career


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- Minor: 12 in the Zodiac (Last Zodiac)

- General characteristics: unstable, fickle

- Day of the week: Tuesday

- Element: water

Ruling star: Neptune (symbol of dreams, fantasy, music, mystery and love of poetry)

- Symbol: fish

- Stone: red heliotrope with blue light, red coral, turquoise, blue jade, moon stone

- Color: purple, gray, blue

- Flowers: lotus, iris, camellia, jasmine, lily

- Animals: elephants, dolphins, dogs

- Metal: tin

- Characteristic: change

- Body part: legs

- Dating with: Cancer , Scorpio

- Make friends with: Gemini , Sagittarius

- Zodiac sign: Virgo

- Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 4 and 9

1. Greek Mythology - The Legend of Pisces

One fine day, Aphrodite (god of beauty) and Eros (god of love) were walking by the river when suddenly the demon Typhon attacked fiercely. According to legend, Typhon (the son of Gaia and Tartaros) had a great supernatural power that no other god had. With his hands of 100 dragon heads, this demon is seeking to destroy Aphrodite and Eros.

Faced with that situation, the god of beauty and the god of love turned into a fish and swam away to avoid the fierce attack. Fortunately, when swimming to a tributary, Aphrodite and Eros met two fish that showed the way to safety, away from danger.

Since then, the two fish have become a beautiful symbol of the constellation Pisces, commemorating the day they helped the two gods escape the dragon hand of the evil Typhon.

2. Pisces sign symbol

Pisces sign symbol

The symbol of Pisces is the image of two fish with outstanding and unique colors. They are two separate individuals but are linked together by a chain. However, they do not feel constrained, lose their freedom, these two fish are always happy, together going through the waves of the vast ocean.

Pisces people, too, are always cheerful and full of optimism, love life. They are very dreamy and sometimes, that rich imagination immerses Pisces in a fantasy world.

3. Characteristics of Pisces

When it comes to Pisces, people often think of Neptune and Jupiter. Because those are the two stars for these people. Pisces cannot live without water, water is both a symbol and a beautiful world for them.

People of Pisces constellation are very intelligent, kind, ready to help people around. Their temperament is somewhat confusing and vulnerable to the mistakes of others.

Before making a decision, Pisces often takes a long time to think carefully. That is commendable, but in some unexpected cases, these people lack decisiveness and quickness. In love, they always show romance, sophistication and nobility.

The personality of Pisces exists on both sides, full of mystery and confusion. When faced with a certain problem, they have many thoughts, ideas and hesitate to know which path to choose.

The image of two fish lying opposite each other seems to say one thing that in Pisces people there are opposing and conflicting thoughts and personalities. On the one hand, they can be as good as the gods, and on the other hand, it makes them cruel and evil like the demons.

People of this sign have very precise, sharp intuition, so they amaze everyone around with their predictive skills.

Pisces is talented in the field of art, able to participate in music composition, painting. They are usually very open in life, can share anything about themselves. However, sometimes Pisces encounters disaster because they do not keep their mouth shut and reveal the secrets of others.

Pisces finds it difficult to say no, so they will never leave those who need their help. People of this sign are very friendly, sociable, happy with everyone around, without discriminating or discriminating against anyone. Quiet, fresh space is the wonderful home of Pisces.

They always dream about romantic, fanciful things that are not real, no one can stop that rich imagination. Then there are times when Pisces falls into a state of sadness and despair when facing difficult reality.

Because of their excessive sensitivity, Bilingual sometimes causes self-harm. If faced with difficulties, Pisces will flee from reality, flying to distant dreams. But the dream also disappears, they will feel a hundred times more miserable when they return to their difficult reality.

If you are Pisces, remember: Do not punish yourself because of other people's mistakes, overcome your fear to face difficulties in life, running away is not the way. good solution.

4. Symbolic image analysis

Fish are very familiar animals in our life. However, the symbolic image of Pisces is not just ordinary fish, they are fish that live in the tropics, deep in the vast ocean. Day after day, they are living in freedom, swimming everywhere, discovering new seas.

symbolic image of Pisces

The fish that lives in tropical seas has many unique and colorful colors that attract viewers. In fact, many scientists and explorers are still researching and discovering the mysteries of the behavior of this fish.

