Feng Shui Orchid: The regal flower brings good luck to everyone


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Feng shui orchids are loved by everyone not only because of their attractive appearance, loving fragrance but also bring many useful feng shui effects.

Orchid is the common name of plants belonging to the Orchid family, in fact divided into flowers, grass, and wood (including Orchid, Orchid, and Magnolia). This is the largest orchid family with more than 25,000 species and 100,000 species.

With its eye-catching appearance and seductive fragrance, orchids are called "regal incense" (regal fragrance), "ancestor incense" (ancestor of fragrance).

1. Feng Shui Orchid meaning

1.1. In terms of fortune

From a feng shui perspective, orchids are considered the center of attraction of positive energies, a symbol of beauty, perfection and the reproduction of material wealth.

Therefore, arranging this feng shui item at home or in the office helps the path of fortune flourish, achieve great success, and the wealth also rushes into the pocket.

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1.2. Emotionally

Bringing in her intense vitality, with luxurious beauty, orchids are compared to a girl with full of beauty and strong will.

Lan often lives on the trunk of a tree but is always self-sufficient in nutrition, just like a weak girl who relies on the love of a boy.

When couples fall in love, giving each other a bouquet of orchids is a card that shows their spiritual and material connection, and is the glue for a strong and happy couple's love.

Orchids also symbolize family cohesion, happy husband and wife love, harmonious family with many children and grandchildren.

1.3. Other feng shui meanings of orchids

Symbolizes  the noble qualities of a gentleman

The sturdy and solid look of the orchid symbolizes the strong and courageous temperament of the righteous and gentleman, even in difficulties and turmoil, he never retreats. step. Men who decorate feng shui orchids in their homes or workplaces will help strengthen their confidence, firmly overcome challenges to create success on their career path. Symbol of luck in children According to many historical records, Trinh Van Cong's love concubine Yen Co once dreamed that a fairy brought orchids, later gave birth to Muc Cong - named Lan, this is the origin of the "dream orchid". Later people developed into "lan million", indicating a lucky omen that would soon become pregnant and give birth to a son.

From ancient Greece, it was believed that, before the child was born, if the child's parents ate the large root of the orchid, the wife would give birth to a son. If the mother eats a small orchid tuber, she can give birth to a baby girl.

Therefore, the beauty of orchids is considered a classic symbol of fertility in feng shui. Bring balance in the soul

Orchids bring energy to help balance breakdowns. It is also symbolic in helping to find perfection in any area of ​​human life.

Avoid evil, prevent murder

Not only possessing a pure fragrance, orchids can also repel insects and avoid bad luck.

Therefore, folk often have the custom of holding orchids to avoid evil, or mixing orchids with fragrant chalk, applying to clothes and books to repel insects.

2. Decorate feng shui orchids for the best effect

2.1. Decorate feng shui orchids according to the direction

To promote the advantage in the five elements , the arrangement of orchids in the direction also needs to choose the right color of orchids:

In the South: It is recommended to place and plant orchids with hot colors, such as red and orange.

In the North: It is recommended to place and plant orchids with cold colors such as blue and purple.

In the West: Should choose white orchids.

In the East: Should choose blue, yellow or white flowers.

beautiful orchids

2.2. Space decorated with feng shui orchids

With its charming and attractive beauty and great feng shui effect, orchids are an important piece to decorate and adorn the luxury look in many places such as in the home, office, garden,

etc. With a small space such as: reception counter, TV shelf .. the decoration of an orchid flower brings freshness, novelty, vitality and creativity to the learning and working atmosphere to relieve relaxation very effectively. fruit.

With a larger space: Orchids are planted in large porcelain pots, or the pots are clustered together to create elegance, nobility, elegance and attraction.

In addition, orchids are also grown in outdoor spaces for decoration such as flower beds, gardens, under the shade of old trees, in a spacious place but with little natural light, the effect of making flowers is not simple, beautiful scenery. and air purification.

Orchid should be placed in energetic places, avoid damp places near the toilet. Limit placing orchids near thorny flowers and in the dining room.

2.3. Decorate orchids according to the needs and purposes of use

Depending on the actual needs, and the symbolic meaning in feng shui, flower lovers can choose the right type of orchid. + Fortune needs: Choose flowers with the right color for the Kim element , hang at the door to attract luck and money.

+ Emotional needs: C choose orchids to help balance yin and yang energy, with white and pink colors to help connect and heal the broken elements of conflict in the family.

Choose orchids with many flowers, good vitality, symbolizing sustainable reproduction, bringing good luck to children, especially for infertile couples.

Note: Because the scent of orchids causes high excitement and is easy to lose sleep, avoid displaying orchids in the bedroom.

2.4. Hanging pictures of orchids

In addition to the arrangement of real orchids in reality, hanging pictures of orchids in the house also brings auspicious effects similar to displaying pots of fresh orchids, paintings such as: falling orchids, falling flowers, and falling flowers. , the martyrs give...

3. Choose the color Orchid that matches your destiny for all-round good luck

3.1. Meaning of orchids by color

White Orchid: White orchid represents reverence and humility, purity and innocence, expressing elegance and lasting beauty.

Red Orchid: Symbolizes power, attraction, attraction, the center of attention.

Purple Orchid: Purple orchids represent admiration, respect, and nobility.

Yellow Orchid: Yellow orchid is a symbol of friendship, a joy and a good new beginning.

Blue Orchid: Symbolizes tenderness, purity, and affection.

Pink Orchid: Symbolizes the romance and happiness of the couple.

Orange Orchid – Orange orchid symbolizes enthusiasm, boldness and pride.

Green Orchid – Green orchids are said to bring good luck and blessings. They represent good health, nature and longevity.

3.2. Orchid color matches destiny

Choosing an orchid for decoration or display also brings good luck to the homeowner if they know how to choose the right color for the user's own destiny.

In the five elements of mutual birth, the 5 pars of Kim, Water, Fire, Moc, and Tho always accompany each other to create the world and all things. Each destiny will match a different color.

Therefore, when arranging feng shui orchids, you should also choose the color of flowers in accordance with the law of yin and yang of the five elements for better luck. Detail:

Five Elements Metal : Should choose yellow orchids or bright colors like white, limit red, pink, purple.

Five Elements Wood : Should choose blue orchids, avoid using colors such as white and red.

Five elements of fire : Should choose orchids with vibrant colors such as purple, orange, yellow, etc. will help work smoothly and better luck.

Five elements earth: Should choose two similar colors, which are yellow and orange orchids.

Five Elements Water : Should choose orchids with light blue, white, and yellow colors that are compatible with the destiny.