Capricorn Zodiac Sign: Horoscope, Personality Traits, Love and Career


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Capricorn is the 10th sign of the 12 zodiac signs. This sign belongs to the earth element, so they will often have a patient personality, logical thinking, and very introspective. So to know more information about love, personality, career of Capricorn. Read our article below for more useful information!

General information about Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

  • Capricorn (Capricorn ♑) also known as Indonesia is the tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac, including those born from December 22 to January 19 of the solar calendar.
  • Symbol: The image of a goat with a fish tail, called a sea goat.
  • Linking Element: Earth (along with Taurus and Virgo), service-minded, introverted.
  • Sagittarius: Saturn (Scorpio), the constellation brings tradition, patience, and rational and logical thinking.
  • Body governing body: Skin, teeth, bones, knees.
  • Lucky numbers: 6, 8 and 9.
  • Symbolic flowers: Gardenia, chrysanthemums, violets, daffodils.
  • Auspicious stones: Garnet, amber, black onyx, jade, quartz.
  • Lucky colors: Dark colors, especially brown of maturity or black, blue (blue), yellow.
  • Favorite gift: Practical or functional gifts.
  • Metals lead.
  • Dating with:Taurus,Virgo.
  • Make friends with:Aries,Libra.
  • Bow engraving:Cancer

Overview of Capricorn

General knowledge about Capricorn

Capricorn is symbolized by a sea goat, also known as a stone goat with a fish tail. In Greek mythology, this sea goat is associated with the image of the sea god Pantheon, son of Cronus and Rhea. The Pantheon is depicted as a man bearing the horns and tail of a goat, and is sometimes depicted setting foot on a sea goat.

People born between December 22 and January 19 of the following year carry the energy of Capricorn. Capricorn is also considered an Earth sign, along with Taurus and Virgo. Earth signs are closely related to the physical world and natural change, including seasons, weather, land, and resources.

Of the 12 signs of the zodiac , Capricorn is also considered an introverted sign, meaning it's focused on the inside, with an emphasis on personal values ​​and feelings, rather than outside influences. It is also associated with renewal and change in life. At the same time, Capricorn is considered one of the most responsible of the 12 zodiac signs.

In addition, Capricorn is considered one of the four Dominant signs, alongside Aries, Cancer and Libra. These signs are seen as leadership and assertiveness, often associated with qualities such as patience, responsibility, and determination. Rulers are often very influential and play an important role in social and career relationships.

The Legend of Capricorn

The legend of the constellation Capricorn also carries the true meaning of the name of this sign. In Babylonian mythology, the image of the sea goat Seagoat is often used to describe this constellation. With his majestic appearance and ability to defend the land, Ea, the Babylonian god, is considered a symbol of constancy and determination in the constellation Capricorn.

Similarly, in Greek mythology, the image of a sea goat is also used to describe Capricorn. With Pan, the god of shepherds and cattle, the constellation Capricorn became a symbol of strength, endurance and friendliness. However, Pan prefers to live in the woods in the mountains, showing Capricorn's thirst for freedom and love of nature.

The constellation Capricorn is one of the oldest constellations, known from the 2nd century BC in Babylonian culture. It means renewal, change and progress in life.

Capricorn's Personality

Capricorn Male Personality

The Capricorn man has inherent advantages such as good leadership, intelligence, sensitivity, and a very principled life. Here's a closer look at the Capricorn man's personality.

Leadership qualities

When born, a Capricorn male has a leader in himself. These guys often have a very high will and stance, especially they can withstand pressure very well. Besides, these guys are often hard-working and have the ability to go up from the lowest position to the highest position.

The Capricorn man always has the trust and credibility of his colleagues. Because the Capricorn man knows how to observe, know what are the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, thereby helping to give advice, helping them to promote their best.

However, you will feel a lot of pressure when you have a boss like Capricorn because he is very fastidious and meticulous. These guys are not too meticulous to every detail, but he will meticulously plan for each very specific job.

Capricorn guys will often be very cold, rigid, making people a bit shy. However, these guys hate flattery and always look at reality to assess their ability. So as long as you try to complete the task well, the Capricorn guy will appreciate it.