The image of the two fishes lying opposite each other gives us many interesting associations. Maybe they are trying to go in two different directions, the movement against the current creates ripples on the yang.

5. Pisces Basic Personality

Perhaps many people will be curious about the symbolic image of the constellation Pisces, do you know what the chain between two fishes does?

According to astrology researchers, that chain is the bridge between the thoughts and actions of Pisces, but the two opposing currents have created an irreconcilable contradiction. Like fish, Pisces does not live in isolation, alone, nor does it adapt to changing habitats.

 Pisces personality


Daydreaming, Positive

Pisces hates having to face the harsh, arduous reality, they always fantasize about the rosy, beautiful life. That makes Pisces become weak, dull, unable to be independent in life.

Pisces has many plans and plans for their future life, but they do not work to achieve that dream. They are often lazy and dependent on others, which is why people under this sign rarely achieve the desired success.

Work on inspiration

People of this sign work on impulse, without a clear and specific plan. They may arise new ideas and opinions in the process of working, not in an orderly manner, so their work often encounters many contradictions and difficulties.

Pisces is not someone who likes to face challenges, on the contrary, they get bored, give up, try to avoid problems. That makes them fail in life, always having to rely on someone else.

Faced with a certain problem, Pisces makes decisions quite hastily and arbitrarily. Even these people don't need time to think, calculate, completely rely on their intuition. In the lucky cases, Pisces successfully solves the problem, but there are also cases where they misjudge and disappoint everyone.

Sensitive, kind

Pisces people are quite sensitive to the actions and thoughts of others. They are always ready to help others, doing many good deeds, making Pisces feel their life has more meaning. What people love about Pisces is the sincerity, openness, listening to others and a kind heart, always helping the unfortunate and the poor.

Pisces is quite invested, taking care of their appearance. They have a high aesthetic eye, always know how to choose for themselves trendy and outstanding outfits.

Pisces is also delicate in combining jewelry to enhance their outfit, completely different from anyone else's. Although the style of dress is similar to that of gentlemen and ladies, Pisces never shows an arrogant and pompous attitude, they are always welcoming and friendly to those around them.

Romance, art

Pisces cleverly arrange and decorate their room in the most unique and scientific way. They like the romantic, quiet space in their house, because these people rarely leave somewhere too far.

Pisces is happy and enthusiastic to welcome when friends come to the house to play, but sometimes they also feel uncomfortable because the play makes everything in the house become sloppy and messy.

Pisces constellation personality

Pisces easily put their trust in other people, including newcomers, so they are easy to be deceived and taken advantage of. Despite the advice of others, Pisces from time to time is still gullible, following intuitive judgments and leading to mistakes.

Pisces is not interested in competing for position and authority, they aim for a peaceful, stable life, free to do what they like. For them, the most important thing is love, not money.

Even if others scoff at them, thinking that they are really stupid to put so much trust in others. But Pisces has a different view, they believe that "the one who deceives others is really a failure, poor thing."

6. Ways of thinking, communication skills and adaptability to work

Those who are new to Pisces will not realize their dreamy, romantic nature. Only close people, Pisces will share their feelings and thoughts. They feel hurt when others laugh at their "dream world" and no matter how much anyone advises, Pisces will never leave that world.

Pisces at work   

Pisces at work


Incubate many dreams

Pisces always believe that they can make that dream come true. That gives them strength and motivation to continue the long way ahead. However, people around have found that these thoughts are not realistic at all.

Sometimes people think that Pisces' thoughts are having a special problem with real people, they feel Pisces' thoughts are delusional, crazy. When no one understands their thoughts, Pisces feels extremely miserable, desperate. They begin to live in isolation, not sharing anything with anyone.

Pisces sometimes becomes stubborn and doesn't understand reason. They will not care how enthusiastic you are to help you, willing to listen to the instigation of others, turn away from you. Pisces acts unwisely, so they often disappoint others and lose faith in themselves.

