Virgo Zodiac Sign: Personality, Love and Career


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Curriculum vitae:

- Minor: 6 in the Zodiac

- General: unstable, fickle

- Element: earth

- Planetary star: Mercury (symbolizes rationality, awareness, devotion and communication)

- Symbol: Virgin

- Day of the week: Wednesday

- Color: pale or silver shades, shimmering materials (white, yellow, greenish, brown, purple)

- Metal: mercury.

- Animals: dogs, swallows.

- Body part: stomach, internal organs

- Lucky numbers: Numbers 2, 5 and 7

- Dates: Taurus , Capricorn

- Befriends: Gemini , Sagittarius

- Incompatible signs: Pisces , Libra

- Lucky stones: Xacdonic, jade, emerald, topaz, diamond and pearl

Constellation Virgo

1. Greek Mythology - The Legend of Virgo

The beautiful princess Persephone is the only daughter of Demeter - the goddess who rules over the fruit trees on earth. One fine day, as Persephone was engrossed in picking flowers in the meadow, a violent earthquake struck, causing the ground to expand.

At that time appeared a person who called himself Hades, king of the underworld, and forced her off the face of the earth in a black chariot. Knowing that her daughter was brought to hell, Demeter was deeply saddened and decided to hide in a dark cave.

Since the goddess of the harvest left, the fruit trees on the ground have suddenly become dry and withered. Worried Zeus sent someone to order the king of hell to return Princess Persephone to Demeter. Unfortunately, during his captivity, Persephone tasted a pomegranate of Hell and had to suffer some part of being attached to that place.

She will only be able to live with her mother for the first half of the year, the other half must return to live in the Underworld. From then on, the earth appeared different seasons. (You are following the article in the category  12 zodiac signs )

Zodiac Virgo

There is also the fact that:

During the "Golden Age" in Greece, on earth people were only men, they lived with the gods. At that time, Zeus held the supreme power, dominating the entire Olympia era. With harsh regimes, Zeus considered humans as worthless creatures, treating them like animals.

Humans cannot forever endure a life like hell, but they also do not dare to stand up and fight for their rights. Finally, Prometheus - a Titan who bravely fought against Zeus, protecting humanity. He stole Olympia's flame and brought it back to mankind.

Enraged, Zeus hung Prometheus on the mountain of the Caucasus and sent the hawks to eat it. At the same time sending Pandora down to earth to take revenge on humanity. Pandora was the first woman to set foot on earth and became the wife of her brother Prometheus.

No matter how the older brother tried to dissuade him, the younger brother didn't care because he fell in love with Pandora. Once, Pandora curiously opened a box that her husband told her not to open. That box contains all things bad luck, evil, death...

Since then, the ancient Greeks considered women as evil demons, the source of trouble, bad luck. Pandora's box is a testament to the destruction of human life by women.

After Pandora released the demons in that box, people on Earth had to live in danger, the gods all left to Olympia heaven. Astraea – daughter of Zeus and Themis, sister of the humble goddess Pudicitia was the last god to die.

Although she lives in heaven, she always directs her love to Earth, she hopes to one day return to live with the little human. The constellation Virgo is the symbol for the virtuous, tolerant goddess Astraea.

2. Characteristics of Virgo sign

Characteristics of Virgo

People under the sign of Virgo represent the earth, ruled by Mercury. They are planned, disciplined, quite meticulous and demanding. They will not waste anything especially money, even though they live in affluent conditions. These people always keep their house clean and tidy and decorate it with colorful accessories.

Virgo possesses outstanding intelligence and sharp intellect. They may be suitable for jobs such as: scientific researchers, technical specialists, machine manufacturers, etc.

These people are very emotional, emotional, they believe in intimate relationships, believe in love and friendship. So even though this person is quite shy, they still find themselves a true love that many people admire.

3. Describe the common characteristics of Virgo sign

Among the 12 signs of the Zodiac, Virgo is known as the most difficult constellation to analyze and grasp. People think they are short-tempered and perfectionists, but that's just because they want to do a good job.

A commendable advantage of Virgo is that despite any difficult situation, they still absolutely maintain their loyalty to everyone, never betraying anyone, whether in love or friendship. They have many talents thanks to their ingenuity, but sometimes Virgo depends on others without their own efforts.

