Leo Zodiac Sign: Personality, Love and Career


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Curriculum vitae:

- Minor: 5 in the Zodiac

- General properties: symbolizes organized people

- Star of the zodiac: Sun (symbolizes strength, power, position, abundant energy and charm)

- Symbol: Leo

- Day of the week: Sunday

- Lucky stones: ruby, diamond, ruby

​​- Element: fire

- Metal: gold

- Color: red, yellow, orange

- Flower: sunflower , virgin flower

- Animals: dog, leopard, canary

- Body part: heart, back

- Lucky numbers: 1, 4 and 6

- Dating: Aries , Sagittarius

- Friends with : Taurus , Scorpio

- Incompatible signs: Aquarius

1. Greek Mythology - The Legend of Leo

To test his hero, King Eurystheus of Tiryns gave Hercules an extremely difficult and dangerous task. It was to tame a man-eating lion in the Nemea jungle.

Hercules, fearless, attacked the jungle monster when it appeared with his sword and bow. However, that monster had skin so thick that no bow could pierce it.

It used all its strength to wrap around Hercules' neck and hold Hercules' hand. But in the end, with his quick-witted intelligence, Hercules used his hand to strangle the jungle monster.

Although destroyed, the spirit of this super-powerful Lion was flown to the blue sky and was honored in the legend of the twelve feats of Hercules. (You are following the article in the category 12 zodiac signs )

2. Leo sign

Hercucles is tasked with slaying the lion Nemea - a forest monster with extraordinary strength. In the fierce battle, Heracles used his hand to strangle the monster, its soul flew across the sky.

Since then, the head of the Lion has become the symbol for this sign. Like the symbolic animal, people of the Leo sign have strong will and unshakable will.

3. Characteristics of the Leo sign

The Lion symbolizes fire and is ruled by the Sun. People under the sign of Leo have strength and pride, high self-esteem. In all fields, they always show their power and dynamism and enthusiasm.

Sometimes, they believe in themselves too much, leading to subjectivity, they need to learn to be cautious and humble. They live very comfortably, are optimistic, and they have the strength to bounce back from setbacks.

They are never satisfied with what they have, they are always determined to strive and rise further. Therefore, they are often talented people, have status in society and have knowledge in many different fields.

Jobs that are suitable for people under the sign of Leo such as entrepreneurs, real estate agents, artists... They like to live a comfortable, full, lavish, happy life, they hate mediocrity and fake things. When they fall in love with someone, they are passionate and try to give everything that is good for the other person. 

4. Description of the Leo sign

In Leo there are three distinct, distinct levels of development. The first level is the character with the head of a lion, wise, talented, with extraordinary strength. The second level is the lion, the lord of the jungle, majestic and majestic, revered and respected by other animals. The third level is that the lions are small, immature, afraid of everything new around them.

Leo people also have certain advantages and disadvantages in their personality. Their advantage is that they are very kind, generous, or help people.

If you encounter something difficult, go to them, they will help you in the most sincere and enthusiastic way. People of this sign are always optimistic, happy, rarely see them sad or worried.

However, they also have the disadvantage that they like to be flattered by others, do not like to be criticized and criticized. When there are many different opinions in a discussion, which one is good, they will accept it as their own, and if it is bad, it is someone else's.

Leo is a very emotional, honest and sincere person. Once in love, they are passionate, passionate, loving and self-sacrificing so they are also very vulnerable. They hate lies and betrayal and if you break their heart, they will never forgive you.

When loving wholeheartedly, passionately like that, but once the relationship between two people is broken, they will leave definitively, without any problems. Even Leo can ruthlessly forget all the feelings and memories of the relationship. For them, when love ends, no matter where the suffering is, they must accept and forget.

People of this sign are absolutely loyal in relationships. They value their own credibility and honor, once they make a promise, they will definitely fulfill it. In the face of difficulties and challenges, Lions are not afraid, they have a spirit of steel, courage and courage to make the enemy confused.