Kind, carefree

Pisces nature is kind and enthusiastic, but they do not think deeply about the problems in life. These people find human life complicated and exhausting, so they always find a way to hide in their dream world.

Pisces never intentionally harm or hurt others, they act like children, without thinking about the consequences. If you have a lot of contact with Pisces, you will not be able to blame an innocent, innocent child.

Pisces job

Pisces, if they are deceived by others, taking advantage of them too many times will become suspicious and careful. These people tend to change themselves from open, friendly, kind-hearted to a closed, selfish, defensive lifestyle.

Strong, skillful

At work, Pisces is not always as innocent and innocent as a child. They have the ability to judge the dangers that are lurking, thereby warning people to be on the lookout. However, sometimes they alone run away from difficulties and challenges, leaving everyone behind, which makes those who trust Pisces feel disappointed.

Pisces knows how to control their thoughts and feelings, even when they are angry, they also cleverly hide it, not letting their anger temporarily destroy the relationship. That's why you always find Pisces cheerful, open, peaceful while communicating, making an impression on others right from the first meeting.

In a debate, Pisces is easily swayed by the opinions of others. They hardly have the ability to analyze, see the problem deeply, their intuition tells them what is right, they will follow.

Suitable for artistic work

Pisces is gifted in the field of art, they can win many great awards, become famous thanks to their talent. If you analyze it carefully, you will find that most of the people of this sign are involved in the field of art and achieve a lot of success.

A feature in Pisces that makes people extremely excited is that they have the ability to disguise themselves as other people, from costumes, appearance to voice, actions, gestures. They can take on many different roles brilliantly, making the audience unable to distinguish what is real and what is fake.

Of course, Pisces people can be successful in many other fields, but most of the time, these people choose the art field to develop their talents to the fullest. In particular, they like to become famous comedians, bringing joy, laughter and refreshment to everyone after tiring working hours.

Pisces is always ready to share their thoughts and feelings with others, but they are not interested in being curious about other people's secrets. People of this sign are very humorous, when communicating always makes people feel comfortable, close and trusting.

Straightforward, work hard

Pisces belongs to the "cleanest" constellation of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. They are not greedy nor care about position, money, material things. For them, there is nothing more important than human feelings and their own honor.

That's why Pisces turns down many opportunities to have a rich, luxurious life, not because they are stupid, but simply because Pisces has no interest in status, wealth.

Pisces always think that their lives only need feelings, not wealth or material things. This unrealistic way of thinking makes them often fall into a state of need, having to rely on others. Pisces, even though they earn a lot of money, they can't spend enough for their hobbies and shopping interests.

They are people who live completely for the present and not for the future, people of this sign never plan to save assets for their later life.

They work not according to a rule or order but based on their momentary inspiration. Pisces can not combine with business partners too realistic, they will not find a common voice in this relationship.

Pisces loves to do work that can bring freedom, comfort and develop their creative, dreamy thinking. These people do not like to face difficulties and pressures in life, they tend to work freelance, alone, do not want to cooperate with anyone.

7. Money and career of Pisces

Money and career of Pisces

Money and career of Pisces

The advantages of Pisces people are sharp, accurate intuition and rich and creative imagination. They are suitable for the work of a musician, doctor or architect. With their talent, Pisces can also conquer the work of a programming designer, game designer..

For those close to them, Pisces always shows their care and concern. They are willing to stand and fight if the rights of family members are violated. These people always try to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations towards the people around them.

Pisces is never conservative with their opinions and views, they know how to absorb the views of others. If the advice is right, Pisces will follow, if wrong, they will still listen with a positive attitude, but in fact they are ignoring the wrong words. Pisces is very polite, behaves skillfully, making everyone admire.

With their selflessness and kindness, Pisces is always ready to help those in need, the right career for them is perhaps becoming a nurse, or a social philanthropist. With their creative and rich imagination, Pisces can also become a talented and famous artist.

People of this sign are very generous, they do not spare anyone anything, if someone needs help, Pisces is ready to go all out without asking for any benefits. Their romance, sensitivity, if placed in the right place, will help them achieve success. Examples are in the fields of: directing, literature, poetry, painting.

