Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Personality, Love and Career


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Curriculum vitae:

- Scorpio is also known by other names such as Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio and Thien Ha.

- Minor: 8 in the Zodiac

- Ruling planet: Pluto (symbolizes awareness, fertility and death, steady but gradual growth, rebirth and secrecy )

- Symbol: scorpion

- Stone: opal, smooth and sparkling Opal stone (symbolizes a warm and sincere personality) -

Element: water

- Features: fixation

- Parts body: reproductive organs

- Colors: red and chestnut

- Lucky numbers: 2, 7, and 9

- Dates: Cancer , Pisces

- Friends with: Aquarius, Leo

- Unsuitable sign: Taurus 

1. Greek Mythology - The Legend of Scorpio

In Greek mythology, the goddess Hera ordered a scorpion to kill the hunter Orion. Listening to its owner, the scorpion slowly crawled up from the ground to attack Orion, making the young man unable to react. With their feat, Scorpio and Orion were able to fly in the blue sky and turn into two constellations, located separately.

People believe that the separation between Scorpio and the Orion hunter was arranged by the gods, because they did not want the enmity to continue. However, there are also many opinions that Apollo is the one who ordered Scorpio to attack Orion, not Hera.

Because he was extremely jealous when he saw the sight of Artemis taking care of the hunter Orion. Later, regretting what he had done, Apollo carried Orion's soul into the sky as a belated apology for his actions.

Scorpio and Orion are in opposite positions, every time Scorpio appears, Orion begins to fear diving, running away from the fearsome enemy. Scorpio is also known to everyone in the story of Phaethon - the poor son of the god Helios.

Helios, the sun god, had only one son, Phaethon. One day, the boy begged his father to ride in the chariot of the sun.

Because he loved his son too much, Helios agreed. On the way, the horses suddenly panicked, frightened by the appearance of a giant, fierce scorpion and they lost their way, not obeying Phaethon's instructions.

Finally, with no other choice, Zeus kicked Phaethon out of the chariot of the sun to end the chaos.

2. Symbolic image of Scorpio


Scorpio is symbolized by the image of a scorpion - an animal that scares people. Scorpions only live in wild deserts or tropical forests and mountains. If we closely study its behavior and characteristics, we will see that this animal is surrounded by a very hard shell and is active only at night.

If you look closely, you will see that the tail of the scorpion is very long and has a stinger. Moreover, the end of the tail contains venom, which is very dangerous.

During the day, this animal lies in the burrow to rest, at night it begins to hunt for food. The scorpion approaches its prey and uses its poison-filtered tail to knock down the opponent. If an enemy approaches, its tail will curl up to warn the enemy not to approach.

In fact, scorpions use their venom as a weapon to protect themselves from danger, not attack, but once an enemy tries to challenge, it will immediately rush to respond. Scorpio will never admit defeat on its own, even if it kills itself, it will fight to the very end.

Many people are scared when they see this animal. They always run away, keep their distance to be safe. According to research by scientists, on this earth, relatives of scorpions are very diverse and large and they are animals with fighting spirit and high damage ability.

But the most terrifying scorpions are probably in the Sahara and Mexico. They can cause people to seek death.

3. Scorpio basic personality

Scorpio personality

Scorpio is said to be the most powerful of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Therefore, children of this sign are often wise, thinking and understanding before their age. In life, Scorpio has deep and strong attachment relationships.

The scorpion is covered by a very sturdy, sturdy outer shell, helping it to protect itself when fighting enemies. Just like the symbolic image, people of this sign are often disguised by a cold, quiet outer layer. Even close people, contacting them for a long time cannot fully understand the people of Scorpio.

Most people of the Scorpio sign have very different looks, but there is one common feature that sets them apart: eyes. Eyes can be of many different colors, but they have a strange attraction, hypnotic power.

If facing them, you will not dare to look directly into the eyes of Scorpio. Because those eyes make you feel confused, embarrassed and a little scared. Whenever they stared at something, their eyes seemed to glow with a strong, indescribable fire.

People of the Scorpio sign are mostly tall and good-looking. They are very brave, brave when facing difficulties, nothing makes them tremble, back down. They may look quiet on the outside, but Scorpios are actually approachable, interesting and kind people, always ready to help others.

If you treat them well, they will surely stick with you for the rest of your life. Scorpio likes to possess and control everything, when someone harms them, they plan to take revenge on that person. People of this sign can become detectives, scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc.