With the Capricorn guy living is to have rules, he always sets a multitude of rules for himself to follow. In some cases, this guy is very rigid with his own principles. Everything must be orderly and neat under his control. The Capricorn man gets annoyed when something goes out of his way.

Besides, in life, Capricorn man always sets many high demands, so he is always serious about everything. At work, he will try to be serious and give his best.

In particular, the Capricorn man always plans clearly, carefully and surely when embarking on a task, when it is not certain that he will not allow himself to do it. Capricorn guys are very stubborn and always have a strong will, so they always try and try to complete everything in the most perfect way.

Ambitious and stubborn

As for Capricorn men, they are never satisfied with the position they are in. They always aspire to high positions at work. They always want to conquer mountain after mountain until they can conquer the highest mountain.

Capricorn men always set high expectations for both themselves and their lovers. This guy always wants his lover to bring pride and honor. The Capricorn guy does not need a girl with a great family background, but someone with the will to strive to overcome difficulties together.

In addition, the Capricorn male is a very stubborn, stubborn person that makes many people around feel uncomfortable. He always stubbornly defends his opinion when there is an issue that needs to be commented on. The more you argue, the more stubborn Capricorn will be, so talking softly with a Capricorn man is appropriate.

Capricorn Woman's Personality

Smart and practical

Just like the Capricorn man, the Capricorn woman is also very talented, responsible and has very high ambitions at work. Because they are ruled by Saturn.

Besides, the Capricorn girl has intelligence, quick thinking and very good diplomacy that makes many people admirable. With her industrious and hardworking nature, she is always learning at all times. So these girls have a treasure trove of knowledge.

The Capricorn woman always knows how to harmoniously combine the two elements of erection and softness. Therefore, they always achieve high achievements in life and are always loved by friends and relatives.

Capricorn women are not only smart, but they are very practical. They know what they need to do to achieve the goal they want to achieve. She never wastes any time on meaningless dreams, vain plans. They just want to take the time to implement detailed and clear planning ideas. Because of this, it helps the girls always do excellent work.

In love, Capricorn girls are also very practical, they do not like luxurious gifts, sweet words. Instead, they need a man who loves them with practical actions.

Strong reason

A trait that is most evident for Capricorn is strong. They have a very strong reason, it is difficult for anyone to make her sway in their judgment, thus making the difference between the Capricorn woman from other girls in the zodiac. It shows that Capricorn girls often live by reason more than feelings, sometimes causing many people to misunderstand that these girls do not know how to love.

In life, the Capricorn woman will not complain or back down when faced with difficulties. More specifically, they never give up, they will always try to reach the finish line. These girls always show their reason clearly through their actions and thoughts.

Like to be lonely

Capricorn women are people who do not like crowded places, so they have an introverted personality. These girls often will not reveal their thoughts, feelings or thoughts to others, including their loved ones or their own lovers.

Capricorn woman always helps people around silently, they are the type of people who do more than talk. Most especially, Capricorn girls often do not like to interact with strangers, so sometimes by not talking to others, she will feel bored.

Few people can understand the feelings of Capricorn girls because they always hide behind a cold and strong cover. Only those who are really close to her can sympathize with the character of these Capricorn girls.

Strength of Capricorn

Strength of Capricorn

The great energy of Capricorn is what many aspire to be. Capricorn radiates an abundant and positive energy, making everyone around them feel comfortable and want to be close to them. In addition, Capricorn has many other advantages, which may surprise you!

Creativity and ambition

With an independent personality, Capricorn has many great aspirations in work. When embarking on a project, Capricorn will do their best to achieve the best results.

When faced with difficulties and challenges, Capricorn is not afraid to face it. With creative and positive thoughts, they can easily overcome the worst difficulties and challenges.

At work, Capricorn always appears with more unique, creative and breakthrough ideas than others.

In communication with others, Capricorn belongs to those who have excellent presentation skills, easily convincing people to their ideas.

Always listen and understand

Capricorn will make a great friend, with kindness and generosity if the other person is caring and sharing. Capricorn is always willing to take the time to talk and listen to the thoughts and feelings of others.

However, due to focusing too much on work, Capricorn is often very busy and lacks time to spend with family. Sometimes, they do not intentionally withdraw into their own world and feel they do not need the companionship of others. They feel more comfortable being alone with their chaotic thoughts. This sometimes inadvertently makes Capricorn's loved ones feel unloved and uncared for.