The girls of the Pisces sign have a kind heart, altruism and dedication to caring and helping others. They can become female nurses in the hospital or participate in volunteer activities, bringing benefits to the community and society. Or Pisces women can become writers and storytellers to unleash their creativity with their dreamy, illusory world.

Men under the Pisces constellation have many lofty dreams and ambitions. They are always enthusiastic to help those in need, cheerful and funny with everyone around them. Doing useful things makes Pisces feel more meaningful and motivated in their lives, so they can become a psychologist, doctor, medicine, teacher...

In the eyes of your colleagues, you are a sociable, cheerful and kind person. They admire you for your rich imagination and excellent judgment. In particular, you never appear arrogant, pompous, selfish, which helps you to have a place in the collective, the community.

The Pisces boss is easygoing and easygoing, always thinking about the benefits of his employees. But sometimes you are too subjective, do not calculate carefully, leading to mistakes in work.

The key to your success is sharp intuition and rich, diverse creativity. If that work gives you inspiration, you will reach your full potential.

Pisces are good earners, but they don't spend it lavishly. This person plans their monthly expenses and they often save their money for their loved ones. Pisces always think of others before thinking of themselves, their generous heart makes everyone around feel extremely warm.

8. Love and Psychological Reactions

Pisces Love

Pisces Love

On the emotional side, Pisces has quite complicated and confusing changes. Their emotional development is erratic, easy to love and easy to hate for some reason.

These people are often hurt by the wrong words and actions of others, even prolonging that state of grief for a long time. Pisces are normally very close and intimate, but when they feel hurt by that person, they become cold and alienated.

Therefore, they are easy to sympathize with others but also easily cause aversion to someone. Pisces is too trusting and tolerant, sometimes they are taken advantage of by bad people without even knowing it. But despite being deceived, Pisces continues to sow faith, because it is their instinct.

When married, Pisces will become psychological and emotional fathers and mothers. They want to discipline their children strictly but these people are not good at displaying their power. Therefore, they are like children's friends, happy, close, sharing with each other difficult things in life.

When communicating, although very open and friendly, Pisces should also avoid the constellations of Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. Because these constellations are both extroverted and realistic, it's hard for them to agree with Pisces' fanciful fantasy.

Pisces love story

Pisces love story

People of Pisces also need to avoid conflicts in communication with those of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. They will not be able to understand the strange stories and ideas of Pisces.

The three constellations of Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus also think that Pisces' ideas are very mythical and unrealistic. They will never listen to those dream stories, even run away immediately. However, when Pisces is in trouble, these people are willing to help out.

If you want to find common ground in the conversation, Pisces should meet Tiger Sap, Cu Xie. They are both introverted, quiet and shy, but they are extremely interested in the stories of Pisces.

People of this sign need to be more skillful in communication, recognize the reality of what is a friend and an enemy, and should not put too much trust in others to avoid being taken advantage of.

Pisces often works in the direction and does not like to be scrutinized and ordered. They work freely without sequence, whatever intuition tells them to do, Pisces will do first.

With this personality, they will not be able to participate in too restrictive jobs, subject to the supervision of others. However, they can do well in jobs that require rich imagination, creativity and quick and accurate judgment.

9. Romance and love

Master of Romance

Master of Romance

Among the 12 Zodiac signs, Pisces belongs to the group of people who are romantic and amorous. If they are hit by the lightning of love, they will not be able to think of a way to escape the vortex of love.

These people easily fall into a state of loss of appetite and sleeplessness, day and night thinking about the person they love. They long to have a romantic love, go through the difficulties and challenges in life together.

However, Pisces will not be in a hurry to give their heart to others, they need time to learn and follow the development of their feelings. If really sure, Pisces can express and confess their love to the outside.

These people are not entirely concerned with appearance, what they need more than the soul and character of the person. Even when buying a book, although the cover is beautiful but the content is not convincing, Pisces will not spend money to buy them.

If you really want to live your life with Pisces people, then you need to be patient with their psychological change. This person is easily upset for simple reasons, even one day they may be angry with you many times.