Leos are very active and sociable, so they like crowded places, fun and bustling atmosphere. A quiet place, few people will make them feel very boring. They do not like to go alone, even to the toilet they also invite others to go with them.

5. The characteristic personality of Leo sign

 The lion is the lord of the jungle, it uses its power to tear the opponent to pieces, making other animals also fear. Leo people always want to show their authority and strength to gain the trust, respect, and submission of others


Ideals, aspirations

They always build for themselves an ideal belief and goal that they will become the leaders, dominating all those around them. Leo takes his honor very seriously and craves the cult of everyone. When embarking on something, they are always proactive and Leo believes that victory is always for them.

Leo has faith in relatives, family, friends, they easily listen to the advice of others. Whenever doing something, Leo always polls people's opinions, if the ideas are correct, they will absorb them to gain more experience.

However, they are not able to eliminate wrong opinions, sometimes traps set by others to harm them, because Leo's weakness is very flattering, likes to listen to sweet words. They are very easily deceived by intrigues hidden behind false praises.

Leo people are highly possessive whether it is things or people. What they want is theirs. Whether in friendship or love, Leo shows management of others, sometimes that management makes people feel very constrained and frustrated.

Also by gullibility and subjectivity, Leo is very easily harmed and deceived. The stronger and more talented the person, the more enemies he will have. Leos are only engrossed in managing other people without paying attention to the things around them, so they won't be able to react if there are bad people to harm or overthrow their position. 


In fact, there are many high-status people in society who belong to the sign of Leo. Because it seems that people of this sign are born with characteristics, the will to glory, authority, and status and want to be bowed down by everyone. 

Also because of the desire to be worshiped and praised by others, every time a Leo achieves a feat, he brags like a child. They like bright colors that represent splendor. However, these people lack a sense of responsibility at work.

When Leo desires to own or have a certain position, they will create their own motivation to push themselves to get those things. They absolutely do not show any doubt, tremble and never use infamous tricks to get aura.

The lion acts like a macho man, resolute without hesitation. Once he has achieved his goal, Leo will brag about that feat to everyone to receive praise and praise. Sometimes in the eyes of many people, they judge Leo as a flamboyant person about fame.

Leo yearns for the support and love of everyone and sees it as a motivation to continue conquering the challenges on the road ahead. If Lions are despised by others, they will close themselves in a dark room, isolated from the outside world.

Leo has almost no concept of casual dress, they hate the monotony, not outstanding. Stemming from their somewhat expressive personality, Leo always chooses colorful outfits so that they can stand out from the crowd. 

If in the middle of the cold winter, everyone chooses closed clothes to keep warm, Leo will choose short skirts or shorts, attracting everyone's attention.

Comfortable, free 

This is a rather complicated psychology, they like themselves to be the best in everyone's eyes. Leos ignore all traditional and customary views, they break their ways and wear what they like. However, their purpose is to receive the praise and praise of everyone.

In short, Leo represents people who live comfortably, liberally, optimistically, and love life. They often create their own joy in life and laughter for everyone around them. Lions will not be wary of enemies, they think that "society has people who like me, there will also be people who hate me, that's completely normal".

Therefore, even if anyone expresses a hateful attitude, Leo doesn't care at all, only when the enemy deliberately obstructs and makes life difficult for them, they will use their power to make the enemy regret.

Leo is a representative of people with authority, status, and rich life in society. People of this sign mostly have a great influence on the community, making many people bow their heads in respect. Whenever meeting and communicating, Leo makes a deep impression on the other person thanks to his charisma and outstanding appearance.

At work, Leo always shows his leadership and commanding talents in an excellent way that no one else can do. The lion's command words were listened to by everyone. If anyone opposes, Leo will use his strength and authority to overpower the enemy.

Those born under the sign of Leo, if born in the first 10 days of life, will most clearly show the above personality traits. Born in the second 10th day of life will only show some basic personality traits. And those born on the 10th day of the third day mostly have determination and persistence, but their capacity is somewhat less.

6. Career path and money

In Leo, there is strength of both mind and body, more abundant energy than other people of the sign. People of this sign love action, they do more than talk. If they have embarked on work, they are serious and do their best.