According to astrologers who study the constellations, Scorpio consists of 3 levels of evolution in the soul. The first layer is a species of scorpion that lives in deserts, deserts, and jungles. The second floor is the Eagle bird, and the top floor is the Phoenix Reborn bird.

The lowest floor are normal scorpions, they have the ability to fight and deal high damage. Therefore, people are very afraid of this species, often running away, avoiding them when they meet them. In Scorpio, people with a cruel nature or criminals are often born on this level.

The Eagle bird symbolizes the people of the second floor. People born at this level are ambitious, aggressive, and good at business. They can control their own lives and own large fortunes. Thanks to their fighting spirit, these people can turn defeat into victory, turn bad into good, turn the situation around unexpectedly.

The highest level in the constellation Scorpio is symbolized by the image of the Phoenix bird Reborn. People born at this level are often outstanding, multi-talented and have authority and status in society.

4. Analysis of the constellation Scorpio

People belonging to the constellation Scorpio have great changes in the formation of their personality. If you look closely, you will see that the characteristics of lightness, enjoyment, and laziness suddenly turn into an intense personality, the bravery to fight one-on-one.

Modesty, principled attitude, collective consciousness have been replaced by completely opposite personalities. Scorpio no longer has a peaceful attitude, does not like living in groups, they like solitude, alone. It's also hard for them to stick to a certain rule in life, unless that's what they like.

With this personality, Scorpio has isolated himself from life, even being misunderstood and shunned by people around him. But people of this sign do not care about other people's thoughts, ignoring misunderstandings without even explaining.

Like the hunting characteristic of Scorpio, when Scorpio wants to attack their target or opponent, they will quietly observe, wait for the right opportunity, and then attack.

Those who intend to provoke and tease these people are a mistake. They will be ready to jump into the battle, attack the enemy and the Scorpio will never stop until they have won.

Of course, Scorpios don't always turn out to be winners, but they can't stand defeat either. These people are willing to sacrifice themselves to become the victors.

They can not control their emotions, their anger, so they rush into negativity, wasting time. If you fail too many times, Scorpio will run away from real life, carelessly, even fall into social evils, destroying themselves.

Scorpio is not a person who specializes in quarreling with others, nor a person who has many schemes, pursues luxuries, fame and profit. They know how to protect themselves and those around them from dangers.

In order not to be defeated, they planned to fight. This consumes a lot of time and energy. If you have set a goal, no matter how difficult, boring, or dangerous the job is, Scorpio will never give up.

In the war, Scorpio is very fair, never giving in to anyone. Warnings do not work for them, do not trust anyone, Scorpio only acts according to their instincts and reason.

As long as there is a ray of hope, they will have more motivation to pursue the goal ahead. However, due to being too suspicious, not trusting others, sometimes Scorpio pushes themselves to the path of failure.

Scorpio people are rarely touched by anyone else. If those who have deliberately obstructed, caused difficulties or harmed them, they will decide to take revenge to the end. So you should not cheat, betray or hinder Scorpio if you don't want a strong, aggressive enemy.

Scorpio will never care, look at the rich and successful life of someone else, nor do they have the habit of relying on people around. Scorpio is self-sufficient, has no interest in other people's things.

Their personality is also reflected in the way they decorate and arrange items in the house. The cold tones show the strong, fierce and lonely in this person..

People belonging to the constellation Scorpio are very focused on appearance, they do not want their appearance to be overshadowed, unnoticed by others. However, they also don't like the look that is too colorful and sophisticated, just easy to see and impressive.

Women under this sign have a habit of sexy makeup, clothes can be a bit sexy to attract people's eyes. Men often choose for themselves strong outfits, showing their masculine charm and fighting posture.

Whether male or female, they are clearly aware of their sexiness, charm, and strengths. Therefore, they see it as a weapon to help them achieve their goals in life. This method is very clever and highly effective.

With their delicate eyes, Scorpio can understand the thoughts and motives of others, even if they try to hide it. It is not easy for Scorpio to achieve success.

What they have today have to go through countless obstacles, difficulties, even sometimes they have to face danger. Scorpio acts decisively, never regretting nor predicting the consequences.

In the eyes of many people, they think that Scorpio is crazy, without reason. But no matter what other people think, they are not surprised or sad, because Scorpio does not care about the thoughts or the words of the people around. They are aware that they are extremists and that people's judgments about them are not wrong.