Thanks to her skillful hands and understanding, Virgo can do well in the service industry, fashion, health care, beauty specialist ...

Virgo is the representative of clean people, whether they carelessly throw their clothes on the floor or leave their dining room messy. You'll never see a sloppy, messy Virgo when they're out of the house.

These people must always be neat and tidy when stepping out of the gate, whether it is just going to the market to buy things or going to the morning exercise. Virgo is very psychological, they understand the secret feelings of others through their eyes. If you have a problem in love, Virgo will definitely help you solve it gently and delicately.

Virgo is like a pure and unique orchid. They need to be watered with the power of love to bloom like brilliant flowers

Virgo people have tolerance, generosity and a kind heart, that's their nature. It seems that with any job, Virgo also shows understanding, meticulousness and ingenuity.

These people are very strict with rules and principles, so they rarely violate discipline. If they have not achieved their goals and plans, they will constantly strive and try until they achieve the desired results.

Virgo's Family

Virgo is a family person, whether a woman or a man, they wholeheartedly take care of and love the people in their family. Honor and prestige are two very valuable qualities that Virgo has, so they gain the trust of people around them.

People of this sign are very practical and have the will to build a career. Their love often comes late. Subconsciously, they conceive that the road to fame is the first thing they want to aim for and achieve, love will come when they have a solid career in hand.

It's rare for Virgo to have a crush on a stranger, their love must be built on mutual understanding, not fleeting romantic feelings.

4. Virgo Basic Personality

Virgos are people who live according to social rules and norms. Although sometimes their souls dream of going to heaven, their feet are still firmly on the ground. They aspire to assert themselves in the fields that require outstanding creativity and intelligence, which is the goal and truth they want to pursue all their lives.

Virgo takes their appearance very seriously, purity and perfection is what they want to achieve. These people try to perfect their physical beauty by dieting, reducing their waist or going to the gym.. Every time they go out or meet someone, they carefully choose for themselves the most suitable and beautiful outfit. For them, physical disability is the scariest thing.

You will be surprised if you visit their house. Every furniture, big or small, has its place and is neatly and scientifically arranged. Virgo loves their house very much, they regularly clean, clean, rearrange the living space and do not allow any dust to stay there for too long.

Virgo is very meticulous and careful. If you live with them, you will find them very often complaining about even very small problems, not satisfied if they have not achieved their goals. At work, they always demand perfection in everything.

Virgo spends her whole life pursuing the perfect life. But in fact, no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to do it, because inherently the nature of this life is imperfect. Because they always want to be the most perfect themselves, so any disparaging words will make them angry or even hate in their hearts.

People born under the sign of Virgo born in the 10th of the first day will most clearly show the above personality traits. Born on the 10th day of the second day will show relatively typical characteristics. Those born on the 10th day of the third trimester usually have superior intelligence but less adaptability..

5. Ways of thinking, communication skills and adaptability to work

In the face of difficulties, Virgo always maintains the calmest and most cavalier attitude. They use their intelligence to analyze, understand the problem situation and draw a solution. At first glance, this method may seem unremarkable, but it is the key to the success of Virgo.

Virgo is a forward-thinking person, living not only for their own sake but forgetting about others. They never want to hurt or cause trouble for others.

Therefore, they always try to overcome the difficulties ahead by themselves, without complaining, nor relying on anyone excessively. In the group's work, they do their best, always using humble, peaceful and gentle words even though they are impatient with those who stubbornly open their mouths to wait.

If you keep wasting time and effort in pursuing a perfect life, you will miss many important opportunities in your life. Due to the independent nature, outstanding intelligence, Virgo will be suitable for jobs that require logical thinking, creativity, and strict reasoning. As long as they try their best, they will definitely achieve the results they deserve.

Most Virgos have good writing skills, they know how to convince readers through their articles, or make readers laugh with jokes. Virgo has the ability to quickly adapt to different environmental situations, they are flexible and constantly learning. Even if they are not used to the dizzying changes.

Sometimes, Virgo is quiet, quiet, careful. They do not want anyone to guess their thoughts and also do not want people to know their talents and intelligence. It's like a Virgo's own strategy and sometimes they achieve success through modesty and standards.

