Note when wearing a feng shui stone ring, you must remember


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Feng shui stone rings are currently very popular because they mean feng shui good luck, fortune, health, happiness, ... for users.

Feng shui stone ring is "lucky charm"

Feng shui stone in general, feng shui stone ring in particular has become extremely familiar to everyone in the past few years because people believe that the ring is made from natural stone which is formed from nature. should bring the spirit of heaven and earth, capable of bringing luck to the wearer.

Wearing a feng shui bracelet helps strengthen the resistance and health of its owner. Not only that, it also improves the spirit, reduces stress, enhances intelligence and clarity to help you work at the highest efficiency.

Depending on the needs of each person, anyone can find a suitable feng shui stone bracelet: Children, the elderly wear it to pray for health, teenagers want to study and take exams. benefits, adults want luck, fortune, fame... 

The death of feng shui - But always the most beautiful house

 Note when wearing a feng shui stone ring, you must remember

In addition, stone bracelets have many types, depending on the product made from different types of stone, stone bracelets have different uses.

For example, bracelets made from agate are beneficial for farmers, hematite helps to cure blood diseases and increase mental strength, witch hazel brings wealth and wealth...

The bracelets made from shiny tiger eye stones are human treasures that help to keep the spirit awake, confident, increase concentration and courage to act. For people with impaired blood sugar, holding tiger's eye stone in hand, combined with deep breathing will help regulate blood and improve health, in addition, rolling the tiger's eye pearl in the temporal nerve area will help children people improve memory, reduce symptoms of forgetfulness.

For people with weak stomach or intestinal tract, applying tiger eye stone bracelet to the abdomen will help the functional parts of the abdomen to be stronger.

When it comes to quartz stone rings, we know that there are many different types, identified mainly on colors such as white quartz, black quartz, yellow quartz... Amethyst can help people have a deep sleep

more, strengthens faith and courage for people who are anxious, while rose quartz has a good effect on diseases of the cardiovascular system and nervous system, strengthens the immune system, helps eliminate fatigue from the body, rose quartz helps to improve the relationship between the owner and other people, enhances the love life, brings luck in love and marriage, helps the husband and wife relationship to be favorable. peace, happiness.

However, it should be noted that the feng shui stone bracelet will only promote benefits when it has a color that matches the wearer's destiny, that is, in the group of mutual and compatible colors.

Number of feng shui stone beads

Because in each feng shui stone bracelet, there is a mysterious energy source that has a direct impact on the wearer. If you choose the right bracelet, it will bring many good things, good luck and vice versa. Therefore, choosing a feng shui stone bracelet suitable for your destiny is very important.

The number of stone beads in the necklace also contributes to the benefits of feng shui, because people often choose the number of beads intentionally to match the positive side in the cycle of Birth - Aging - Illness - Death. human.

– According to feng shui, in the human cycle of reincarnation including “Birth – Aging – Sickness – Death”, the most beautiful number of seeds are those divided by 4 with remainder 1 such as 13, 17, 21, 25, … by these numbers. belongs to the sign "Birth".

– You can also choose an odd number of beads (if the remainder of 1 divisors don't fit your hand). Because odd numbers are "positive", the source of good energy fields.

Size of the bracelet

Women should wear a feng shui ring with a bead size of 10mm or 8mm or less.

Men should wear a feng shui ring with a bead size of 12mm or 14mm or more.

The color of the feng shui stone bracelet matches the destiny

Size of the bracelet

The law of the five elements in feng shui is the basis for us to make the decision to choose a feng shui bracelet. Each person is born with a certain destiny, so everything around you is more or less related to the law of the five elements. The five elements in feng shui include 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

First, find out what destiny you belong to. After knowing what destiny you belong to, you will be able to easily choose the right color for you based on the law of the five elements in feng shui:

- Bracelet, feng shui stone suitable for Kim : earth brown, white, yellow, blue, green. Color: red, purple, pink, orange. Feng shui stone jewelry such as blue cat's eye stone bracelet, or more delicately white buddha pendant, golden hair quartz bracelet, smoky quartz bracelet, yellow quartz bracelet, tiger eye stone bracelet gold, white onyx bracelet... very suitable for people destined for Kim.

- Feng shui bracelets and stones suitable for Wood : dark blue, gray, black, sky blue, green, dark yellow, brown earth. White cavalry. You can use rings made from: peridot, aventurine, or jade, meteorite, votive; gray agate; blue can be topaz, aquamarine, sapphire, or tanzanite…

- Feng shui bracelets and stones in accordance with Thuy's destiny : white, blue, black. Color intolerance: earth brown, or dark yellow. You can use white crystal quartz bracelet, coral stone bracelet, mother-of-pearl Labradorite bracelet, tiger eye stone bracelet...

- Bracelet, feng shui stone suitable for Fire : green, blue. Blue bracelet: jade marble, green rutilated quartz, green onyx bracelet. In addition, you can use red, pink, purple, orange bracelets, red garnet rings, orange red onyx rings, rose quartz stones, amethysts...

- Feng shui bracelets and stones in harmony with Earth : red, purple, orange, pink. Cavalier colors: green, blue. You can use red coral stone ring, rose quartz stone ring, amethyst bracelet, amethyst bracelet, tiger eye stone bracelet...

On which hand to wear the bracelet?

Wearing a bracelet in accordance with feng shui is not simple, because the ring is not only a simple jewelry but it is also an object to open the destiny, bringing good things to the owner. Wearing a feng shui ring should pay special attention to the taboos in the five elements. Here are some tips for you to wear a feng shui ring to get the most out of it.

Feng shui has a saying "left in right out". This means that the left hand is considered a pure, clean hand. The right hand is unclean and dusty. Therefore, feng shui experts recommend that when wearing a feng shui bracelet, wear it with your left hand to be able to absorb its powerful energy.

Feng shui bracelets help balance the amount of qi and blood in the body, people will absorb the precious trace elements hidden in it, making the body healthy, nervous and cardiovascular stable. The heart is located on the left side, so wearing the bracelet on the left side will help you stay healthy, nervous and cardiovascular stable.

Moreover, if worn with the right hand, it is more fragile when operating or in impact than the left hand. So wearing the left hand feng shui bracelet will be safer for you.

Normally, the joints and tendons of the right hand are larger than the left hand due to more work. Women therefore often wear it on the left hand to avoid difficulties and inconveniences when wearing and removing the ring.