However, when finding a life partner, Capricorn will realize that having a good companion will make life more fun and light. Capricorn always cares about their lover or partner, even down to the smallest details. They are willing to take the time to listen to the words of their loved one, even if it takes an hour.

Constraints of Capricorn

Constraints of Capricorn

Constraints of Capricorn

Mood swings and a closed life

In life, when encountering bad things, Capricorn often tends to become difficult and impatient. This makes them feel bad about life and have a selfish attitude. Capricorn's outspoken personality can also offend others and make them feel isolated.

To overcome this shortcoming, Capricorn should try to calmly face the change. Pay attention to the feelings of those around you, try to put yourself in their shoes to understand and feel. Take the time to learn more about new friends, which will make life richer and more active.

To build lasting relationships, look for people who are good listeners, willing to learn from their friends. Avoid creating conflict and division with those around you even though it can be difficult at times.

Technically, Capricorns are competent and can come up with great ideas, which can help them achieve success at work. However, they tend to dislike confiding and conversing with colleagues.

If you want to advance and have the opportunity to develop your abilities, Capricorn needs to focus on building personal relationships. The people around you are an important factor in your progress. Thanks to their sincere advice, Capricorn can change for the better and attract the love of many people.

Extremely proud and possessive

Capricorns have strong and independent personalities, and sometimes they tend to be very possessive and self-respecting. With Capricorn, when they have won something, they consider it all theirs. However, when they can't hold it anymore, Capricorn may be willing to let go of it and replace it with something more valuable.

As for Capricorns, they always adhere to the principle of "Holding, letting go". In love, if the partner wants to end the relationship, Capricorn will be ready to let that person go without trying to hold on.

Once away, Capricorn will not give you the opportunity to return to their side again. Because of this personality, Capricorn often has very few close friends. Although many people love them, it is rare to be considered close friends with a Capricorn. So, Capricorn may need to be a little more flexible, because for them, having more friends is better than harboring more hatred.

Career suitable for Capricorn

Career suitable for Capricorn

Career suitable for Capricorn

Capricorns often have their own qualities, strengths, and strengths that make them suitable for some of the following careers:


With strengths like Capricorn can solve different problems and stay organized. So they can completely become a professional manager. Besides, Capricorn has the patience and meticulousness that makes them excellent managers. They have the ability to plan, coordinate work and achieve good results.

Accounting and auditing

Accounting can be seen as a harmonious job for Capricorns. Because Capricorns are very good at management, careful, accurate and good analytical ability, making them excellent accounting or auditing professionals. They have the ability to work with data, manage finances and provide reliable analysis. From there, Capricorn can complete the task perfectly and there is nothing wrong with their personality.


With serious personality, honesty and sharp analytical ability, Capricorn can succeed in the legal field. They have the ability to research, make arguments and protect the interests of customers.

Teacher – Lecturer

Teaching often requires a lot of patience along with good organizational skills. These traits are all in Capricorn. Capricorn has the ability to convey information clearly and has patience in teaching. So they can become excellent teachers, sharing knowledge and inspiring students. They are perfectly suited to the teaching profession.

Programming and information technology

Programming requires skills such as computer programming, coding, and data management. This job for many people is very boring, but for Capricorn they always try and focus on working as much as possible to find a solution. They are always persistent, show determination and always try to come up with practical solutions of themselves to make employers feel secure and confident.

Capricorn love sign

Capricorn love sign

Capricorn love sign

Signs of love when in love of the Capricorn man

Capricorn will become more open and funny when falling in love with a certain girl. The Capricorn man will always take the initiative to care for and care for the other person, even if it is a small action or gesture. Sometimes, these guys will get jealous when someone approaches or talks to his partner.

How to Conquer a Capricorn Man

Capricorn guys often attract women with their attractive appearance, sociable and friendly personality. The Capricorn guy doesn't like flirting, because of his traditional personality. He usually likes girls with long black hair and natural faces. In particular, he is attracted to gentle and loving girls.

If you want to fall in love with a Capricorn man, you need to take the initiative. He may have liked you for a long time but didn't say it. Feel the love through his gestures and care.