They will not care about trivial things but only focus their energies on the noble cause. Virgo is willing to spend their time listening to someone's opinions, advice or experience.

Virgo loves to make friends, do business with people who have a vision, give thorough analysis and recommendations, cover issues, who are hardworking and careful in their work.

Virgos will develop their talents to the fullest if they work in a comfortable, professional environment. On the contrary, if forced to work in bad situations that are not as desired, Virgo will appear depressed and incompetent.

Virgo likes to work in quiet places where they can focus all their energies on solving problems. They don't like jobs that are under too much pressure and have to make quick decisions.

For jobs that require strong, firm conclusions, or jobs that require authoritarian leadership, they're unlikely to do well.

If you belong to the sign of Virgo, be careful to stay away from jobs that bring immediate economic benefits or things that are contrary to social ethics. If you want to build a solid career, you have to persevere with difficulties and challenges.

6. Virgo career and money path

"Let me analyze ..." that is Virgo's catchphrase every time he takes on something. They will not complete the work in a casual way, whether they like it or not, once they do, Virgo will try to complete it well, showing their sense of responsibility.

When working, they apply themselves the most effective methods and Virgo is often suitable for highly organized jobs. They will not be satisfied if the work is unfinished or not as expected.

People belonging to the constellation Virgo love to research, learn knowledge and experience on social networking sites. They are attracted to jobs that require detailed analysis and high precision. Virgo receives work sequentially according to the process and works systematically.

Virgo likes to conquer scientific and natural research works. With your perseverance and curiosity, you can find answers to strange phenomena in life that few people can explain.

As a person who is good at math, you can become a math teacher or an accountant.. those jobs will open the door to success for you.

If you are a Virgo woman, you can become a teacher, lecturer in chemistry, physics.. Or you can also succeed in finance, real estate business or become a lawyer.. All of these jobs will promise to bring you a solid career in the future.

Careful, meticulous, hard-working, neat, ingenious, talented are the languages ​​reserved for you. It will be the perfect choice if you become a beauty care expert, technical staff, interior designer…

Virgo men are attracted to jobs that require meticulousness, sophistication and precision. You can try your hand at areas such as becoming a doctor, dentist or civil engineer. Numbers will give you endless inspiration.

In the eyes of colleagues, you are a kind, funny and talented partner. They admire your high concentration in work, your quick and accurate calculation mind. If you work as a team, you will become the most outstanding person in the group thanks to your excellent analytical and judgment ability.

If you become a leader, you will always expect your employees to perform excellently. So in the eyes of subordinates, you are a difficult boss, careful, perfectionist.

You will not forgive the mistakes of others, hate those who break the rules. However, everyone admires your manipulation, your work ethic. They see you as a social norm to learn from.

Virgo spends very rationally and scientifically, they know what they should spend money on and what should not be wasted. They always try to make a lot of money and plan to save some money for the future.

7. Virgo Family and Friends

Virgo is a rather closed person, difficult to make friends. They will not easily get close to someone through a few times of meeting and communicating. If you don't feel confident and comfortable, Virgo will not develop your relationship.

But once they become close and attached, people of this sign will openly share the joys and secrets of their lives. Virgos are very enthusiastic and ready to help if their friend is in trouble.

Virgos often tend to make friends with people with similar interests, born around the same time between April 20 and May 27. They will be a kind, loyal, trustworthy friend.

Virgos are always devoted to taking care of their families. They show their love by caring for each member of the family, trying to create joy and laughter for everyone. That concern is often expressed through kind and gentle actions, rarely expressed through words.

8. Virgo love and psychological reaction

Virgos are people who love with their head more than their heart. Many times they are considered cold and dry people. They are not suitable for romantic, emotional, and passionate actions. They even shun those who have just met who have shown affection, swooping in each other's hearts.

Moreover, Virgo hates being questioned or investigated by others. If someone doesn't believe in their sincerity, they will never bother to explain.

For people of other signs, Virgo's reaction often makes them feel down. But no matter how reprimanded, Virgo cannot encourage sweet, romantic actions.