When you promise something, Leo will try to fulfill it well. One thing about Leos that few people can do is that they control their own lives before mastering others.

At work, Leo shows confidence and creativity, desires to work independently, and builds his own career. They really want to listen to people's sincere advice every time they make a decision. When they have status and authority in their hands, they will be grateful and respectful of those who have helped and supported them.

Leo loves freedom, independence, likes to communicate, make friends with many people and it seems that they were born with a passion for power. With this personality, you can become a manager in a business, an editor in a television station or a candidate for leadership positions in the state apparatus.

When choosing any profession, Leo wants that job will bring them fame and a rich life. So you can join the production industry, make games or become an artist with famous works.

In those environments, Leo will freely show their passion and talent. You can also become an actor, dancer or athlete with a muscular body. Or you can try your hand at becoming leaders, directors… no matter what position, Leo will also perform excellently.

If you are a Leo woman, you can use your physical advantages to attract people. You can become a specialist in make-up, make-up or meeting jobs, communication and dialogue with customers. Therefore, the position of a receptionist, marketing staff will be a perfect choice for you.

If you are a Leo man, you will show your leadership and organizational talents. So you can work with a group of friends or try your hand at creative arts such as painting, writing music... These are suitable jobs for you to develop your unique creativity. .

In the eyes of friends and colleagues, you are a cheerful, open, sociable and talented person. They put their trust in you because you are very honest and honest. What they like about you is enthusiasm, kindness to help people and passion for work. Even if you are a bit ostentatious and arrogant at times, they do not feel uncomfortable.

If you are a boss, you get the trust and respect of your subordinates. All your words and orders are taken seriously by everyone, no one dares to resist. In their eyes, you are a great, open-minded boss who always protects the interests of employees.

Leo people are very good at making money, so they spend it comfortably. With a relaxed personality, they are willing to spend large sums of money to invite their friends and colleagues to eat. For them, money will eventually be earned again, only love, once lost, cannot be found again.

7. Family and friends

Among the 12 signs of the Zodiac, Leo is known as the most easy-going, generous and generous sign. They will not hesitate to organize a sumptuous party to invite friends to attend. What they want is a bustling, fun space that can bring people together.

Leo lives in the community, rarely alone. They love to meet, socialize, make friends and build many intimate relationships. In friendship, Leo is absolutely loyal, once they find a true friend, that friendship will last for the rest of their lives.

Leo uses his instinctive power to protect friends and relatives, especially family members. They will not allow anyone to offend or touch the interests of the family. If anyone does it on purpose, the Lion will force himself fiercely to make the enemy run away in fear.

8. Leo's Love

Leo loves passionately, sincerely and frankly. They do not have lies for their feelings, what they feel, they will honestly confess. Leos tend to choose a mate with similar interests, intelligence and humour. 

They want their relationship to be based on mutual trust, Leo doesn't want to be restrained but loves to manage the person they love.

Once they are in love with someone, they will be willing to sacrifice themselves, do everything to make that person happy and happy.

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9. How to conquer a Leo guy

Leo boys like girls who can listen, share and offer ideas to help them when needed.

To win him over, listen attentively to the feats he shows you anywhere, don't interrupt him. In love, Leo boys are very strict but equally romantic as romantic movies.

Tip: Compliment his positives!

10. How to conquer a Leo girl

Girls under the sign of Leo have a very attractive and attractive appearance, always attracting the attention of everyone around. They like pompous, elegant, ambitious and determined guys.

When in love, Leo women are very loyal, passionate and they always want to do everything to help the one they love. They like to be praised, praised, like unexpected, valuable gifts.

Tip: On your first date, take her to a fancy restaurant.

11. Overview of the Leo sign 

Lion is the lord of the jungle, standing above thousands of other beasts, it always shows its authority and strength. Just like the image of the representative animal, people of the Leo sign like to be worshiped and subordinated to by everyone.

They are afraid of loneliness, of being lost, and of feeling betrayed by others. What makes them feel excited is participating in festivals, amusement parks, or places with a lot of people.