When it comes to love, the Capricorn man is usually very assertive. The Capricorn man feels safe when he loves a girl who is sincere and worried about him. You can take care and concern for him to make Capricorn flutter.

The Capricorn man values ​​his family very much. He is looking for an obedient and gentle girl to take care of the family together. A girl who is filial and loves her parents will be appreciated by a Capricorn man.

In love with a Capricorn man, loyalty is the most important thing. If you just fall in love with him and notice him without commitment, he'll dump you in no time. Capricorn cherishes the girl who loves only him and is always by his side, no matter the situation.

Signs of love when in love of Capricorn woman

Once Capricorn likes you, they will become lively, talk to you a lot more than usual and will always be the one to take the initiative to surprise you.

Sometimes you will feel that she has a slightly different personality than usual. Besides, the Capricorn woman will show interest in the stories you tell and when you two talk, the Capricorn woman will always look you in the eye.

Signs of love when in love of Capricorn woman

How to conquer a Capricorn girl

Although Capricorn woman has a strong personality and is gentle with people, in love she often feels insecure. She is often attracted to men who are warm and have a mature attitude.

Capricorn girls are often talkative and ask a lot, so whoever wants to fall in love with her needs to be mentally prepared to answer. Despite being difficult at times, Capricorns are very attentive to their partners. She will feel most comfortable around a strong, stable and mature man.

In order to "fall" a Capricorn girl, you first need to make a deep impression with your mature appearance and proper manners with everyone. If you dress inappropriately on the first date, you will definitely be "dismissed from the parking lot". When choosing a gift for a Capricorn girl, it is not necessary to care about the value, but find out her preferences to choose the most suitable gift. This will help you score points with her.

In addition, Capricorn girls are very family-loving. So, if you want to conquer her, you need to "saw" from her parents and relatives. Just please and keep the respect from your Capricorn parents, and you will quickly win her heart.

Capricorn also appreciates your patience and pursuit. So don't be discouraged if you get rejected once or twice, be patient and care about Capricorn, sooner or later she will fall in love with you.

How is the love story of Capricorn?

How is the love story of Capricorn

How is the love story of Capricorn?

Capricorn is not the type of person who likes to flirt. These people often approach love in a media way and they find flirting unattractive.

Once Capricorns are interested in you, they will either let you know directly or they will do various caring ways to take care of you. Eg:

  • Capricorn will always take advantage of every opportunity to get closer to you.
  • Capricorn will plan and program changes to suit you.
  • Capricorn is willing to generously pay for meals with you.
  • Always try to make an impression on you.

Capricorn has the ability to recognize their own desires and also know how to achieve those dreams.

Capricorn often puts reason above emotion. However, this is not always good in every relationship. Capricorns can feel uncomfortable when they are too deeply immersed in their relationship.

This is why Capricorns often avoid having a lover to avoid attachment. However, when they find their other half, they can become thoughtful and good lovers. They will spend more time in love and reduce the busyness of work.

Capricorn's challenge in a relationship is the difficulty in expressing affection to a partner. They assume that everything has a time and place, and this also applies to love. Capricorn doesn't like public displays of affection, but this could be just what a partner needs.

Capricorn needs flexibility and consideration to understand what a partner needs to feel appreciated. This flexibility can only overcome all inhibitions when they find the perfect mate. They need someone who can help them process their emotions better and open up more.

Capricorns also tend to hold grudges for long periods of time, and this is not something their partner appreciates. They need to learn to forgive and move on. Forgiveness is an important aspect of a good relationship. If Capricorn persists and refuses to let go in all matters and arguments, it will be very difficult to maintain a happy and lasting relationship.

Which Capricorn Compatibility with Zodiac Sign

Capricorns are introverted and do not like to socialize with strangers or crowded places. They like to keep their thoughts and feelings inside, and often help others quietly and quietly. Harmony with other zodiac signs will also be a reasonable choice for them.

Capricorn man Combined with female Aries

The couple Aries and Capricorn promises to have a very beautiful ending. The beautiful and gentle Aries woman pairs up with the Capricorn man, and the two share many similarities, creating harmony and interest.

Aries is a lovely and mischievous girl, however, she can sometimes cause trouble, so the Capricorn man needs to be stronger, more mature and tolerant to protect and care for her.