Virgo is emotional and never refuses to help others, sometimes this personality makes them take advantage of the bad guys. Those who depend on others, having a little difficulty, went to ask for help, but after Virgo helped them solve the problem, these people indifferently turned away as if nothing had happened.

For those who stubbornly do not follow Virgo's advice, even if there are difficulties and problems that cannot be solved, Virgo will also ignore them.

People of this sign believe that "if you want others to treat you well, you must first be kind to others". They also apply this principle in the upbringing of their children.

Virgo is not interested in gatherings, eating and playing. If they are reluctant to participate, they will quietly withdraw when given the opportunity.

Due to the nature of not like to communicate, get acquainted with strangers and do not like places immersed in entertainment and luxury. Although they are also very funny and make others laugh, they cannot fit into the atmosphere of a gathering place.

The natural element of Virgo is Earth, not suitable for people with Fire and Air. Many times, Virgo's quietness and shy actions make people misunderstand.

Because Fire and Air are both very enthusiastic, talkative, and extroverted. And Virgo does not seem to be used to the exciting atmosphere, many strangers. Virgo's coldness and silence make Fire and Air lose interest.

Virgo will be suitable for making friends and interacting with other Earth groups like Taurus and Capricorn. Your introverted, quiet personality will not make them feel uncomfortable or insecure. On the contrary, they will be very patient in listening to your ideas and stories and always make you comfortable, happy and natural when communicating.

Virgo hates people who brag, have unrealistic views or work slowly, late for appointments. People of this sign work with goals and plans, and they expect those who work with them to be professional, technical and understanding.

Virgo does not like sweet words, flattery, but loves to be encouraged and praised by their lover for their achievements.

As a Virgo, you should remember one thing: Even if you're trying to lead your life and those around you to perfection, it doesn't make sense when they make others feel uncomfortable.

A criticism, criticism that is too petty of you will not be able to solve anything, on the contrary, it will cause more anger. Therefore, you should not be too perfectionist about everything, placing too high demands on those around you. That will make them feel very pressure, heavy.

Be open, cheerful, sociable and actively participate in social and charity activities, you will give and receive a lot of joy and meaning in life.

9. Romance and love in Virgo

Virgo is rarely swayed by fleeting emotions. They only really start their relationship if they find an understanding and a common voice in love. For the opposite sex, Virgo is a great lover.

Always caring, doing everything well for her lover, Virgo makes everyone jealous of her love. Although they rarely say flowery, sweet words, their actions show all their affection.

A person with delicate eyes will easily see that inside the cool, dry exterior is a soul longing to be loved, enjoying the feeling of sublimation in love.

Virgo will not be easily moved by fleeting feelings, they are always looking for a true love, sticking for a lifetime. Although the people of this sign are mostly tall and good-looking, they always feel self-deprecating and doubt their attractiveness.

People under the sign of Virgo, whether they are women or men, are also very humble, never vain. No matter how much you praise and praise them, they will not show their smug attitude outwardly.

Virgo is always receptive, slow, reserved and with a little doubt. People of this sign absolutely never make friends with someone or maintain a closer relationship because of a compliment. Due to their closed nature, they do not like to communicate, so it seems that even when there is no one beside them, they do not feel lonely.

Virgo is also very careful in love, they never seem to put absolute trust in that person. If they have ever been emotionally deceived or betrayed, Virgo will close themselves in loneliness, it is not easy to open their hearts to another person.

Virgo people, once they have found a suitable life partner, they will be absolutely faithful and willing to do anything to bring joy to the person they love. Men will always strive for their women in life, while women will always help their partners overcome difficulties and shortcomings to develop their careers.

Sometimes, you are too demanding in your relationships, making the other person feel constricted and suffocated. Loyalty is a very valuable quality, but your perfectionism creates heavy pressure on them.

If you are the type of person who prefers actions to words, then Virgo is the person you have been looking for all along. Those who intend to live a lifetime with Virgo need to know how to endure, abide by the rules, discipline and be clean and orderly.

If your relationship with Virgo is about to fall apart, you will be subject to criticism and complaints from everyone around you.