People of the Scorpio sign born in the first 10 days will clearly show the above characteristics and personalities. Born in the second 10th day of life will show only a few typical personality traits. Those born on the 10th of the third day will show a more patient, decisive and thoughtful personality.

5. Ways of thinking, communication skills and adaptability to work

Scorpio at work

Things that have attracted the attention and curiosity of Scorpio, this person will surely fight to the end to get them. But they are not too hasty, rushing into the battle right away, the first thing Scorpio does is to plan and calculate their steps.

They will never think about how to withdraw for safety, but they will only think about how to achieve the goal. Looks cold and quite aggressive, but in fact, Scorpio also has hidden thoughts in their hearts, they will never reveal it to anyone.

If they don't want to give their answer, then even if you try to push or pressure them, they won't say anything. That's why people give them the nickname "mystical thinker".

Most Scorpio people when making decisions, they rely on feelings and intuition more than reason. Therefore, they are very easy to make mistakes and failures in life.

However, Scorpio has not yet learned from their experience and working methods, they do not apply their practical knowledge to solving problems, from time to time they still encounter many failures. What you need to do at that time is to accept the opinions and advice of others, not to be conservative with your thoughts.

Scorpio is overly suspicious, they will not trust anyone, even the closest people. They regularly test relationships by asking probing questions. If someone is trapped, they will have proof that their skepticism is correct.

At work, just set goals, Scorpio will try their best to be able to complete the work. They are hardworking, industrious people who work tirelessly and absolutely do not waste their time on useless things. Scorpio is very worthy of everyone's praise for their enthusiasm, wholeheartedness for the work.

Scorpios are very frank, honest people, they will never tell lies to flatter and deceive others. The words of these people are very weighty and precise, absolutely do not say two words. That is why they are respected and trusted by many people.

People of this sign can best understand the power of silence and use that power as a highly effective fighting method.

It doesn't take much effort, they just need to be silent and use their eyes to force the other person to speak their mind. Scorpio will obtain the necessary amount of information and ensure that other people will not be able to read their thoughts

This characteristic of them is a solid foundation for people of the Scorpio sign to become good lawyers, using techniques to control the opponent.

If you belong to the Scorpio sign, when looking for a job, you should pay attention: Do not do small jobs that are both time-consuming and complicated, and do not bring high efficiency. You can do well in things that require intuitive judgment or do jobs that can bring you power and status in society.

At work, you should limit yourself with people who do not like or have an attitude of looking down on you. You should also not quarrel or provoke, that will adversely affect your mood and work. If you are a good person, you should build long-term, harmonious co-worker relationships.

6. Money and career

"I want to.." that is the opening sentence of Scorpio when answering, presenting about a certain issue. Their instinct is to organize and solve problems. When they are determined to achieve something, no one can stop them.

People of this sign have the ability to focus on work and handle situations quickly and with high accuracy. When working with anyone, Scorpion puts mutual respect first, which is also the key to maintaining a relationship. They always give their colleagues absolute respect and they want others to have the same attitude towards them.

With their meticulous and subtle observation, Scorpio can do well in scientific research or become a talented explorer. Strange and unique things will stimulate Scorpio's curiosity and want to explore.

With a curious personality, wanting to discover new things, Scorpio can also assert themselves in fields such as a chemist, a healer or a spy, detective.. No What can hinder your determination to achieve your goal?

Scorpios are people with good intuition, good analytical mind and risk-taking instincts, so they can be suitable for the jobs of police, detectives, and spies.

If you are a Scorpio woman, you are very understanding, psychological and hardworking. Becoming a nurse or medical doctor will be the perfect choice for you.

If you are a Scorpio man, you may be suitable for the job of a politician or a police officer who specializes in catching criminals. You are adventurous, love to explore and have good strategic organization skills. The above jobs will help you promote your full potential and gain the trust of people.

In the eyes of your colleagues, they see you as a hard-working, intelligent, brave and easily angered person. They admire and admire you because you are a person with high work ethic and very accurate judgments.

If you become a boss, you will be very loyal and always responsible for your work and employees. However, your work frequency and discipline requirements are too high, making everyone feel pressured and heavy.

The key to help you open the door to success is hard work, intelligence and extraordinary health. You can work at any time without feeling tired. Moreover, your improvisation, stamina is the best!