The personality of Pisces is like a child, joy and sadness are clearly expressed and always want to be cared for and understood by the person you love. They always want to lead you into their fantasy world, does this excite you?

Dreamy, colorful

People of this sign are always in a calm, happy state, rarely showing anger towards others. Sometimes their emotional expression is thought to be fake, unrealistic, but it's actually Pisces instinct.

They are willing to open up, share with others about their stories, even draw them into the dream world in their imagination. These people never think about cheating, taking advantage of anyone, they are always sincere and kind, enthusiastically helping others.

If you learn and interact with people of Pisces sign, you will see their life as well as the world of fish. That fish is colorful, charming, can only live in the aquatic environment.

They can freely swim to any sea, living happily with their herd. Like the behavior of fish, Pisces seems to be unable to adapt to a change in habitat, they are afraid of being isolated, alone. These people are very emotional, so they always want everyone around to love and unite with each other.

Fishes live in groups, in love and care, without calculation and greed like humans. Therefore, Pisces is very afraid of selfish people who only think of their own interests. They are always immersed in the pink world - the world of compassion and tolerance.

Rich in love and affection

People of this sign live very emotional life, always care and love everyone around, but they rarely reveal it to the outside. Instead of words, Pisces uses warm gestures to express their feelings.

In terms of love, too, although they always pursue a romantic life, these people often show their coldness. In fact, they want the other person to understand and follow the thoughts in their head. But few people understand their strange thoughts, which makes Pisces feel very hurt.

Pisces do not tend to get married early, they think that marriage makes love become naked, no longer romantic. It is difficult for them to stick to a love relationship with the opposite sex for a long time, which is due to Pisces' sentimentality, suspicion, and fickle personality.

People of this sign always dream of love stories in fairy tales, when real life is not as beautiful as they imagined, they often feel disappointed, depressed and separated from their other half.

If you are curious about the love story of Pisces, you will not be able to hear any information from them. These people rarely share their love stories with others, even telling lies that are not true. They hate liars but sometimes they become the culprit in this.

Share, understand

In love, Pisces especially respects their other half, they never seem to manage or intend to possess their lover. These people always know how to share, understand and be tolerant in times of need.

Pisces also knows how to maintain an intense, passionate state of love, they often create surprises and interesting things for their loved ones. The love of these people through many stages, ups and downs, can become deeply attached, unable to live without each other.

However, few Pisces can reach that stage, they tend to look for new love when falling into a state of crisis, emotional difficulties.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a relationship with the people of this sign, you need to know how to listen and understand the emotional feelings of Pisces, especially actively creating surprises and new things in love.

It is normal to have conflicts and conflicts in love, it is important that you give in, solve problems in peace otherwise your love is very easy to break, everyone goes their separate ways.

10. Pisces Family and Friends

Pisces' Family

With friends, Pisces is very open-minded and enthusiastic to help when they are in trouble. Thanks to their sociability and friendliness, Pisces easily makes many friends right from the first meeting.

People of this sign take their promises and honor very seriously, once they make a promise they will definitely do it. Pisces hates people who don't keep their promises, and can even cut ties with people who have cheated on them too many times.

Outwardly, Pisces is quite cold, quiet, but they live very affectionately with friends, especially family members. They care, love and try to fulfill their duties and roles in the family.

When they are married, they want to build a happy family, everyone harmoniously loves each other. They are willing to share their difficulties and private stories with everyone in the family. For Pisces, nothing is more important and warm than your family.

11. How to conquer the heart of Pisces?

Pisces Love

Once they have found the real half, Pisces will burn passionately, build and cultivate their love wholeheartedly. Ho loves with a sincere heart and is willing to sacrifice everything for the one he loves to be happy.

Pisces often renews their love with unexpected and exciting gifts, their love world is filled with pink, romance, happiness. However, when their love is in conflict, Pisces often requires the other person to listen, yield and understand their thoughts, they absolutely do not give in to anything.

How to Conquer a Pisces Guy

Pisces men are quite romantic, affable, and changeable. Normally, they are very happy, sociable, friendly with everyone around, but sometimes they become cold and bored.