10. How to seduce a Virgo man

Virgo man likes girls who conform to society's standards. They are very serious, principled and like the women of the family, simple, skillful, know how to take care of their husband and children. If you want to get his attention, you have to be charming, quiet, and likable. Signal him that you have feelings for him.

11. How to conquer a Virgo girl

Virgo girls are talented, intelligent, and beautiful. They have their arguments, their stance and are very serious in their relationships. To conquer her is not easy, you will have to spend a lot of time and perseverance. These girls are convinced by your honesty, shyness and cuteness.

12. Overview of Virgo sign

The people of the Virgo sign are mostly mature, serious and independent thinkers. Therefore, they often tend to get married, get married late, many people choose to live alone. However, once choosing to live with others, Virgo will be very responsible in performing their duties and obligations.

Virgo has personality traits that are different from other signs, which are easy to see. Standing in the middle of the crowd, they mostly just kept order, not ostentatious. They rarely voice their opinions, but once they do, everyone nods and listens. Virgo's face is always in a pensive state as if thinking deeply.

Outwardly, Virgos are people with pretty good-looking bodies, slim, sparkling eyes that exude intelligence. They are very concerned about their appearance, if they do not dress well, they will not be able to go out confidently.

They even spend many hours choosing clothes and hairstyles for themselves every time they go to work or go out. If you silently observe, you will see that Virgo is very often looking in the mirror when no one is around.

Virgo people are not tall, small in stature, but have excellent physical health. They have high resistance and good tolerance to the pressures of work and life. Their working time can be 2, 3 times that of others, so Virgo is always in a state of contemplation.

Looking at her shy, quiet appearance, people may think Virgo is boring and has no stance. But actually, Virgo is just trying to suppress their feelings inside, they try to hide their thoughts and opinions. Virgo seems to think that as long as you understand yourself, it doesn't matter what other people think.

She rarely shows her feelings to the outside, so once Virgo has said or acted, they are very sincere and trustworthy. If you live with a Virgo, you will see an expression on their face every time they wake up, sometimes frowning, sometimes whining like a baby.

Virgo is a principled person, they are very careful in dress, work and relationships in society. Especially, Virgo understands the importance of health, so they always have the most reasonable health care.

They always keep their heads in a state of alertness, the most balanced whether in friendship or love. They live very practical lives, seeing all problems with a delicate eye.

Most Virgos have a sharp and profound mind. Their sentences rarely go to the main point, they often say in the style of "borrowing the wind to break bamboo shoots", confusing but very profound.

For those who are vulgar, speechless, they will never want many words but only respond with silence. Virgos control their emotions and thoughts very well, so when they are angry and angry, they just keep quiet but never act morally wrong.

Virgos aren't romantic daydreamers, but they're not vulgar people either. When Virgos are annoyed by stupid, thoughtless words, they may get irritated and walk away. Fortunately, Virgo is rarely like this because they are good at controlling their emotions.

Especially people of this sign love to do charity work to help the needy and sick. They are always considerate, gentle, full of love and compassion. If you complain about a minor illness caused by bad weather, Virgo will not hesitate to immediately go to buy medicine for you.

Even Virgo knows which drug is right for your disease, how to use it... They are very careful with health problems, so in Virgo's medicine cabinet, there is always everything to prevent problems.

Every time they go somewhere far away, Virgo like to bring their whole house away, from yeast, clothes, shampoos, shower gels, food.. Even unnecessary items, not for the trip, they also carry very well.

Virgo rarely buys a toothbrush or a bar of soap individually, they have the habit of buying in batches, or at least a dozen, which will save some money.

Virgo always maintain their habits in life, no force can make them change those habits. Therefore, the items and utensils in their house always have a separate and fixed place.

If Virgo has a habit of putting their underwear on the right side of the bottom drawer, when they arrive at the hotel, they will be embarrassed if there is only one closet.

Virgo may nag about your mistakes and bad habits, but they will always be ready to help you in the most difficult times. If there are times in life when you feel sad and desperate, go to Virgo, they will listen, empathize and absolutely keep secrets.

Life would be hell if they had to face chaos. Unable to bear it, they will immediately find a way to put things back in order. Someone will make Virgo very uncomfortable if they change the order, position of furniture, mess up their house. Even if you come as a guest, Virgo will happily help the host clean up the dishes when the meal is over.

