21 simple but essential office feng shui notes


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If you want a bright future, a good career development, you cannot ignore office feng shui. Here are 21 common workplace feng shui layouts, with sand with hung, with good and bad, readers should refer to to apply in the most effective and correct way.

office feng shui

1. Working position near the faucet causes financial loss

Many places arrange the desk of the boss or the owner of the unit near the sink and faucet for convenience without knowing that this will create an office feng shui error that causes money to be lost.

2. The working position of the leader should be in the sand position

In principle, the best desk position is to the right of the door, when sitting down, the big door will be on the left hand side, with a large open space and also a good fortune.

3. Office without doors, career difficult to develop

The office has an important influence on the career, must choose a beautiful location, bright and airy space, abundant energy. If the office does not have a window, it will cause a feeling of oppression, suffocation, lack of light, making it impossible for work to progress smoothly, and fortune is also poor.

4. The crossbar is at the top, affecting health and mood

Working desks, especially those of leaders and department heads, are placed under the rafters, making work difficult, unfavorable, and always oppressed. In addition, it also makes poor health, bad mood, under a lot of pressure, easy fatigue, exhaustion.

5. The head of the finance department must sit in a position with support

The head of the finance department, even the finance staff, accountants, and cashiers should all sit in a position with a solid, steady backing, avoiding people walking behind, avoiding the faucet to protect money. resources, strengthen the financial capacity of the company and at the same time ensure secrecy, not to be seen by others.

6. Harmful impulse line coincides 

In office feng shui , not only should the main road be avoided, but even the internal path within the company cannot be directed directly to the office or workplace. Extremely harmful, damaging to the owner, must be avoided.

7. Offices with natural light are the best

The best light in the office is from the window, which is natural light. If you work in a place where the day is dim, dark, and the space is secret, no matter how many lights you turn on, it's not good. Sunlight originates from yang, which is much more beneficial for the operation.

8. Light should not come from behind

Many people arrange their desks to lean against the window or in front of the lamp to get light, which is not beneficial in terms of feng shui.

Considering the light in feng shui , it is best that the light comes from the left or the top, so when choosing the position of the desk, consider so that the light source comes from the most favorable side.

9. A desk leaning against a glass wall is a taboo

Currently, the trend of transparent glass walls is very popular, but for leaders and owners who need to make big decisions, it is absolutely impossible to lean back on the glass wall. This is a taboo in office feng shui, harmful equivalent to the error behind no support, damaging fortune and career.

10. Outside the window, there are many pointed structures that are very unfavorable

Close to the office window that has many pointed architectures, facing the office, is very bad. The closer the distance, the greater the effect, it is necessary to display feng shui items close to reduce the killing intent.

11. Crossing the center is a disadvantage for the office

According to feng shui workplace , the working position needs to be carefully arranged, if you commit a close radial position, it is extremely disadvantageous. If it is the working position of the leader, the head of the department, it will affect the operation of the entire company and department.

12. Wealth is chaotic, unclean, leaking water

Office assets can put decorative fish tanks but keep in mind, do not let water leak, walls and floors peel off; Wealth should not be scattered around, do not display fake flowers, discarded items, which will affect the finances of themselves and the company.

13. The decoration should not be too much

No matter how spacious the office is, it should not display too many decorations. Many new-born rich owners, because they boasted of their wealth, had a room full of rare and luxurious things. This is not only not beautiful but also greatly hinders the career, must be very careful.

14. The cashier next to the faucet is unlucky

For convenience, the doors of the stores are often equipped with hand washing faucets, very close to the cashier counters. This according to feng shui is very bad, causing wealth to flow like water, preferably around the place of money collection, financial management should not have faucets, water tanks, gutters.

15. Office doors do not display screens around

At the entrance to the company, there are often feng shui screens , both beautiful and preventing murder, but there are a few points to note.

Small companies are not suitable to display decorative gourds or else will easily lose resources, employees will go elsewhere to work. It is best to use green trees, choose trees that are suitable for destiny, auspicious, and talented to use instead of screens.

16. Office doors are facing each other, there is no argument

The distance between the rooms in the company is very close, but the most taboo is zero door to door, which easily creates controversy, non-stop market, affecting work performance.

17. The desk returns to the toilet, causing bad luck

The most taboo desk is opposite the toilet door, and the leader's desk is even more taboo by not being affected by uncleanness, fortune and career will be weaker, the company is less developed. .

18. The head of the finance department sitting opposite the main door will be at a disadvantage 

Financial managers often have money in and out like accountants, treasurers cannot sit facing the main door, not only their career is not favorable, their health is poor, but their money is also lost quickly.

19. The exposed safe will quit

In the office, if you have a safe, you should choose a discreet place, not only safe, avoiding revealing your location but also protecting your finances, avoiding withdrawal.

20. Assets have regulations, cannot be arbitrarily displayed

Office assets are determined based on feng shui principles, cannot be arbitrarily, so it is best to refer to the article on how to determine  standard household assets without adjustment to gain more knowledge, apply correctly, and avoid sand. welcome hung.

21. Metal workbench is easy to interfere with magnetic fields

In office feng shui, desks made of metal are materials that are easy to conduct electricity, have magnetic fields, so they create disadvantages, disturbances, and are easy to cause disturbances, damage to health, and disadvantages. career.

Above are the basic but very important knowledge about office feng shui that readers should master.

Although not complicated, to fully implement all the above notes need to be meticulous, careful and have standard understanding. Do not do it halfway, half-heartedly or read false information leading to wrong implementation, not only not good but also dangerous.

In addition, readers can refer to more ways to improve feng shui in the office or how to decorate the office beautifully, in accordance with feng shui, to neutralize the unfortunate feng shui mistakes made. All of these will bring luck, prosperity and growth.