Leo is very proud of his self-esteem and honor. Usually they are very friendly, sociable, fun with you. But if you don't care what they have to say or hurt them, these people will become terrible, ferocious in no time. 

People under the sign of Leo have a very distinctive appearance, easily recognizable. They usually have a thick, bouncy hair, which can be slightly ruffled, on their body a lot of hair grows from the arms, legs and even on the face.

Lion's eyes are usually round, dark, and slightly slanted. They have a straight gait, full of pride and confidence. Women of this sign have a powerful, beautiful, charismatic, and strangely attractive appearance.

Outwardly, a Lion is a person who laughs and talks, is always cheerful and optimistic, but in the end, they have hidden thoughts in their hearts. They are afraid of losing friends, afraid of being shunned by others, and afraid of their trust being betrayed.

They really need everyone's support and praise, which makes them more motivated to move forward. Leo can show their talent anywhere, even on the small streets, they make their life colorful and joyful. Without everyone's support and trust, Leo is like a lonely, pitiful cat.

People under the sign of Leo have very slow, gentle gestures and actions like a king. They like to be the center of all attention, like to be the subject of discussion and praise for others. Leo loves to lead others, wants others to do what they say.

Therefore, people of this sign may be suitable for a career as a teacher or a psychologist, a love consultant, etc. Leo also likes to help others, always knows how to solve other people's difficulties. but they don't know how to solve their own problems.

You should not criticize them severely, that will make the Lion furious. On the other hand, if you give them a compliment, they'll show great appreciation. Among the 12 signs of the Zodiac, Leo is the sign most strongly affected by sweet words and flattery.

Despite appearing cheerful, sociable and very carefree, Leo is actually very sensitive to other people's judgments about him. A disparaging word, even a joke, also makes them feel proud, there is no way to win the heart of a good Lion with praise and praise.

Whenever embarking on a plan or project, Leo thinks and considers it very carefully. They will never waste time and effort on useless, baseless plans. If in the role of organizers and leaders, they will complete the task excellently.

Among the 12 signs of the Zodiac, Leo occupies the first place in the top of the most generous constellations. They always treat guests with kindness and thoughtfulness when they come to the house.

Meals at the Lion's house are as solemn as those outside the restaurant. Or they are always willing to spend money to invite friends to eat and drink, without having to worry about expensive calculations. People of this sign are very generous, generous and for them the most important thing is love.

Leo feels their life is boring, lonely without love. They spend their whole youth looking for a true love. Therefore, people of Leo sign tend to get married earlier than people of other signs.

You will rarely see Leos in a single or lonely state, if not married people they are either getting married or are passionately in love.

Leo's mood changes according to their love status. These people are sometimes smiling as bright as the sun, sometimes sad, sad as if it is the end of the world. If Leo has to leave the person they love, they will be like a wilted flower lacking a source of water, always moody and sad.

Leos are people who are very narcissistic, angry, but also very easy to make up. A word of criticism can make them proud and a compliment can make them shine again. For Leo, the matter of anger - making good in love happens as usual. You will rarely see a single Leo, lady.

People of this sign have a strong, independent nature, so they do not want to depend on anyone. On the contrary, they love to protect and protect others and like someone who depends on them.

Sometimes, Leo grumbles about his workload too much while others are very leisurely, but actually he is just asserting his important role, not angry or annoyed. If you offer to help, he'll get mad. But if you ask for help, he will happily do all he can.

Leo never have to think about spending in life, they are very comfortable, sometimes too extravagant. As long as it's the things they like, whether it's luxury or expensive, they can afford it. Women under the sign of Leo are very fond of beauty, they are also willing to spend a large amount of money to take care of their beauty.

Therefore, Leo many times fell into a state of economic crisis. However, people of this sign are very good at making money, they quickly improve their economy. If you are in need, go to Leo, they will not refuse you.

In the face of difficulties and challenges, Leo never flinches, trembles, and is always ready to help others. Courage and courage are the essence of Leo.