Capricorn, with an introverted and somewhat dry personality, will feel more open when around the cheerful Aries woman. However, Aries must also restrain themselves so as not to disturb or annoy the partner.

Both are willing to change and take the time to be compatible with each other. The relationship of this couple will last in love if both know how to get along and respect each other.

Capricorn man Combined with Female Libra

The Libra girl possesses a sense of humor and ingenuity, always talks a lot and has a good psychological ability. Meanwhile, the Capricorn guy likes to live alone, rarely participates in exchanges and does not often express his feelings.

Capricorn adheres to fixed principles in life, while Libra loves the free life. At first, it might seem difficult for these two to get along, but they're unexpectedly compatible. Since they are both frank, they choose to express their thoughts directly to understand each other, and this helps to resolve issues easily.

Libra's cheerful and humorous personality brings a new look to Capricorn, helping him to relax after long working days. At the same time, Libra also feels warm and safe next to this guy. Because of this love's importance, both must learn to control their individuality to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and maintain a stable relationship.

Capricorn man Combined with female Taurus

Both the Capricorn and Taurus zodiac signs belong to the Earth element, carrying in them gentleness, industriousness, hard work, and responsibility. Both live by the principle of practicality and direction, which makes them feel comfortable and easy to find common ground.

The Taurus woman will be attracted to the strong reason of the Capricorn man, and she considers him a dependable and trustworthy person. Meanwhile, the Capricorn man, who is busy with work, will be looking for a woman who is as thoughtful, careful and caring as the Taurus woman.

Capricorn and Taurus are a good example of a traditional family model. Both are loyal and especially value family. Their relationship is stable and there are few conflicts. Both are patient and intelligent, so when faced with conflict, they are lucid and calm enough to resolve the issue peacefully.

Capricorn Woman Combined with female Aries

Capricorn woman Combined with Aquarius man

When Aquarius and Capricorn are together, it creates a feeling of peace and lightness. Because they both know how to balance, help and share each other in life.

For Aquarius, they are the type of person who is very considerate, thoughtful, psychological but also very loyal in love. The Aquarius guy tends to like simplicity but casualness, so this mindset works well for a Capricorn woman.

The Aquarius guy will be responsible for taking care of and reminding the Capricorn woman to pay attention to her own health. Because the Capricorn woman will often devote herself to work, she spends very little time taking care of herself.

The Aquarius guy is always the one who makes a clear, clear plan, then he will ask his lover's opinion first. The Capricorn woman always keeps herself calm, so it helps the guy to keep balance and stability.

Both always listen and respect each other. Therefore, making the Capricorn woman always feel happy when he is respected and trusted by him. When the two combine, it will create a fulfilling life in marriage in the future.

Capricorn woman Combined with Virgo man

Capricorn and Virgo are two couples with similar thoughts and views. Although in love they do not have intense explosions, but there is persistence.

The Virgo man is a very disciplined person, but the Capricorn woman is very principled. Both need stability in life, not momentary sublimation. Therefore, people around always think their life is very dry and boring.

The Capricorn woman is very meticulous and careful, while the Virgo man is very enthusiastic and intelligent. They always feel safe in any situation because both are careful to make clear plans in advance. Because of these things, many people are jealous of this couple because of their harmony and coordination.

Capricorn Woman Combined with Capricorn Man

Capricorn guy is easily attracted to many other zodiac girls. However, it is difficult for anyone to understand the guy's emotional feelings like a Capricorn woman. Therefore, in the 12 zodiac signs of Capricorn male, combined with Capricorn female is a great choice.

Capricorns are very trustworthy, enterprising people, so when deciding to go further, both will be very respectful and responsible in the relationship.

Because both are very passionate about their work, sometimes the dating place can be the workplace. They often talk to each other all day about work. However, both should spend more time alone so that they can understand each other's lives more. This couple will be fully material and spiritual when combined.


Through this article, it has helped you to understand somewhat about the personality as well as the strengths and limitations of the Capricorn sign . Thanks to that information, you can discover the potential for yourself to develop more in the future.

In addition, the article also provides about suitable career, love path like? Which bows does it fit? From there, it helps you somewhat orient your career in accordance with your strengths in the future.

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