Scorpio people are quite good at making money, so they are always well off financially. However, they are very thrifty, do not spend indiscriminately, without purpose. Therefore, people under the sign of Scorpio often hold many great assets, live in wealth and luxury.

7. Friends and family

Friends and Family of Scorpio

In Scorpio, you will easily notice that there are two most prominent qualities that are loyal and kind. In terms of friendship, they are willing to sacrifice and help their friend in any situation.

To have a true friend, Scorpio takes a lot of time and effort to thoroughly research. Not everyone is a Scorpio who considers a friend, but once someone has caught the eye, the relationship is sure to last for a long time.

With their enthusiasm and understanding, Scorpio will solve the problem in the best way. People of this sign rarely raise their voice or let others capture their feelings. They don't like romantic actions. Scorpio will not run to hug their lover in front of everyone.

People of this sign place great importance on relationships of loyalty, trust, and mutual respect. If someone sacrifices themselves to help them in difficult times, they will be grateful, remember for a lifetime.

Scorpios strongly hate people who fake, lie, or flatter others to achieve their goals. People with shallow, exploitative thinking will also not be able to make friends with Scorpio.

They like to make friends with funny and kind people. If you have considered someone as a true friend, they will wholeheartedly care and help you whenever your friend is in trouble. However, Scorpio has a rather large ego, if deceived or betrayed, they will be extremely hurt and never forgive that person.

For his family, Scorpio wholeheartedly takes care and builds a happy home. Even though they are busy with work, they also try to find time to be with their loved ones. Scorpios are always humorous people who bring joy and laughter to everyone even when Scorpio is facing many difficulties in life.

Scorpio's love has many complicated and confusing developments. Sometimes love is very intense and warm, but sometimes love contains suspicion, jealousy, jealousy. This situation makes Scorpio have many negative thoughts, easily falling into a state of loneliness and autism.

Scorpio people, whether they are women or men, have an irresistible charm and attraction. They are people with high emotional needs, longing to be loved and cared for.

8. Scorpio Man

Men of the Scorpio sign are quite aggressive and like to conquer the opponent. Once they have their goals, they will be determined to become winners. Emotionally, these people do not speak sweet, dreamy words.

They are very practical, actions speak louder than words. However, Scorpio is highly possessive and jealous, what is theirs is absolutely not touched by others.

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 9. Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are emotional, sincere and self-sacrificing people. Their love life, despite going through many difficulties, disappointments and sadness, they still stubbornly love to the end.

Sometimes these women are blinded by love, they love with all their heart. Scorpio can endure the ups and downs in love and find a way to wash away and ease the sadness.

With their sincere heart, the Scorpio makes the other person understand the value of love and its intense attraction. Once they have found their man, they will take care of and perfect themselves to become the perfect half.

Scorpio will be a wonderful wife to the family. They are very brave, good at cooking and always sacrifice, endure and take care of their families. Scorpios may be needy, but they absolutely do not let their husbands and children suffer.

Women of this sign are also possessive and jealous. They need fidelity, mutual respect is the foundation for a long-term relationship. If other people have the intention to take away, take away what belongs to them, as instinctively they will immediately attack to take revenge. And if betrayed in love, they will never forgive that person.

Marrying a man belonging to the constellation Taurus is the perfect choice for them. Two people will find a common voice in love and stick together, experiencing joys and miracles in life. The Pisces man is also very suitable for the personality of Scorpio.

If you live with a Cancer man, Scorpio will always receive support and power in the family.

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10. Scorpio's love

Scorpios are always secretive, do not want to share their private things with anyone. The model they choose must be intelligent people with the same interests, especially being loyal and respectful to each other. When in love, they will love passionately, wholeheartedly doing everything for that person. Scorpio wants to build a strong, long-term relationship, understanding and respecting each other.

Dating with a god


Tips for a date with Scorpio

If you are having a crush on a Scorpio girl or boy, on your first date, you should definitely remember:

Things not to do

  1. Do not lie around, that will make you not impress Scorpio. If you get caught, you'll probably get in trouble.
  2. Don't ask too hard questions about Scorpio's private life right from the beginning of the story.
  3. Do not try to command, command them to listen to your opinion.
  4. Don't be unnatural, shy.
  5. Do not have too intimate gestures.
  6. Don't reveal too soon about your relationship to your friends and people around.
  7. Do not post problems or conversations of two people on social networks. Scorpio is a very private person, they will not like what you do.
  8. In the story, whether it's right or wrong, you shouldn't argue harshly with Scorpio. They will get angry and leave.

