The flowers that attract fortune should be planted on the balcony


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With this lucky balcony plant, although you don't need to take care of it carefully, you still have to regularly look after and water if needed for each type of tree.

Choosing a balcony plant to attract fortune is really a difficult problem for many people because this is a location to catch the wind and catch the sun, if it is too hot, it will easily kill the tree. Here are some of our suggestions to reduce the difficulty of this selection process, making your decision easier with the following references:

1. Balcony plants attract fortune

1.1. Evening primrose flower

To grow plants on the balcony, you should prioritize light-loving, easy-care plants and soft herbaceous plants such as evening primrose. This is a plant with a red-pink stem, colorful flowers, eye-catching, suitable for growing into a flower cluster in your balcony.

Evening primrose flower

The plant flowers profusely and blooms almost all year round, with few pests and diseases. Planting evening primrose flowers on the balcony not only makes your home space more beautiful, but also brings good things and good luck.

1.2. climbing roses

Sun-loving climbing roses, often blooming in the summer, are suitable for your sunny balcony position. 

climbing roses

The bright colors of the flowers not only create a beautiful space that inspires much of your balcony area, but they are also a symbol of love and luck. The tree will bring a warm and happy atmosphere and attract good luck and fortune to your family.

In particular, the gentle pink color of climbing roses is suitable for people with Fire or Earth destiny. To increase luck and bring fresh energy to the house, you should plant this type of rose.

1.3. confetti

The bougainvillea loves the sun, this is a plant with high drought tolerance, the growth ability of bougainvillea is extremely good, the tree produces flowers all year round and continuously. The tree does not need too much care, very suitable for families with sunny balconies.


In feng shui, planting bougainvillea trees with wide canopy both creates beautiful shade and repels evil spirits from entering the house and brings good luck to family members.

1.4. Azalea

Rhododendrons are easy to live, have many flowers and thorns. Rhododendron is a bushy woody plant, with 2 types of evergreen and deciduous, 1-2m tall tree with many branches. Flowers are divided into single, double, and semi-double petals.


Usually flower branches grow concentrated on the top of branches, the canopy is funnel-shaped, flowers have many rich colors: white, red, purple and have 2 colors at the same time, there are some fragrant flower varieties.

Rhododendrons planted in the balcony help to neutralize the bad luck, the tree also has a symbolic meaning for the owner's affluence. In addition to the luxurious beauty, trees also bring good feng shui to help improve the vitality of the space, create a positive lifestyle, and make the atmosphere always happier and more dynamic. But note that this is a poisonous ornamental plant , if the house has small children, the family must be careful.

1.5. Orchid tree

Orchid is a herbaceous plant, often living in bushes close together. The leaves of the orchid plant are oval, long, and tapering towards the tail. This is a very durable flower, sometimes up to a few months before the flower fades. This flower can live very well in low light environments.

Planting orchids on the balcony both creates aesthetic features and has the effect of cleaning the air. The feng shui effect of the orchid plant  is to bring extremely good luck to the owner and family members.

1.6. Stone lotus tree

The Stone lotus tree is a very livable species, the plant likes hot and dry sun, has good heat tolerance in arid environments, so it is extremely suitable for planting and decorating the balcony position.

Stone lotus tree

The leaves are small, Stone lotus tree, and the petals are folded like a lotus. Especially when the leaves fall, it can bud at the base to form a new tree.

The Stone lotus tree not only symbolizes strong vitality, but also helps all fatigue, depression and stress gradually disappear. According to feng shui, Stone lotus tree also brings luck and fortune to the family.

1.7. Tree of Perennial Youth

The tree is easy to live in harsh conditions, has large, thick leaves and is green with white veined flowers; It has long life and can withstand harsh environments very well. The leaves of the millennium stretch out like an outstretched hand, facing outwards to recharge.

Therefore, plant perennials with as large leaves as possible and pay attention to always keep the tree green. The greener the tree, the more leaves, the better the effect for the homeowner.

1.8. Money tree

The money tree has a strong vitality, few pests and diseases, the tree lives in a bush, the leaves are green and fat from root to stem. Suitable for environments with lots of light, dry soil and does not need to be watered as much as a balcony.

Planting money tree on the balcony has the effect of absorbing good air from the outside into the house, which is beneficial to the house's fortune.

As the name suggests, this plant, if planted on the balcony, is considered to be able to attract wealth to the owner. If properly cared for, the tree will promote the feng shui meaning as desired by the owner.