Virgo can not sit for long in one position, if there is something to think about, they will go back and forth, standing up and sitting down constantly. However, completely different from the action, Virgo's facial expression still maintains a calm, calm demeanor that does not waver. No matter how hard you try to observe Virgo, you won't see any signs of fear.

Helping others is passionate, but Virgo rarely receives anything in return. They don't want to depend on or take advantage of anyone. The help and kindness of Virgo comes from sincerity and has no other purpose. They prefer independence in life, even when married.

Even Virgo is very contemptuous of those who live without their own strength, always reaching out to ask for help from others. Therefore, it is almost impossible for Virgo to live with lazy, parasitic people.

People of this sign have the ability to recognize their own difficulties and shortcomings in work, family or social relationships. They are always looking for ways to overcome their weaknesses, directing themselves to perfection.

The thing that makes Virgo feel the most uncomfortable is the lateness. They consider it an impolite attitude, a pointless waste of precious time. Virgo can get angry if you have to wait for someone, so if you have an appointment with them, try to be on time.

Virgo is very good at judging others, but they can't adapt to others receiving their opinions and suggestions. If in the event that you have to criticize Virgo, use gentle and delicate words if you don't want your relationship to be broken.

People of this sign have a very good health, but sometimes they make mistakes due to being subjective, overworked, under a lot of stress. Although Virgo is very attentive and careful in eating and maintaining health, it is still difficult for them to avoid joint pain, digestive disorders ...

But in general, those illnesses are nothing serious. Virgo just needs to have a reasonable sleep regime, avoid working too hard, health will stabilize normally.

Whether male or female, people of this sign love animals. They like to keep small animals like cats, birds, etc. Virgo often decorates their house with simple but stylish paint colors.

They are practical people, do not see life with pink eyes, so these people hate the overly romantic type, just talkative, self-indulgent and lazy. Whether in friendship or love, Virgo looks for people who are personable, honest, practical, and kind.

The metal suitable for Virgo is platinum. It will bring happiness, joy, luck to Virgos.

Not only do Virgos have sharp minds, they also have keen senses. The things that are difficult for people to see, hear, or feel, Virgos do very well. Combined with their close analysis, people of this sign can clearly perceive the flaws of others.

The girl holding a bunch of wheat in her hands is a symbol of Virgo. The sheaf of wheat symbolizes the achievements Virgo achieves through her ingenuity and labor. Most people of this sign are shy and timid in every word and action.

They are a symbol of kindness, can not bear to be taken care of but love to take care and help people.

The majority of Virgos are people with successful careers in many fields. Thanks to their intelligence, insight and foresight, they have the right perception of the problems that exist around them. Virgo, although shy in appearance, is very careful, not easily deceived or taken advantage of.

However, in many cases, they too force their thoughts on others. Virgo will not be interested in manual labor jobs, they like to use their minds and knowledge to conquer large-scale and large-scale fields.

Virgo is very happy in sharing information and experiences with people, if it benefits others, they are ready to shed their outer shell. With their personality, Virgo can become a literary critic or scientific research expert.

They will quickly find out the essence of the problem to be analyzed. Virgos are highly aesthetic people, they can also be successful in the artistic field.

Virgo takes care of their appearance very seriously. They will not be able to walk confidently if the clothes are not neat and trendy. Virgo always obeys rules and regulations in the workplace or in public places. They want their lives and those around them to be improved in a certain order and discipline.

Virgos have good direction, so they know which areas are suitable for their talents and personalities. Once they find their direction, they create a plan to achieve their goals.

Sometimes, Virgo shows selfishness when it comes to things that are important to them. If they wanted something, they had to get it by all means. Therefore, people of this sign have the ability to be extremely good or extremely bad.

In love, Virgo also shows confusing emotions. They think that love doesn't have to be ostentatious or dramatic or romantic. For them, love is simply the care and concern for that person, including friends and family. They are not flashy in their gestures, actions and words, Virgo is very practical but shows an incredible warmth.

Virgo hates people who break their promises and cheat on them, and they will even cut ties with those people. When frustrated, they will become suspicious and conservative, not wanting to meet and communicate with anyone.