Pisces men are strong on the outside, but their hearts are very weak and vulnerable. So they need someone who can listen, share and understand in life.

Advice: So gentle and tolerant, he will never leave you.

How to conquer a Pisces girl

Pisces girls have a tolerant heart, a romantic soul, and a dreamer. They always want to reach the most important position in their lover's heart and that person must definitely listen and understand what they do not reveal to the outside.

Advice: Listen and talk to her a lot.

12. General Pisces Sign

Pisces is classified as the last of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, so the personality of these people is somewhat influenced by the previous 11 signs.

Pisces are enthusiastic, kind and straightforward people who are kind to help people around. They will never take advantage of anyone to achieve their goals, let alone help liars.

Pisces tends to pursue a simple, peaceful life, not chasing fame, luxury, or status. What they need in life is love and mutual respect, not human greed. Even Pisces will stay away from people who have a lot of ambition in life.

People of this sign often have an attitude of contentment with reality, they do not have many dreams and ambitions.

Because of this, Pisces becomes very lazy, does not struggle with difficulties, sometimes they are dependent on others too much. However, in today's busy, selfish society, there is a need for people with kind hearts, kindness and enthusiasm like Pisces.

The life of the fish is very peaceful, free to swim, without conflict, but it will die if its habitat is not water.

Just like the representative image, Pisces is completely in a state of crisis if their living environment is changed, they are not able to withstand difficulties and harshness. Even so, people of this sign always maintain a calm, natural way of life, even if there is an earthquake or tsunami, they do not care.

That makes it easy for people around to misunderstand Pisces as an emotionless person, indifferent to the surrounding life. The reality is not so, they will become angry, terrible if someone touches the life and interests of their family members. However, despite being angry and angry, Pisces still easily forgives others because of their tolerance and kindness.

People of Pisces are mostly good-looking and petite, with slim hands and feet, and sparkling eyes. If you meet people of this sign, you will see that their skin is very smooth and beautiful with light hair color, highlighting a beautiful radiant complexion.

Every gesture and action of Pisces is very flexible and gentle. When working, they are always agile and get the job done as soon as possible. If you see a Pisces being slow and sluggish, then surely at that time, his mood is being negatively affected.

People of this sign forever keep the cover of a bright, pink world. When faced with difficulties and harsh realities of reality, they tend to retreat into that imaginary world, where people are happy, loving each other, not calculating, selfish.

With this personality, the most suitable career for Pisces can be a writer, poet or newspaper reporter, they can shine, unleash their imagination in a fantasy world.

Looking at the symbol of Pisces, it is easy to see that these two fish are going in opposite directions. It is implicitly meant for these two types of people, one is those who are following the path of solid success, the other is following the path of sin and evil.

Therefore, there are many talented and famous people who bring benefits to society, but also many people who follow the bad path to become criminals.

People of Pisces sign can try their hand at movie roles or become a talented and excellent director.

The field of art helps Pisces to develop their talents, if persistent and persistent, they will achieve much success in life. In fact, many Pisces people are successful in the field of art and become famous people, bringing benefits to the community and society.

Pisces also has a special innate talent, which is quick and accurate judgment. Sometimes they can foresee events in the future through mystical dreams. Therefore, the warning and advice of Pisces is never in vain for you.

These people often have a subjective attitude to their health, they have the illusion that youth will follow them forever. Because of that attitude of disregard for health, many times Pisces faces the danger of illness. If you do not take care of your health carefully and thoughtfully, in old age Pisces is prone to digestive and cardiovascular diseases.

It seems that every time you meet Pisces, you will also find them laughing and talking very happily, it seems that these people never know sadness. Actually, that's not the case, Pisces even if they are sad, they will hide their feelings by hiding their feelings. happy smiles. They don't want someone to read their thoughts and understand their psychological state.

The romantic and dreamy Pisces will not be suitable for any metal, their lucky charms are too many stones such as purple amethyst and clear green emerald.

Pisces is a mysterious, kind and enthusiastic person who cares for everyone around. If you want to stick with Pisces, you need time, perseverance, and tolerance.