1.9. Blood Dragon Tree

Iron tree is also known as blood dragon tree. This plant has small, long, dark green leaves, the middle part of the leaves has yellow spots, has strong vitality. This is a plant that brings good luck to the family.

1.10. Hedge Bomboo

Hedge Bomboo with a very strong root structure, deeply clinging to the soil, soft and flexible branches, resistant to many impacts of wind, rain, sun, storms without breaking. Grows at a fast rate with few pests and diseases.

Planting a row of bamboo in front of your balcony will feel that the natural garden is really poetic, gentle and a bit classic. When growing this plant on the balcony has the effect of keeping the owner's peace.

1.11. Mountain fortune tree

The mountain fortune tree brings a lot of fortune and luck to the owner. In addition, plants also have the ability to effectively purify the air.

The tree possesses a majestic shape; majestic, with strange beauty, that's why the tree is suitable for planting in the balcony to the house campus, garden ...

1.12. nopal hay cactus

It is a herbaceous, thick, long-lived plant, the rhizome grows crawling, has many sharp spines, looks quite like a cactus and has the effect of dissolving bad luck.

nopal hay cactus

Homeowners should plant trees that have the effect of killing chemicals on the balcony in case from the balcony looking around, there are architecture or evil things such as sharp corners, streets on duty, hospitals, temples, and beaches. sorry...

1.13. Dragon bone tree

The tree has a special shape, with a long dry stem pointing up, looking very much like a dragon's bones, so it is called "long bone". Dragon bones have strong vitality and are very effective in reducing bad luck. Plants with the effect of killing often have sharp thorns to repel outsiders and protect the house.

1.14. Cactus

The outstanding feature of the cactus is its ability to withstand sunlight that few plants can match. To adapt to the hot and sunny environment, the leaves of the cactus transform into sharp spines to reduce the transpiration of the plant.

Depending on the type of tree, the tree variety will have a large, small body with many spines or a few different spines. The advantage of this plant is that it grows well in a hot environment, too much water does not like it, and it is easy to waterlogged. In feng shui, cactus chases evil flowers and also has the effect of killing the owner.

1.15. Betel nut with sawed leaves

Not only suitable as a balcony plant that tolerates sun well, betel nut can also live well in the shade. Widely displayed in the office, desk or bedroom.

With the advantage of a very eye-catching appearance of branches and leaves, the saw palmetto tree is increasingly used with more aesthetic uses. Especially, it also has the effect of purifying the air in your living environment.

2. Notes when choosing plants in the balcony

In order for your balcony to always be filled with green as well as different colors of flowers, when choosing to buy plants, you need to pay attention to the following tips:

- Prioritize drought-resistant plants: The balcony space is a place to receive the sun, so even if you water the plants regularly, the evaporation rate of the water is also very fast. If they are water-loving plants, it is very difficult to live long.

- Choose small and medium plants: The balcony area in apartments is usually very small and narrow, if you want a variety of balcony gardens, you should choose such medium-sized trees, the overview will be much better, avoid the trees. Too big is an easy place for insects to hide.

- Choose plants that are easy to take care of, easy to adapt: ​​The weather environment has a lot of fluctuations in sunshine and erratic rain, you should choose easily adaptable plants to suit the balcony.

- Planting intercropping, combining many different plants: Choose colorful plants to avoid boredom and increase diversity. Each color will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable when taking care of them.

- Planting trees in accordance with the balcony direction:

+ The south-facing balcony receives a lot of sun and wind, so it is suitable for growing plants such as ornamental perilla, roses, banana flowers...

+ West-facing balconies often have higher temperatures, sunny afternoons, suitable for growing light-loving, heat-resistant plants such as sunflowers, bougainvillea, ten o'clock flowers, etc.

East-facing balconies often receive a lot of light in the morning, suitable for growing plants such as fortune trees, magnolia trees, rattan bamboos, etc.

+ North-facing balcony is less prone to direct sunlight, so you should only plant shade-loving plants such as hyacinth, ivy, betel nut...

- Do not plant trees that are too tall or have wide foliage on the balcony. The reason is, this plant will cause your family a lot of trouble. Plants with large trunks and wide foliage will block all the light and wind from entering the house. Not to mention, trees with dense foliage are often home to insects, which can be unhealthy for everyone in the family.

In addition, if the plant grows completely out, you need to pay attention in case of strong winds or accidentally knocking or dropping the flower pot to the ground, which may fall on people below.