Leo - Scorpio: unexpected love


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Enthusiastic, strong and dynamic Leo with cold, quiet and difficult to contact Scorpio will be an unexpected love affair in the 12 zodiac signs.

1. Leo and Scorpio's view of love

- Leo in love: 

Leos are sociable and friendly with the people around them, in life they are always very chivalrous, generous and like to help those around them. Due to their personality, Leo builds trust in everyone they come into contact with.

In life, Leo likes to be free, explore and do what they want, they hate being tied or restrained. Leos have dreams and they always try their best to fulfill those goals and dreams. In the minds of these people, there are never two words "give up", no matter how difficult it is, Leo always tries his best.

In love, Leo often wants to be the proactive one, when they like someone, they will pursue them to the end, the face is just a "flying cloud". Leo always believes that love must come from the heart, trust each other to overcome tribulation.

When in love, lions willingly accept to "lower" to make the other person not oppressed or feel uncomfortable. They give without expecting the other person to reciprocate.

- Scorpio in love: 

Scorpio has a quiet personality, does not like to socialize and especially hates noise. In stark contrast to humans like the bright sun in Leo, Scorpio just likes to be alone, their life in general seems quite boring and boring.

Scorpios are not friendly, but they themselves always exude a strange charm that makes others curious and attentive. Living coldly but this is a very emotional person, once they have identified someone as an important person in their heart, Scorpio treats them sincerely and seriously.

In love, this is a person who knows how to hide his feelings, no matter who they like to take care of, but still doesn't show any attitude, causing others to panic.

When it comes to love, Scorpio is sincere and a little blind. They will easily have negative thoughts if they come across any misleading actions from the other person.

2. What is special about the love of Leo and Scorpio?

How interesting are Leo and Scorpio?

In this asymmetrical relationship, it is usually the Leo who will be attracted first. The mysterious and attractive personality of Scorpio combined with the curious personality of Leo will make this strong person want to get closer and know more about Scorpio.

Leo likes exciting activities and Scorpio hates noisy places that will create a separation and hindrance in two people's thoughts. One of them will have to change to please the other.

It can be said that this is a love affair of tolerance and acceptance. When in love, both have to look at the other's differences with them, learn to accept it if the two still want to maintain this relationship.

Although there are many differences, it is undeniable that this is a "rare and hard to find" couple in the 12 constellations. When falling in love with a erratic Scorpio, Leo can also learn "elaborately" looking at the face to guess the mood through it. 

With his dynamic and somewhat humorous personality, if Leo really wants to break the cold "shell" of Scorpio, this is a very possible thing.

Underneath their tough exterior is a very vulnerable heart, Scorpios are temperamental but all this is due to their fear of betrayal and deception. A strong Leo will probably be a solid and secure fulcrum for this "weak" person.

3. Are Scorpio and Leo compatible?

Leo Man and Scorpio woman:

The Scorpio woman has a fickle personality, easily happy but also sad quickly. Her mood is sometimes unpredictable, she can change her attitude immediately because of an unintentional act of the Leo man.

Both are very possessive. Leo wants his girl to always be in the "safe zone" that he can keep an eye on. Scorpio wants to know what the other person is doing, where, and how at all times.

Leo men love freedom, but when they fall in love with a Scorpio woman, they accept that freedom in exchange to make her feel secure and satisfied. However, sometimes her strict management makes this guy suffocating and uncomfortable.

Leo Woman and Scorpio Man:

The Lioness's passionate nature has been deeply rooted in her bones, she can't sit still even if she is next to the person she loves the most.

Scorpio man with strong possessiveness and domineering, they can't take their eyes off their girl. The relationship between this couple is sure to have many ups and downs. But if the two know how to restrain themselves a little, this is an extremely impressive couple.