Things to do:

  1. Wearing outstanding costumes, creating attractiveness and charm.
  2. Choose a date that is warm and mysterious, stimulating the curiosity of Scorpio.
  3. During the date, listen to their stories attentively.
  4. Share your honest feelings and thoughts.
  5. Be honest about your hobbies and passions. Find out Scorpio's personality and passion.
  6. Give Scorpio a surprise gift.
  7. Open an invitation for the next date, be it a movie night or to an amusement park.
  8. Talk attractive, attractive, confident about yourself.

11. Overview of Scorpio

Scorpio people have good communication skills and rare confidence. They often don't care what other people think about them. Whether it's criticism or praise, Scorpio ignores it.

Scorpios are lucky people with good health both mentally and physically. The appearance is also easily recognized by the slender figure, white water, long eyelashes, stomped eyebrows.

Scorpios rarely show their emotions outside, they are always thoughtful and cold. However, that's just a disguise on the outside, inside their souls hide a humorous and passionate personality.

They will never let others read their feelings and thoughts. Even in times of difficulty, sadness, you will not see the confusion on their faces. Or when they have a good time, Scorpio just hides it in their heart and doesn't show it outside. Therefore, in the eyes of people, Scorpio is very difficult to understand and difficult to approach.

Scorpio people always live honestly, hate fakes, lies, especially never believe flattery. Scorpio rarely smiles, but the smile is full of sincerity and likability.

When talking to people, they are always honest, have nothing to say, do not flatter to please others. If Scorpio compliments you with a smooth, pinkish white skin, you should be confident with what you have.

If you are brave enough, listen to the weaknesses Scorpio has to say about you. Sometimes Scorpio's sincere evaluations make many people narcissistic and angry. Therefore, they have many enemies in life. But besides that, Scorpio is loved and trusted by many people because of his honesty and simplicity.

According to research by astrologers, Scorpio is divided into three classes with very different personality traits and people. The first layer is represented by pure scorpions living in the desert or jungle.

People born on this floor are very dangerous, aggressive and hostile, ready to harm the people they hate. The second floor is the bird "eagle", mettle, power and strength. The third layer is the "reincarnated phoenix" representing the powerful, wise and status class in society.

Whether a man or a woman, if they are already under the sign of Scorpio, they all have the common characteristic of being brave, extraordinary courage, even daring to face deadly danger. Therefore, no matter how hard the work is, it does not make them tremble.

What other people can't do, Scorpio conquers very well. Scorpio is ready to accept the most dangerous difficulties to win, no one can stand in the way, stop them.

People under the sign of Scorpio live very affectionately, before and after as one. If someone has been helpful and kind to them, they will be grateful and well rewarded. But conversely, Scorpio will also never forget someone's insults and betrayals.

To attack the enemy, each floor of Scorpio has a different response. Pure scorpions will meticulously plan and take revenge whenever the opponent is negligent. Eagles will show their power by challenging immediately.

Scorpio's health, good or bad, depends entirely on their spirit. If Scorpio is angry, irritable often or has tormenting thoughts, hatred towards someone, their health will experience bad changes.

But their health can improve soon after if they hear good news coming to them. People of this sign from birth have very good health, rarely get sick, but once they get sick, they are often very active. Scorpio should watch out for respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular diseases.

Due to the deep division and difference between classes, the Scorpio sign has many talented, powerful, and powerful people, and also many bad guys and criminals.

Because of their high possessive properties, Scorpio will never allow others to take what belongs to them. When standing in front of the enemy, Scorpios are never afraid, they will always be calm and attack strongly and fiercely.

Many people under the sign of Scorpio have become talented explorers, professional medical doctors.. That success stems from the instinct of curiosity, the desire to explore and conquer new things, secret.

It is said that for every scorpion that dies, a new scorpion is born. The underlying reason to explain that mysterious phenomenon is still being studied by astrologers. Perhaps Scorpio carries a great power, it needs to be supported by a certain power behind it to appear life.

Scorpio people are suitable for objects such as heliotrope, crimson. The metal that symbolizes this sign is steel - soft, sparkling, attracting everyone's attention.